Vapable own brand flavours?

I see that vapable has quite a big range of own brand flavours now. Including enhancers/boosters/cooling agent. Wonder if I should try WS-5.

Anyone knows if they are rebottles or original. To the best of my knowledge they are the only ones to have a mince pie flavour, but it could easily be a creative remix of some other manufacturer’s flavours.


For straight-up answers, I suggest contacting sales@vapable[.]com, they usually reply within minutes/hours when open.
I doubt they produce their own flavors, but I’m not going to bet anything on it :slight_smile: Please do let us know when you find out.


You were very right @anon28032772.

I have contacted Vapable this morning and they came back to me in the hour. Always getting good service from them and now that they stock nic salts, they might take over some business from another of my suppliers.

I asked about their own brand concentrates, the concentration of cooling agents and whether they were able to share main compounds for their booster flavours.

I received the very satisfactory

All our home brands are unique and made in house.

Regarding the likes of Dairy Boost the recipe is a closely guarded secret we are not allowed to share that information unfortunately.

WS-5 normally mixes at an average at 1% it is the chemical in WS-5 that is dissolved in PG at 10% concentration.

I further suggested that they add the cooling agent concentrations to their website descriptions. I was secretly hoping that they had a stash of MSDS ready to share, but with this answers I am still pretty chuffed about their customer care.


Yes, unlike chefs… you can mail and mail and never get an answer. I like vapable a lot for being so approachable. Almost feels like you’re dealing with a B&M shop (which is how they started).

I won’t say much bad about Chefs though, they deliver quality service & products too. They still have a bigger choice, but they’re harder to reach and are generally speaking more expensive.


I have never failed to get an answer from chefs using the contact form on their site - direct email not so good :wink:


Anyhow, I made a reasonably sized order from them, will sniff/taste test to see if it is close to some other mfgs I have for similar flavours.

I got some mince pie/burdock and dandelion as well as differently branded fizz/ice/ice cream flavours

Also got their nic salts. 100mLx20mg/mL is not too bad for £18



They are two different flavours :slight_smile:

They do have Christmas pudding and mulled wine for the courageous.

I did get heisenberg ice cream. I am preparing for the worst on this one :slight_smile:


take one for the team . :fearful:

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Dandelion and burdock is actually good SnV. And their fizz base just about works, I think.

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I shall give vapable’s Dandelion and burdock a whirl . let us know how
the flavor develop’s

I may have finished the tester :man_shrugging:
Well a mL or so left :slight_smile:

Will probably make 30mL to my no mixing time in November/December.
I would give it a go just for straight after mixing capability. The Christmas pudding smells really good but I have not mixed it yet.
If you ordered from vapable you may want to try the fizz base and the ws-5

The more SnV recipes the better. With DnB being a unique taste i hope it could help with flavor fatigue by refreshing those taste buds :tropical_drink:

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Someone is going to get confused between Dirty neutral base and dandelion and burdock :slight_smile: 10% DNB might well be a very very bad idea.


I am pretty impressed. All one shots have been relative hits until now .
Pinkman ok at 10% could be upped a bit.
Heisenberg ice cream at 10% +Ws-23 1% pretty damn good.
Dandelion and burdock is really good, as I said before. Trying to see if I can reduce a bit to 8%.

Steeping Christmas pudding and mince pie. Not super convinced by smell. Let’s see after a couple weeks.

@SuperFrog Always looking for a good SF :wink:

Not many notes on the D & B what does it really taste, feel & smell like?

I drink Dandelion tea and it has 0 flavor just a hint of citrus.

Dandelion and burdock tries to reproduce the drink from the UK, which rarely contains dandelion or burdock, but used to when it was first introduced during the temperance movement. It is close to an American root beer.
It is a hard to describe the taste, kind of cola-fruity-slightly bubblegummy.

Really works for me, one of my favourites.

I did not really SFT this one, I added some cooling and a fizzing agent. I don’t think it would work without for me as it is quite candy like.

My recipe is here and I would not feel bad selling this.

I have an untested v2, 8% DnB, 0.5% WS-5 1.5% WS-23, 2% fizz