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I’m using a Uwell Crown tank (I have 2, love em) but I was thinking of picking up a Uwell Crown 2. I also have a velocity dripper, but I’m not really into building and all that stuff… And an Aspire Triton 2 tank. So …lets say the budget is 60 bucks… Whats the tank to pick up? I’ve seen some with 3 atomizers… Seems like a pain in the ass… Im leaning toward the crown 2… The Atomizers look awesome.
Any and all suggestions would be appreciated… But if your going to say Kangertech…dont bother responding…lol
Storm Crow
(Call me G, my friends do)

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If Uwell hasn’t fixed their problems with the coils for the Crown i would hesitate to go for it. I would hate to get a tank and then put it on a shelf just because you can’t use it.

What kind of problems are you having?

I like the crown But don’t throw away your old coils :+1:



I have about 20 of them…lol

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I got Really good flavor using the RBA and this technique



Thanks for the great link… I have the RTA… Just havent used it yet… I have such a hard time working with such small things… I like the vertical coil… Man… I gotta grab a coil winder


Just remember to do it just like the video … too much cotton = dry hit … not enough cotton = leaks

I don’t think the crown 2 coils can be rebuilt :disappointed:

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You would go with that Tank over the crown 2? Variety is the dpice of life after all.

I had the Crown, it leaked and tasted bad to me. Try the Cleito, you will not be sorry I swear.


Look at the top of the crown 2 coil they made it so you can not rebuild

So they picked up on the fact you coukd rebuild and made it impossible… I liked the suggestion about the Celito…and of course im hetting The RTA. Im just not really sold on the RBTA’s…


yes the clieto is not talked about enough but i would use the .4 coils not the .2 or .25


Yes the Clieto is good with stock coils… the RBA is tricky to keep it from leaking





The Ceramic Tweezer’s are $10 by themselves

Ya…ill have to do some more research…but the k5 looks good

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I’ve heard nothing but good things about
Joyetech ULTIMO
I don’t have one yet but check out those reviews

The crown rbda is crap, dont waste your money on a crown 2 if you have the earlier one, basically they are the same apart from the top part, the glass is fixed on so when you twist the top to open and fill the glass part doesnt get loose.

The rafale rbda by uwell is much better, much bigger holes on the rbda but i wouldn’t recommend either, i would go for a TFV8 much better all round, flavour is awsome and you can build single dual or quad coils and if you cant be bothered to do your own coils you can buy ready made coils that you use once :+1:

Thanks… Thats what i think i needed to hear… The Celito recommendation seems like a nice choice.