Vanilla custard tastes not as I expected

I’m learning and ordered some aromas.
In many of my favorite sounding juices there goes “vanilla custard”.
But when I try a drop on the hand to taste (even in more complicated recipies) I taste an pretty bad something… I did test all ingredients and I think it is definialtly the vanilla custard that creates this taste.

In My vape it is not so bad as the drop on the hand, but still I get some kind of throat hit from something that should tast like vanilla pudding?
Did I get a bad batch, or is it a really “sharp” aroma when taste from the hand?
It is the first time I ordered this, so I can’t compare.

TFA vanilla custard


I’ve heard that some people get a sharp or peppery taste from tpa vanilla custard, the same as with their vanilla bean ice cream. Have you by chance tried tpa vbic (I ask because if you have and didn’t get the same taste then its probably something different :wink: )?


Thx for replying VapyMama!

No I didn’t try vbic (actually I never heard from it).
I can’t say it is peppery, but it is really an overwelming sharp taste that happens after the nice sweet tastes…And it is so bad that I’m thinking of not using this anymore.

I am aware that vanilla tastes containe acetone (forget how to write it the correct way) wich is the “harsh” taste in for example apples, but what I taste is like TURBO version…

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Ugh bummer. If it’s really bad you’re probably on the right track with not using it anymore. I don’t personally get any off flavor from it… which doesn’t mean much since everyone’s tastes are different. Sorry, not much help!

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Like I said I’m still a newbee, and with what you said " I don’t personally get any off flavor from it… " maybe it is better I search for a substitute wich is more my kind of taste.

Your help is appreciated!!!

edit, that last sentance sounds like I’m forcing you or something, but I just wanted to say "thank you for replys and opinion"
My english is not so good, I just appreciate your replys!


Cap vanilla custard v1 is great if you want to try different one!


Was busy editting my reply, so I missed this one, but yes, I will try that onbe, thx again!


Totally understood. :wink: your English is fine!!


Indeed, TPA custard is known for the peppery taste and avoided by many because of it.
That being said, there are a lot of people who are not into custards because it doesn’t taste anything like the real thing.
I am still looking for an authentic and strong custard or pudding flavor myself because I think it would be a real game changer. I’ve tried so many different brands and flavors and not one is ticking the box for me.

Most people agree that CAP Vanilla Custard (not the v2, the original one) is one of the best on the market.
Try something different, there are so many good flavors.

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@vinTage I’m the opposite of you. I am a custard-head, and love everything custard, and no matter how I try, when I use CAP VC I get this sort of “off” taste that doesn’t work for me. Tried everything, and found I had the same issue with a few of CAP’s flavors, mostly vanilla related, which REALLY sucks for me.

I ended up using TPA VC with no issues. Perhaps we are the exact opposite, and maybe CAP (as @VapeyMama suggested) will work for you. I’ve heard numerous stories of people getting peppery taste from TPA VBIC but I never have, nor do I from TPA’s VC. Clearly everyone’s tastes are different, and prefer different things.

Hopefully if I can’t use CAP’s VC, you can. :slight_smile:


Agreed …

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thx Suomynona!
So you (also) think I am not so wrong with my “bad taste” I get from my aroma?
In one way I think it is nice to hear, in another way I think tfa should change something?

But like VapeyMama and you said, I will try the Cap version (V1).

Thx for your reaction.

thx for the compliment (about language) VapeyMama, but I am sure my grammar sucks like a 40 mm tank on a 22 mm 510 mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Like @SessionDrummer explains, taste is very subjective and everyone has their own opinion about the flavors they use.
Usually people have a general idea about what they like or don’t like, so buy a couple small bottles of different brands, compare them, take notes and use whatever works for you.

You see this even the commercial juices. Some very popular juices taste like the most disgusting thing to me and I’ve also really enjoyed some juices that don’t really get good ratings. It’s normal, don’t study it too much. Just try and try and you will find something that’ll work wonders for you.

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Hi SessionDrummer!
Sorry it take a while to reply, I did need 5 times of reading and 50 to reply :smile:

But indeed, you are correct about one persons taste!
I myself can’t answer, becausse I’m a mixing newbee, but I will follow your lead and pray that you are correct and we are opposites :stuck_out_tongue:

offtopic, We’ re not totally opposites, I (was) a musician also :stuck_out_tongue: (bass)

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@vinTage you CAN’T have a band without bass and drums !!!

If you turn out to be a custard-head like me, FEAR NOT !!! There are many to choose from, and some are quite different. CAP VC is a very widely used flavor, so when I determined that “note” was putting me off, was rather bummed out. Started testing others, and found that for me, the TPA VC worked really well. Don’t hesitate to buy ALL the Vanilla Custards you can find (small bottles) and see what you like. Once you find a winner, you can sub it as you need if you want to try other people’s recipes. I haven’t totally given up on CAP VC yet, but with Inawera, and TPA I’ve got choices.


Totally agreed Suomynona! But in all my mixes (and I’m a big fan of vanilla/custard) this particularly bottle (tfa) tastes really not nice imho.

But I will order another VC from another brand and hope I will taste more for my taste.


I do get off notes from cap v1 v2 and from tfa.

To me the caramel notes hit me funny. You are not alone. My go to is inw.


Agreed the INW is a very interesting one. I get more egg from it, BUT, no off notes !!!


Yes. More eggy for sure. But I do like that you can add more caramel or brown sugar to boost if you want. I like to consider it more of a blank custard canvase. But it can oddly take over a mix in one recipe and not sure much in another.


Chrispdx, also you big thanks for another suggestion ( I see Drummer agreed with you).

I will order (I must see if 'my" supplier has inx) inx and cap and see wich I prefer best.

Everybode really thanks for all the hints/help etc!
Now I’m off to rainbowland where even my armpt sweat smells like devine custard juices :smiley:

Good night people and a big thx for your input!