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Using RBA decks on non-RBA sub-ohm tanks

Hi everyone, this may be old news to some, but I just found out about two of these and thought I would share with anyone interested…

So, I’ve been going through my collection of vape gear (because whatelse am I going to do while at home?) and I came across some tanks that haven’t been used in a while because I really hate buying coil heads. Two of those tanks are the Cerebus and the Aero both by Geekvape. I loved both of those tanks and the only reason I had them was because they came with the mods as a kit.

I did a Google search to see if RBAs where available for either one and nope, not a thing. What I did find however, was the ability to use other manufacturer RBA decks with a little modification. I wanted to share this with everyone in case you have some of these laying around and want a different use of them.

For the Aero you’ll need a Smok V8 baby RBA, but the glass will be too short so you will also need a glass from an OBS Crius 2 dual. I just happened to have a Crius 2 in my junk drawer that doesn’t work (I think the insulator on the deck is cracked or other reason it’s showing up as a short). Glad I didn’t throw it away. All parts fit perfectly and my Aero is back to giving me some nice flavor and clouds again.

For the Cerebus, again you’ll need a V8 baby RBA and if you want a straight glass tube, you can use one from a Geekvape Illusion mini (Which I also had in the junk drawer). From what I can see the deck threading may be a little short (just a hair) but it should work. Unfortunately I only have the one RBA and it’s in the Aero now so I will have to test for fitting and leakage later. If you prefer the bubble glass to a straight tube, the Augvape Intake bubble glass is the recommended replacement. I have a pair on order from Fasttech as we speak.

The Augvape bubble glass from Fasttech is $2.00 for a pair.
The Smok V8 Baby RBA came out to about $9.00 from Eciggity (The RBA is a bit hard to find in stock at the moment. I believe is disco).
I didn’t really look too hard for the Illusion mini or Crius 2 glass tube, but it looks like they are available from various Chinese vendors.

Anyhoo, if you have these parts laying around or just want to stop buying coil heads for those mentioned, give it a try and see what you think. The Smok RBA heads are actually not bad.

Happy chuckin’!


I love this! I have sub-ohm tanks laying around from kits, too, and I love the idea of frankensteining them. I have a friend who uses the Smok V8 Baby RBAs and he gives them a thumbs up. I wonder if they’ll fit in other tanks as well? For me, it’s worth the few bucks to have a little fun and find out. Next time I see one for sale I just might get it. Thx


Thanks Muth. I like Frankenvaping stuff if I can. It is fun to make something different from existing stuff laying around.


Awesome, I don’t know how many times I have tried this very thing. I guess I never had the right “parts”.

That’s true, I always found that Smok had good RBA’s starting with the TFV4. Y’all remember that one? I still have mine. I remember thinking that the TFV4 was huge at the time. LOL, now it’s such a tiny little bugger. :rofl:


Boredom…the mother of invention!


Is it the glas or resin for the intake? I am very interested to hear from your Cerberus test since I have the RBA head.


There it is !!!


That was my first sub-ohm tank. I won that here on ELR. Still have mine as well.

Ain’t that the truth!

Had to try it last night with the straight glass. It worked fine. Have to try some small fused claptons to see if I can get some more flavor out of it, but single core claptons and slightly closing off some airflow worked quite nice.

The bubble tank I bought is glass. https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10057936/9677071-replacement-glass-tank-for-augvape-intake-rta


I’m the one who posted the Cerberus info at VU and on Reddit. I’m a big RBA fan. I finally got one for my old Cleito and I’m using it now. Really nice vape with just plain round wire.

I have tons of tanks laying around and I like to know which glass will work on what.

I was sent a Swag 2 kit this year and it came with a NRG PE tank. The V8 Baby RBA works in that one with a Uwell Nunchaku glass.


Sure do! I also remember the first RBAs had an o-ring problem and they were leaking like crazy. Then the Clapton RBA was released and it was a dream. Those days bring back memories. The vaper who introduced me to the TFV4 among many other things has since passed (RIP my friend). Bittersweet memories.


Yep, true. Smok was always good at making RBA’s that were flavorful. Any one of the TFV tank series has good RBA’s that are as good or better (not buying coils is always better) than the commercial coils. IMO



I sort of missed out on the TFV4 days. One of my first kits was an Alien kit. I loved the Baby Beast. I was using a Griffin RTA (which at the time rocked!), and a Melo 3 Mini that came with a Pico. I thought the Baby Beast was a lot better because it didn’t have that weird airflow ring the Memo 3 had.

I’m not scared of Smok. People on the internet like to tell everybody how horrible of a company it is. In my experiences, they’ve always been fine. I’ve rarely had a dud coil from them and I’ve used probably hundreds. I can remember two instances of bad coils that’s it. Sorry to get off topic, just thought I’d post my thoughts.

I’ve collected probably every one of their tanks. I went back and got a TFV4 mini. Since then I’ve got regular TFV4s and more Minis and even TF-RTAs, & TF-RDTAs. I have every RBA for that tank I think. I’m using the dual coil TFV4 RBA right now with Grack Juice in it. Here it is on my beat up Pico-

I still haven’t used the triple RBA “Beast kit” for it yet but I have it.


Funny you mentioned that. I just reused mine a few days ago and wondered wny I loved it so much LOL I will say that I went back and tried my Limitless Gold RDTA and remembered why I loved that one. Smok tanks have always been great for me and still are. Their RBAs have never let me down. Can’t say too much for their coils as I hate buying any premade coil heads, but the few I have purchased way back when, were pretty decent.