Using nicotine based in PG or VG, and why

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Hi Jimk;

Noticed you buy your nic in a PG base. What advantages can you say there are by using nicotine in PG?

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I primarily mix as high as I can with VG, but still like the throat hit I get with PG. Most of the Flavors I use are somewhat PG based, so adding in the PG nicotine (6 to 12 mg) gives me that little bit of bite on my throat. Usually I wind up with a 20 or 30% PG content in my mixes.
Edit: PG nic flows out of my pipette faster than VG. This helps when I’m mixing up a bunch of 10 ml batches for testing.

I don’t mind PG at all either. My tank stuff is anywhere from 20-50% PG, but dripping I usually go max VG. Not always though.

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Hmmmm, I do see advantages in ease with the syringes when PG based, though when using Max VG blend I would stick with VG based. Here’s something I was really wondering, and that is the oxidation rate of the nicotine. Is there any difference between the VG based nic and the PG based nic when taking in account the oxidation?

Wish I could answer that question. I’ve no clue. I buy nicotine in fairly small quantities at a time. 250ml max so far, unless there is a screaming deal for a higher quantity. It gives me a chance to use it fairly fast while making up my shopping list for more flavors!

I’m not to sure either about the oxidation between PG and VG. I could be wrong but it would seem PG would oxidize better since it has a lower viscosity than VG. But like don’t know. And I’ve been buying PG based because I normally had been making juices with more PG but since i’ve moved toward making higher VG I might try so VG based.

Perhaps when you get some VG based nic you can measure a small amount of PG nic and another with VG nic put each in a clear bottle and keep a eye on it. Make no effect to store it in a way to reduce oxidation. Should be able to see it turn brownish in the clear bottle easily. Give it a good smell test as well so you are giving it oxygen. Perhaps check it once a week for a month or so and see what happens. I would definitely be interested in the results…

I will have to try that when I restock but here is a link I found that talks about it some mainly storing it in the freezer but MorpheusPA talked about the oxidation of VG/PG briefly. Hope it helps a little if you haven’t already read this post.

Thank you for the link Oliver56. Parts were a little confusing jibberish but I believe we can assume the pg is the better way to go if feasible with your blends since vg holds more o2 naturally. We can also assume though that with proper storage there will be little or no change using either carrier for the nic. In a Freezer being the absolute best storage.

Your welcome and I agree a lot of it was jibberish but a few post made sense.Hope they helped some what. Though i’m going to have to try the freezer method for storing my nic. Lately just have been keeping in it in a cool dark spot.

I too use 100% PG Nicotine. I use it because for one, PG is a lot easier to extract in a syringe. Not to mention,I use a dropper to count my nicotine drops and if using 100% VG, I would use a blunt tip syringe which would be pricey due to having to constantly replace them for sanitary purposes. Additionally, I use PG flavorings mainly and drop counts are considerably different when using PG vs VG. 1ml of VG is 23 drops opposed to 35 drops per 1ml of PG.

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I use only VG based nic BUT it is a little more difficult to use in several ways. No matter which way you try to measure it it is difficult to use. Also, you really need to let it come to room temp and shake the holy crap out of it for quite awhile, appx 5 minutes. If there is any separation it can cause a juice to be over or under nic.

Here is an interesting discussion on the subject, something i determined about a year ago when i switched to VG based nic.My first batch of juice from pure VG nic came out incredible strong and made me cough fart, it hurt! I contacted NN and they told me i had to shake the crap out of it. They replaced my nic, as the rest of my batches would have come out with the wrong nic level.

Just something to keep in mind when using VG based nic.