Uwell Stock SS coils

I know 99.99% of you make your own coils (Me being the .01%) but if there is anyone out there that still buys the SS crown coils, this be for you :wink:

So this week I received a few more crown tanks and 5pks of the .25 coils. First thing I did was fill up my new tanks and fired them…GAG!

It tasted nasty!! Best way to describe it is popcorn…popcorn that is on the verge of being burnt but isn’t. Just a nasty popcorn-slight nutty taste and it was horrible!!

So I filled my second tank up and I got the exact same taste! After scratching my head for a while I figured out that both tanks that I filled, were filled with juice that was 8-10 months old. I’ve never tasted a juice that has expired before but I was positive that this is what it was. Plus I have 6 crown tanks/coil and I have never once tasted anything.

So I’m at work right now and I had to replace one of my coils that has been in my older crown tank and fired…

YEP…you guessed it…same nasty popcorn taste and this time my juice was only a couple weeks old! I haven’t been able to vape it long enough yet to see if it clears but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say uwell has sent a large batch of "bad’ coils out?!

I say large batch because on all 3 occasions I tasted it, it was on a tank/coil that I received from a completely different part of the world!

*1 tank I bought from china/fasttech (Yes it was verified authentic)

*1 tank I bought from my girl’s ebay site out in Cali

*1 pk of coils I bought from ecig (not sure where they shipped from)

So I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…

What I do know is, I’m kinda an expert now with crowns and uwell’s coils, since that is all I have known for months now (while my other tanks sit on the IMF shelf with my flavors;)
and I haven’t ever had any issues…

I’m going to see if I can vape it long enough to hopefully clear the flavor but it’s going to be hard! This taste is STRONG! So strong I can’t taste any juice!

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty pissed off! I now have 6 crowns w/ over 20 coils that I’m afraid to even use…
I still have 3 coils that I had bought a couple months back and ZERO taste outside of me juice

So I guess I made this thread in the hopes there is someone who still uses these and if they have noticed anything or if they have made a recent purchase?

(pretty please don’t turn this into a “well you should twist your own” topic because you guys know why)

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You checked your ohms are reading correct? Got that flavor earlier today on my TF4V with a fresh coil. Reset the ohms and it muted greatly then worked out after about 10 puffs.

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Yep, everything is how it should be. It appears the flavor is subsiding a little as I vape so it has to do with the cotton, I just never get this??

Weird. Glad mine was an easy fix. Hopefully you get it worked out and you don’t have 5 bad boxes of coils.

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Yeah no shit!! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the suggestion though!

The only thing I can imagine that flavor being close to is when I didn’t get my PV clone cleaned well enough and it still had machine oil in it. It made me think of rancid peanut butter. Surely coils wouldn’t have machining oil on them, though, would they? I know the first few hits on the two crown coils I’ve tried so far were a little, eh, plasticy? It went away though. I hope this isn’t a trend and the bad taste clears up! How disappointing! :frowning:

I kinda thought the same thing because they were new tanks but it wasn’t until I opened a pk of coils to taste the same thing, that I realized it wasn’t the juice or the “new tank” taste

An unhelpful comment follows.

I believe cotton is typically spun using some kind of lubricant called batching oil. For fiber spinning in general this has ranged from pure food grade stuff to used motor oil. I do not believe much can be done with cotton without batching oil and would be very curious if this is the source ofyour flavor. . .perhaps even a rancid food-grade oil?

Were I you, I would take anew coil and wash it in vodka really well then let it dry. Then fire it up. . .it could also be something on the SS wire used in the coil forming process, but the cotton has by far more surface area so it is my first guess as it was yours.

If you were using hemp. . .you could probably chain vape for several weeks before changing. . .if you wanted to build very infrequently. I have not rebuilt my TFV4 since I got the dual deck, although its in rotation with several other tanks. But I can say for a fact that cotton turns to goo before hemp even looks used.


I’ve got 2 packs of coils on the way, will let you know when they get here.

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The only thing is, is I have been using the crown tanks and coils for almost half a year and I never had this issue. Now suddenly I’m experiencing it, from coils that were bought at 3 completely separate places? That’s the odd part about all this…

Please do @Cloyce! Thanks

Well I can now 100% confirm that it is the coils. I just put another new coil in this morning and was smacked with that nasty popcorn taste again?!?!

Uwell must of had a bad batch or changed their cotton because I have never had an issue!?

1 coil I can dismiss as a fluke but 2 new tanks and 4 new packs of coils all from different vendors and all have the same shit ass taste?? I don’t think so…

@Cloyce did you get yours in yet?

That’s so disappointing!! I need to get a new pack of coils at some point. I’m still okay with the .25 and the .5 that came with mine, I’ll never use the Ni coil, and I have the RBA, but the ease of using premade coils, or at least knowing you’ve got the option, is really nice. Did you try soaking them in vodka or anything? Does the taste go away?

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Extremely disappointing!!! The uwell coils is one of the reasons I love these tanks! I still have all my .50s and Ni coils from the 6 I bought. I will never use the Ni but I did a test and put the .50 coils in and zero taste…these were from my very first purchases though.

I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t find any info online about them. The price for them even went up! Granted it was only a little but still! They were $7 a pack and now $8, I don’t mind paying the extra $1 but I expect them to be the same as before and not this crap.

It’s not a new cotton taste either, that I could handle. This is almost a bad nic taste that I can only describe as popcorn and it’s not easy to stomach. Takes about 20-25 pulls to clear it…

I have not tried soaking them though

I will say that I am concerned on what it is exactly that I am putting in my lungs now. Whatever it is, my body doesn’t like it because my gag reflex kicks in. I’m trying to mouth pull and not inhale but it isn’t easy haha

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Did I say 20-25 pulls clear it…scratch that!! I have now gone through half a tank and I can still only taste this nasty popcorn…I can’t even taste my juice it is so strong!?!

Even though this will accomplish nothing, I will be writing Uwell, FT, ecig and the others a letter regarding this…it’s horrible!! I now dread changing coils and that’s not right!

Don’t know if this is still true but when the Uwell Crown was released there were only 2 distributors of REAL UWell products. 1: Vapor World - https://www.vaporworld.biz/brands/UWELL.html and a second one which escapes me now. If this still holds true then it’s very possible you have purchased clones. I believe that info was on ELR but not sure. Perhaps a Email to UWELL might be more useful than you think…

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Yeah these are authentic and have been checked as so, I almost bought the clones from FT but realized it at the last minute. Plus the coils I got with the 2 tanks were all authentic too, as well as the tanks. That’s why I am convinced it’s the coils…way to many places with the same shit…

I’ll see what they say

I have now gone through an entire full tank with no change in flavor and I still can’t taste the juice…I’m pissed! I bought a shit ton of coils to get me through for a year too!!

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I can’t like this cuz it’s just too awful. I just nod my angry head in solidarity. :angry:


Lol, I am now into my second full tank with the same taste, this is unacceptable?!

I might have to dust off the TFV4 and the kanthal coils…6 crown tanks and dozens of these popcorn coils…grrrr

I really wish I had the time to make my own right about now, because I don’t know what I’m going to do. All I know is something is not right with these things and I don’t want to inhale any more of it

Well after doing a lil googling, I have turned up a lot of threads about people buying crown tanks and hating the taste of them. (which is sad because it is a good tank)

So I know it isn’t just me…what it is exactly I do not know but people are saying it takes about 3 full tanks to flush out this flavor!?

Uwell had to of changed something here…not sure what would taste like this though?

All I know is, I have used this tank for a long time now and never had this, nor any taste on a fresh coil. So I have to burn through 10-15mls of juice, just to clear the taste? um…no!

I really hope they address this soon and that this isn’t the new norm…

Here’s something funny…I just checked the mail to find 4 more packs of crown coils I ordered like 2 months ago and forgot about…great…

Well now I am set for a long time, with shit coils lol