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Vape Mail 2018


I was pretty much a squonker until I got my hands on the Aromamizer now I found a new road.

At least these splurges only happen every couple of months now! But I know this is what it’s like…and it will never end.



Very nice haul. Can’t go wrong with the Plus, such a great tank and your other goodies are icing on the cake


Yep i think I added an extra zero or two! :rofl:


Were did you get them from? I need to order more soon, But have been holding out for a sale.


Aww man! We got them at glassbottleoutlet.com they where closeout so we ordered 2 cases, their count was off by a case so we only got one. Those are 60ml. I think they still have 120ml but you have to buy a case.and pay shipping. Still a great deal!


$24.00 for 400, plus shipping.


@Cutlass92 did you snag that 0.06/bottle deal as well ?


Shure did! It was too good to pass up!


Doooooooode, I gotta big box o 120’s and 60’s. Wife is looking at them giving me the look.


I could only imagine! Wife got home before me and called, her words: well the bottels came, I’m just gonna leave them right here for you.


Thanks, I picked up a case of the 120’s shipping was high but the cost of the bottles were dirt cheap, so it worked out to be about $49. for 400 bottles that’s a great deal.


I promise once you see the box the shipping won’t seem that bad :wink:


I calc’d it out and with a case of each, with shipping, it still only came to .09/bottle.


I kept looking at the pictures and was wondering who was still using cartomizers… lol
It wasn’t until I enlarged the image til I seen they were bottle tops


Oh, there is still a market for cartomizers, it’s just a different kind of juice and they are single use. And from what I understand the price is crazy!


@CallMeTut I got a mega stash on some Boge’s and still use them !!!


Awesome deal thanks for sharing, they are now bookmarked, pretty fast shipping and great CS. I will look there first again in the future.


Only thing is that they seem to be clearing out alot of bottles we would use for juice. Just letting you know they may stop carrying the stuff we use.


Crown 4 with the mesh coils flavour is awsome. Much better then mesh pro.
As an extra bonus it doesn’t have a bs sliding fill to leak in pocket


It was time for some more flavours, I got 2 of 3 flavour orders today and hope I get the last one before christmas. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

It would seem I’m enjoying Flavorah, I don’t seem to order much else lately, and there’ a few more coming. :star_struck: