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Vape Mail 2018


After re-reading, I miss-read @juice_junkie_lover Maze rda, I thought it was, the Mesh rda, Duhhhh! calling eye doctor mon. morn.!!!


Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been using this for the last few days and I wanted to jump on here and give my thoughts.

I’ve only used this as a squonk rda. I honestly can’t see using it any other way. The flavor is great and it heats up really quick. I haven’t had any dry hits. Will I be buying more coils for it? The answer is yes I will be! This thing is great for those busy days when you don’t want to worry about having to rewick something. The airflow is high enough so that you won’t over squonk. I really like this rda. The flavor is comparable to my pulse 22 rda.


My new Flavorah Flavor’s, Research and Mix day !!! Who has got a killer Flavorah Recipe I can get started on, from what I read Chocolate Deutsch, is great all buy it self !!!


When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
Ya, Ya, Yaaaa!!!


Ok you suck! I am so freekin jealous :wink:


Ya, Ogres are like that. Thanks! It is pretty nice.


Very Nice!


I can recommend it my friend. If you like this sort of thing.


The Paranormal is at the very top of my wishlist, unfortunately I don’t need a new mod right now :disappointed:


I do like. Love mods with DNA boards.


Oh but you do need replay. It has standard DNA TC also. Amazing device.


The only thing that is weird is like all DNAs, it will underachieve in TC with complex coils by about 25F, but if you pull up the stats on the last puff, it will tell you so. I find that bizarre.


Actually I don’t need replay as I always use TC. Unlike many others it is not the replay function that caught my attention, though I do think it is a nice feature, but for me it is everything else that make me want it :heart_eyes:


Maybe I’m weird but I find that when I use temp control, I prefer standard round coils. Maybe that’s why. I didn’t realize that temp undershot when using Claptons, etc.


The real question is…when will we see this beautiful mod on Ogrevision?


I do too but the Kylin mini just thrives on parallel claptons. I set the thing for 450°F and could tell it was under that temp. Pulled up the last puff and sure enough 417°F max temp. Ok then, I pumped it up to 475. More like it. Checked last puff and it shows 447°F. Scratch my head. The thing knows it but does it anyway? Ok fine. So I know to hit it 25°F hard with those coils, but really?


I don’t know yet. Gotta think that one through. I could work it up for VW and TC but I really don’t know enough about the parameters it is working with to say if the replay is working properly or no other than the experience of the vape. Sure I could put it on a scope, but what would it be telling me? I’m sure I will take a look at it to see if I can gleam anything from it.


That is weird. I don’t get any of that on my old DNA75.
I have no way of measuring if the temp is 100% accurate, but at least the mod thinks that it is giving me the temp I set it at, regardless of what coils I’m using. Perhaps a bug in the firmware?


I don’t know. I’ve seen it before with other DNA’s. Seems to be very coil dependent. I could adjust the TCR but I’m not sure if that is the issue. Could be, it stands to reason that a coil with inducted heat would have a different TCR slope, maybe even non-linear. It really is a non-issue as it pretty much tells you to turn it up a little, lol. Nothing I’m going to pursue, just weird.


[quote=“SmilingOgre, post:811, topic:177589, full:true”]
I can recommend it my friend. If you like this sort of thing.

You mean another evolution in regulated technology, accompanied by Chinese manufacturing which seems to be getting better, bringing us some pretty kick ass devices at a reasonable price… yeah I dig that sort of thing!