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Vape Mail 2018


lol, well said. The only issue I have had with Lost Vape is their gunmetal paint on one mod. They seem to do a pretty good job of manufacturing.


Please keep us informed on the replay function. If it is truly the cats meow that they say it is I will probably get rid of all of my old hardware! in the meantime looks like I’m going to have to wait about another month for mine :cry:


I will do that. Gonna play with it for awhile first. Time is always the best test.


Nice looking Ogre Rig there @SmilingOgre


@IzNoGoat “Need” is SUCH a strong word, isn’t it ??


There you go, just get one (or a bunch)…


He he, I probably will sooner or later.
The problem however is that I only have three hands … I mean I already have three mods that I use daily and I can’t see how I can possibly juggle four simultaneously, so that means I would have to retire one … and I love all three :heavy_heart_exclamation:


@IzNoGoat Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, you need a SPARE !!! Safety in numbers. ALWAYS have spares !!!


Trying some Nature’s Flavors…


Mega huge super thanks out to @mjag for turning me on to the Iguana…



Sexy bitch


I will now Crown you the Great Enabler GE for for short, or maybe a bunny and call you George… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArNz8U7tgU4&list=RDjPdHaNr0OAY&index=2


That is very nice congrats on a nice one tell us some specs and pros and and cons and maybe some pros and cons of this one. looks alone to be a winner, is it just a mech and will it fit 20700 or 21700, I know I could just use google but I like it strait from someone that has one, too many reviewers these days are putting free stuff before anything else. give it a few runs and tell us your thoughts please.


They are a great kit unfortunately they will not ever become readily available there are only 200 and as i understand it there will be no more. I was one of the lucky ones and able to pick up a few of them for myself and some friends also thanks to @mjag




Vape mail came from Aussie!! I won this from the DIY Down Under March challenge. My Carmalized Pears over Ice crem recipe!


order direct and use the elr code


Thanks @fidalgo_vapes, I did and even got some samples , great Flavors and great Company !!!


Look forward to your tasting notes…especially on that cookie dough :wink:


That thing is just Pure Sexy !!!