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Vape Mail 2018


You’re lucky you only got one of the bad bottles :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know the last one that I got the flavour name has worn off too. It means I’ll have to mark the bottles now that I have 2.


First Christmas vape mail arrived!


DIYFS Holy Vanilla is just Outstanding :trophy:
You will really enjoy working with it :raised_hand:


Looking forward to trying it. Been working on a peppermint vanilla cream with shisha vanilla and am going to try DIYFS Holy Vanilla in it.


@scifoc @Mark_Turner speaks the truth !!!


Of all my incoming vape mail, I am most excited for the Cream Whipped FA from Chefs Flavours. Just wondering how long it will take to cross the pond…


You’ll probably get it next year.


Ordered another mag stirrer from eBay and it came today. A bit larger than I was expecting… :joy:


Someone messed up and I found these for 50% off and they threw in some bottles!


This is the first I have seen the olive nation so I got the blueberry. Does anyone have experience with Olive nation?


If I remember correctly there was one or two people mixing with them, but that was a year ago.


Thanks cutlass!


Did a quick forum search, quite a few threads.


Lol that link shows the above


I believe either @mixologist13 or @R113 , I might be way off


Never heard of Olive Nation. Sorry


BCV shipment was due today but due to torrential rains my post office has flooded. So has my garage but more worried about concentrates. :frowning:


Well we have that up here in spades. Hopefully the waters recede, and you can claim your goodies soon.