Using water in mix

wondering if anyone has ever used water in their recipes and if so what kind of affect does it have?

You may find this thread helpful

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thanks santa

@williamalvin I use Distilled Water in most of my juice at 2% or less with no issues to help with the dry itchy throat feeling.


I’m gonna give it a try on my next mix


I use pure grain alcohol. Tried with water but didn’t mix well with vg. When vaping a new tank the water seem to Vape first and then tank left with thick vg and always fried my coils. I don’t have this problem with Max vg and 1-5% PGA, 10-15% flavor.

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I know this is an old post but I’m replying because I searched the same topic and this came up. the last year or so I have put a couple of drops of normal saline into my tank when I refilled it. yes, it is a pain but well worth it to me. first let me say that I use normal saline solution, not water. it is easy to get a salty taste from it so if you try it go slow. the saline has a very moisturizing effect on my throat and on every exhale my mouth waters! I swear by using normal saline. for some reason ive been scared to mix the saline into my liquid when I make the batch, gonna have to start though.

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forgot to mention…I do agree with the above post regarding the adding of water/saline to your liquid frying your coils. I myself burn through major coils because of this.