Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Review by Amber

Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W- A Tony B Project

The Pulse BF 80W is the newest regulated offering after the Original Pulse BF Mechanical Squonk Mod, and was the result of collaboration between Vandy Vape and Tony B. I won’t get into the specifics, but the Pulse 80W was originally to have the Gene Chip, and now utilizes a proprietary Vandy Vape Chip. Having not regularly used a Squonk device myself, this was an exciting venture. The Pulse BF 80W was provided to me by Vandy Vape for the purpose of this review. I am actually glad I gave myself some time to really use the Pulse 80W before reviewing, because I was able to really see the performance with the original as well as the newest Firmware. The results are really encouraging.

Box Contents
1 x Pulse BF 80W Mod
1 x 8ml Squonk Bottle
1 x QC USB Cable
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
1 x 30ml Silicone Refilling Bottle (optional)

Aesthetics and Design
Besides being totally customizable, the Pulse BF 80W is similar in size and design to the Mechanical version. The side panels are interchangeable (although not with the panels from the Mech version) and come in a variety of styles and colors. The body of the mod is mainly comprised of Nylon and ABS Plastic, which is heat resistant, lightweight, and very durable. It is important to note, some of the better qualities of ABS include impact resistance and toughness. Because ABS Plastic is amorphous, it has no true melting point.

The panels on the Pulse come in different designs, mine being the Full Black Carbon Fiber. The panels have a slightly rubberized, smooth feel to them, not at all slick or slippery. It has a gold plated, spring loaded 510 connector, and can fit Atomizers up to 25mm with no overhang. The top and bottom of the mod have a different texture than the panels, instead of a rubberized, smooth surface, they are slightly rough. The branding appears along the outer edge, grooved into the body. It is minimal, and not at all tacky or boisterous. There is also a small Pulse design next to the bottle on the inner edge of the body.

The 0.91” OLED screen and buttons are absolute perfection. The firing button itself doesn’t protrude much, but it doesn’t need to. It has a very decent and satisfying click. I have grown to enjoy the texture on these types of buttons, the swirling pattern that makes a zippy noise when you run your nails along it. Of course that doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but I still enjoy the heck out of it. The screen brightness is intense, to say the least. You could see it outside, or maybe down the road, possibly from space. No, I can’t test that theory, don’t ask me to.

Inside of the mod is an 8ml Food-Grade Silicone Squonk bottle. Now, one thing some may not like is this is a proprietary bottle, but extras can be purchased at a very affordable price. I have to say, I really like the darker bottle vs. the clear plastic options of some other squonk devices. This may limit visibility, but it fits the overall design so much better. The knurling on the bottle makes taking the top off easy-peasy. The bottle and battery can easily be accessed from the front panel, and the battery can pushed out via the back panel. The panel magnets are nice and strong, and the panels sit nice and flush except for a tiny spot at the bottom, which is barely noticeable. This bottom edge protrudes slightly more on the resin panel options, but on the Carbon Fiber it is very minimal.
The whole overall feel of the Pulse BF 80W is lightweight and durable. It feels like a very decent, quality mod. Throughout using it, I never got the sense that it was cheaply made, or even rushed. I loved that it is customizable, but the performance is where the Pulse really shines.


  • Powered By Single High Amp 18650/20700 Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Powered by Vandy Chipset
  • Output Mode: VW / VV / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / BYPASS / TC Curve
  • Wattage Range: 5W - 80W (1 Watt Increments)
  • Input Voltage Range: 3.2V - 4.2V
  • 0.91" OLED Screen
  • Tactile Firing Button
  • Interchangeable Dual Magnetic Battery Panels
  • Gold Plated Battery Contacts
  • Torx Screw Secured Stainless Steel 510 Connector
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Pin
  • Leak Proof 510 Connector
  • O-Ring Secured (3 O-Ring Anti-Leak System)
  • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Over-Current, Over-Heat, Low Battery, Open Circuit

Updated Firmware
There are already a bunch of reviews for the Pulse BF 80W, so what I wanted to do a little differently was to showcase this mod after the newest update. Vandy Vape seemed to listen to a whole host of consumer concerns, because their newest Firmware greatly improves the functionality of the Pulse. One of the main concerns was the devices Temp Control. It simply didn’t function up to par, sometimes brightly glowing a SS coil, and fluctuating when heating a coil. Another concern was navigating the menu, 3 presses of the firing button to change modes. Safe to say, it got a little tiring. I wanted to highlight the some of the changes the Vandy Vape introduced into Firmware Version 0.0.6. The Firmware is available for MAC OS as well as Windows.

Firmware 0.0.6 Improvements

  • Simplified Mode Switching: Instead of pressing the firing button 3 times to navigate between each mode, the modes can be accessed by pressing the firing button 3 times, and using the +/- buttons to navigate modes.

  • No Lift Shift: No need to remove the atomizer when adding a new build. After burning in Power mode, simply press +/- twice at the same time and select new coil.

  • Boost Power: In Power mode, press and hold the +/- keys to enter the secondary menu. Select N-H to move to Boost mode (H). In Boost mode, pressing the fire button 4 times will allow you to enter ‘Knock Force’. You can either change back to (N) Normal Mode, or hold the firing button to exit to the Main Screen.

  • Plug-In Switch Function: Gives you the ability to remove modes from the Main Menu. You can also adjust the Sleep Time function, therefore waking the mod sooner to hit evenly instead of having the power weaken after a certain period of time of non-use.

  • You can now lock the function buttons and still be able to fire the mod.

Temp Control has been refined in the latest update, and instead of peaking after priming the coil and slowly going down, before the update it would seem to go back up slightly. It has evened out after the update, peaking and then getting cooler as it should, with no second rise in temperature. I was actually an avid Temp Control user before, and I found on its standard SS setting, it was much warmer than what I what used to. On average, I would use anywhere from 380-420 degrees. The update has balanced that out tremendously, and Temp Control is now performing as it should.

Click for Updated Tests and Performace Graphs

Functionality and Thoughts

So, I may have initially made a mess when I first filled the bottle. I accidentally popped the top off instead of unscrewing the knurled cap, I can admit that. Total mess, liquid everywhere. After filling it correctly, it was a cinch getting it onto the pin. As long as you do it gently and somewhat slowly, it won’t push any up through the tube before attaching. Performance on the Pulse 80W is superb. It hits hard and fast, and the firing delay is almost nonexistent. At 0.5ohms, the firing delay achieved 129ms at 80 watts. In fact, the performance with the Vandy Vape Chip exceeded performance regarding the delay than the Gene Chip. That is pretty impressive.

The Output power of the Pulse is slightly overpowered, and in testing has exceeded the target output power across the board. Battery life has increased ever so slightly after the latest Firmware as well, although it is negligible in terms of most of our hit times being so different. I honestly wasn’t sure that I could fully enjoy a Squonk device, but I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Pulse 80W. If I could change one thing, it would have to be the use of 20700 and 18650 as being the only battery options. I would have loved to see a 21700 option as well. I feel this would have improved battery life, especially for those of us running dual coils on the Pulse 80W.

As for leaking, I have encountered none. It has not pooled around the 510, or gotten into the body of the mod at all. The O-rings used to prevent any leaking have worked really well, and have kept everything nice and clean. As long as Vandy Vape worked on the Chip now used in the Pulse BF 80W, its performance and quality is evident. I almost think it was a blessing in disguise that they had to go with Vandy Chip, as some aspects outperform the Gene Chip. Would I buy this? I sure would, and if you enjoy squonking, I say go for it. The improvements that come with the new firmware are major, and positively affect the overall performance of the Pulse BF 80W. It is a fantastic mod, and the reduced price is another reason why this mod is certainly worth looking into. Thanks for the read!

Vandy Vape Homepage

Pulse BF 80W Product Page


Nice review, I have been on the fence with this one or the Aurora, I might just have to get both, ever since I started sqonking, I have not gave any of my tanks or other mods much love, I jumped right in, and now have a number of sqounk mods, I seem to gravitate towards the regulated, the mechanicals I have to find a nice building point then it’s down hill as the battery drains, but any way your review was very informative. Thanks


The nice thing with this one is there is barely any drop when the battery gets low. I have a few mods that when the batteries get mid-point or lower, the drop is pretty bad. But on this, even at a quarter left, it still hits hard. I would have loved a 21700 battery option.


Really great review!!! Love the tech specs you’re bringing in there. A lot of useful information in these lines.


Grest review @Silhouette. Looks like a Smoant Charon. Great info, and detaills.


:+1::+1::+1: Nice review Amber Thankyou


Thanks y’all. I had fun with this one. I had been eyeballing this Kitchen and Bath Wholesale Warehouse for a while, that has the waterfall fountain, as well as really neat granite and marbling textures around their building. Not to mention some great skate spots :grinning:. Using what they had for pictures was a blast.


Very nice review and awesome pictures. I have been waiting to see someone’s opinion here of how well it does TC mode.


Nice review.
I’m new to the group and have enjoyed reading lots about recipes, I didn’t think about using it for reviews on mods, rdas etc. I’ve been considering squonking for a while and had eyed up this mod. Your review has nudged me further towards taking the plunge.


What pretty back rounds you have for the pictures! Superb review as always! It has been nice to see your reviewing progress…you have it down well! ( not implying the earlier were bad in anyway! But it is cool to see evolution !!!)


nice review, TC in SS mode still sucks for me with the new firmware. Even at 520F the vape is terribly cool. It hits great in power mode. I had the same issue with my RSQ, having to crank the temp up over 500 to get a mildly satisfying vape. I think the RSQ does a better TC vape but now I just prefer to squonk in power mode and make sure to squonk every 2 or 3 vapes.


yes it does great eye , and great review @Silhouette


Even though I started Temp Control around the time of the Evic VTC Mini and it’s sure improved since that time, I still never really found my happy spot with it. Between trying Ni (went so bad), Ti, and SS, it took a while to just find a comfortable spot. I only really use SS, but found the standard Temp Control settings as well as Custom TCR just don’t get my engine running. I stick to power mode now, just because it’s convenient. If you haven’t tried the Hard Hitting Mode, I would give it a go, you may find it presents a warmer, more satisfying vape. I have been liking that mode alot lately.


Well that took less than 12 hours and now one is on the way to me, I have no restraint, I got the seaweed green, and bought from Breazy, along with a Ijoy Genie, I just bought it because it comes with 2 20700 batteries, I already have a set, I used the code CVD10 and got 10% off so 2 mods a set of ijoy 20700. for $71 with free shipping. I like that they did not charge extra for the resin covers as most places are just for the pulse it worked out to be around $40. This is my first round with breazy I hope they are a reputable vendor.


i ordered my 2 x rsq from them just after the new year IIRC and had no issues. I have seen 2 threads recently about issues with breazy over on VU. I only skimmed the threads but they both looked to be just normal shipping/stocking issues that were severe over reactions on the customers part.


Great review @Silhouette, I don’t think you left out a single detail. Awesome review.


Thank You for the great review, Amber. I probably won’t be buying one, but I love the details you put into the review, as well as the background. I will ignore the comment you made about this being a warehouse and believe that’s actually in your home. So I can work towards owning one day one of these waterfalls LOL. Much appreciated your opinion on the device, keep it up :slight_smile:


@Beaufort_Batches Nicely put Sir.


Nice review.
I don’t think I would have gone to so much trouble just to find the right background for pictures of a mod :wink: But it does make the pictures look great.

I will probably not buy one myself, but I had been curious about whether the upgrade had fixed the initial problems with the TC, which I happy to hear it has.


Thanks y’all, I love the positive input from everyone. :wink: It makes my day (well, night now, but you know).

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