Valentine's Day contest - FLVFan sponsored!

This is the first contest for Flavorah flavors here on the forums of ELR…

Post up your favorite Valentine’s Day/Night ejuice recipe… link, screen shot or hand write it out!

The Prize: 10 flavors, winners choice! :smiley:
This contest will end at 10pm Friday night, est… 2/15/19
All will be entered into a randomizer, screen shots will be provided.
You will have to contact me within 5 min of the contest drawing closing.
If I do not hear from you, it will go to #2 etc.,

Note: as per Flavorah: FREE USA Shipping/ International shipping must pay.
Grateful to run the contest, let’s have some fun! :slight_smile:

*Lars approved…


Favorite Valentine’s day recipe… hrmm… I assume you mean VAPE and not food… looool.

This is by far, my favorite for a Valentine’s day vape. It’s rich and decadent. I vape it everywhere, especially the diner who has the best strawberry cheesecake on Valentine’s day out here. It’s amazing to pair with!

I’ve been trying to do a chocolate covered strawberry using all FLV but the chocolates have yet to play nice the exact way I want them to, but my last attempt was along the lines of:

2 drops Alpine Strawberry
5 drops white chocolate
1 drop Greek yogurt
1 drop pound cake (adds buttery notes to the w.c.)
1 drop sweetness

Notes: that w.c. just keeps giving me an off waxy note that I really don’t care for. Which stinks bc I loooooooove white chocolate! Next batch I’ll move the w.c. down and see if that fixes it.


Well, still a work in progress but it’s becoming my favorite and since I’ll be vaping it tomorrow it can be a Valentine’s Day vape. Where will I vape it? In the car, at home, at work, anywhere!

-may increase peppermint to .24%. just want more of a kick to it
-will also try a version with either FLV or SB Milk Chocolate


I like this one by user: diliaki (from the Greek contingent, but I just checked, and she has removed ALL of her recipes! :scream:)

Devotion (Chocolate Pavlova) by diliaki

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 0.30
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1.00
Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA) 2.00
Marshmallow (TPA) 1.50
Meringue (FA) 3.00
Toasted Almond (TPA) 0.50
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 1.00
Whipped Cream (TPA) 0.50

Flavor total: 9.8%

Remember to rate it at!

@anon84779643, :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Really ? 5 minutes ??


This one is it, so far. I don’t own any FLV flaves, so I’m glad you didn’t specify that it had to be a FLV-based recipe!


Ok guys and gals this is very fitting for V day

@anon84779643 i dont have a fave valentine juice , so hopefully humor will be accepted …


Always… got to have laughs! (Even tho I knew the guy at one time) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeps… 5 min to claim so you better be Johnny on the spot… err dot! :smile:


I have so many questions now lmao


sweet cream and marshmallow… the cure to that wc wax… try .2% for both :slight_smile:

The wax is from compounds trying to tell your brain its chocolate… from what I have figured out. needs to be loosened… Some folks can pick up the wax, others won’t.


He is still around… surprised he hasn’t said anything.


Ohhh…no no no. You should be so ashamed (insert sarcasm) of yourself. hehe

Okay, I’m entering a real one. From @DarthVapor


Friday night 10pm EST. I can set my alarm clock for this EPIC contest :trophy:


Very interesting. Apricot. :thinking::drooling_face:…and Ill have to look into that FA morning sun. Looks good though! Is it tart with the apricot, peach and shisha strawberry? Or does the meringue mellow it out a little?


Morning sun FA is a flavor concentrate that has a Mixed Stone fruit - condensed milk with a subtle grain undertone to it.
The low percentages that I used apricot and peach in this recipe were to help to enhance or make a more pronounced stone fruit taste.
The meringue and vanilla cream extra to make the fruit feel as though it was swimming in a heavy cream versus a condensed milk.
And of course strawberry Shisha well that’s the Blush in Morning Blush.
In my opinion there is no overtly tart taste to this mix. Taste is objective, I would highly recommend mixing it for yourself. I hope this is helpful.


Within 5 minutes? That’s a pretty narrow window considering all the different time zones.


Yeps… but if you want to be a winner, toss a recipe up and keep a watch on the clock! :stuck_out_tongue: Time Zones are the same all over the world… just depends on where you are… it’s 10pm est Friday night.

No, I normally give 24 hours, Tz, but I have family in town and things going on, myself. Running a contest here so I can give you all a bit of fun… I have a contest on my website atm, ends tonight. so pop a recipe up either here or there and see if you can be a winner :smile:


I’m aware of that. Time Zones was the wrong term and I should have instead said ‘differences in time accuracies’. Ah nevermind…LOL


Just pop a recipe up Tz… ya know you want to… and heck, I am not even asking for one FLV flavor… who knows, even you could be the winner! :blush:


I personally think that the pound cake buttery notes “might” be whats bringing out your waxiness in your w.c. so much. I would go with 2 drops tfa vanilla swirl and 1 drop FLV marshmallow for sweetness and smoothness w/o waxy and up your sweetener to 2 drops since its not super sweet. (Im js all this just from experience trying to perfect my white choc. Reese cup.) But since your using only all FLV… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
I’d try adding Strawberry Smash for the real strawberry/ yet can be candy at the same time flavor of it at 1 or 2 drops keeping alpine at 2. Definately dont drop the w.c. If anything, there needs to be more. It just needs to be shaped a little and manipulated into the feel you want. I’d use 2 drops FLV berry cheesecake for thickness. This flavor focuses on the white cream part of the cheese cake which will thicken your chocolate w/o making it waxy for the shell and will give your strawberry a support fruit to subtly push it into place inside the w.c. shell with the berry part of it. It will also give you that butteryness your looking for from the tiny bit of buttery crust it has. That is why I give it 2 drops. 1 each for the fruit and then the creamy/butteryness, maybe even 3. And, I would go with FLV sweet cream, no doubt to round out the waxy and pull together the w.c., yogurt, and berry cheesecake.
Sooo…, something like this: ???
All FLV… Assuming a 30 ml tester…
2 drops Alpine Strawberry
2 drops Strawberry Smash
8 drops White Chocolate
2 drops Berry Cheesecake
2 drops Sweet Cream
1 drop Marshmallow
2 drops Sweetener

By my calculations in my head real quick this is approximately equal to a total of 3% flavoring. If that is too high for your palate I would add vg until you find your sweet spot or change total to 60 ml. I personally think that would be way to weak though.
I hope my thoughts help. Its just what immediately came to mind as my first instinct when you said your issues with it.
Good luck! Guess I might as well post this recipe for my entry. 🤷❤