Utter noob in need of asssitance

Hi all.

Firstly thanks for reading. Im Dave and i started making my own juice about a week ago so there currently steeping.

Made some good recipes off here but not yet been able to taste any of them.

My question is the 3 samples i have made are all max VG but works out to like 80/20 because i use pg base nic and flavours however i have puffed a few cheeky drops of each flavour nearly daily and litterally 3 big drags make the back of my throat feel funny the juice isnt un pleasant i just feel like i need to keep swallowing.

I have yet to vape everything seperately as i thougjt maybe the above feeling could be normal due to the fact theyve only been steeping a week.

Let me know some thoughts im hoping this works out as im in it to save money.



You might try bumping up pg a bit, but I suspect you just need to drink more water.

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Hi Dave, welcome to mixing man :wink: …to be perfectly honest what your experiencing could be down to a lot of things, who’s bases you are using, who’s nic you are using, the cotton or even the coils…could you be more specific?..which manufacturers and what you are vaping on?..also which recipes?


Hi Dave and Welcome!

What sort of flavours/which recipes have you made? Some flavours can be harsh until properly steeped.

Can you describe what you mean by “funny” - is it harsh/dry etc?

Could it be the Nic you are using? Have you tried vaping your base (pg/vg/nic) minus flavours to rule this out?



Beat me to it dear :joy:


great…twisted…disturbing minds think alike dear :wink:


Hey thanks for the warm welcome as soon as i posted it i went to get my chinese lol and thoufht i should have put all that info in there sorry

All flavours are tfa or tpa. Nic and vg are from vapable seen there name on a few sites and came recomended.

I have made a single flavour of tfa vanilla bean icr cream at 3mg a ml with 10% flavour

One i see on here which is 10% cin sugar cookie with 5pc of each bavarian cream and sweet cream.

And the clone of churrios on here which has no reviews so no idea on that.

I use a smok cloud beast with their coils the rba base broke when i dropped it off a ladder lol need a new one suprised mod didnt break (thats an alien 220w)

Im also a bodybuilder so i consume around 2l of water a day minimum.

To describe the feeling in more details its not a harsh feeling its not sore its almost like its a tad swollen and not that i condone it but has anyone ever had drips from too much cocaine that constant feeling at the back of the throat its just like that. Havent touched the stuff since college btw lol im not a drugie that sounds so wrong.

Once ive vaped whats in the atty ill puff some straight vg. Only got a ml of so left

Again thanks for the warm welcome good community

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My guess would be it might be too much cream type of flavours for you. I can get that with heavy custards i.e.

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Yeah i do have a history of creams though its literally all i vape i loovee the cream lol churrios is my adv but so expensive!

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So far all of these taste of nothing too

that is horrible , i couldnt survive without my creams :wink:

Then I would try some recipes with lower percentages of cream and rather mix some fruits or berries in. If they taste nothing I would try raise the level of PG as it carries flavours better than VG.

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Yeah i was thinking raise the pg but i have loads of max vg juices that taste amazing: )

Tanks empty now just catching a shower then im guna vape some straight vg yoo

It’s the pg, that’s exactly what I get from vanilla bean ice cream and sugar cookie too

And welcome to our wonderful, if somewhat dysfunctional, family :grin:


Cheers bro so tell me o wise ones should my juices taste of some sort of flavour as soon as ivr madr them? Or is it literally make throw in cupboard and be patient

Since you’re asking O Wise Ones I’ll answer :grin: It’s supposed to taste something right away, but it’ll taste even better after steeping. In most cases.

Yeah thats what i assumed but mine were like meh. I must have read a million threads and all i got out of it was if im making complex mixes theyll take ages to come out. So i smashed up the one flavor juice to ser what happens but cant taste no vbic.

Then you’ll be wise in joining @DrChud on his hunt for unmuted mixes, I’m sure he’ll have some more input on the matter for you.

I think some flavours need a contrast to notice it. Like walking into a dark room, if it’s all dark it’s the same, put a light in the corner. Then you have a light side & dark side.

A simple mix showed this to me was just apple pie tpa with VBIC cap. Simple but effective. I too could not decipher VBIC on its own, try a simple mix.