Vape Method (Sub Ohm or Plus Ohms)

Continuing the discussion from Dripping Recipes vs. Tank Recipes:

Since I started Sub ohming I totally forgot about the old way. But I’ve come to realize that most vapors vape plus ohms. I’d like to hear how you vape and how you feel about Sub vs Plus Ohming.

I am not too concerned with sub-ohming any more. I have a Sigelei 150W so I can vape at high wattage with higher ohms. I like 1-1.5 ohms at high wattage :smile: I do still build some sub-ohm coils…


I built a 1+ohm coil and cranked up the watts and it tasted burnt. How are you having success at that?

Hmm. Dunno. I just had a 2 x 6 wrap dual 0.32mm wrapped on a 3 mm jig which was around 1.2-1.3ohm I think - I vaped that at pretty high wattage…

Currently I vape my Nautilus at 10w on the 1.8ohm coil.

I find this setting gives me the best flavour/vape production from my fruity/creamy mixes.

However though my next purchase (unsure when) is most likely going to be the iStick50w with the KANGER Sub tank.

This will be my introduction if you will into sub vaping.

Then eventually I’ll most likely try building the sub tank deck before getting into RDA’s etc.

I’m only currently 2.5 months into giving up the analogues completely though so full time Vaping is still pretty new to me.

I like clouds when I vape so it seems like a natural progression to move towards sub vaping. I don’t cloud chase or anything but I do like a good cloud of vapor.


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Try to experiment with the steam engine - look for “Heat Flux” and try aiming for a heat flux of ~220-300 or thereabouts at your desired wattage :smile:

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Sorry my previous post made no sense, i just got done grilling some burgers and am a bit food drunk. I sub ohm @ .3 ohms (single coil) simply because all my mods are mechs or unregulated parallel boxes. This is where i find the best flavor for custards which is what i vape most of the time.

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I need to try that. Does it give a cooler vape? I know some of my builds get too hot. Also thanx for the link. That calculator is cool. Now I can figure out what not to do.

Well you need to figure out what you like… I’d say 220-240 is a pretty warm and dense vape ;D

It’s kinda weird. I like tobacco and desert juices warm, and drink and fruit juices c.ool.

If I were using, lets say, a 20w iStick and a Nautilus Mini, is that what is considered Plus Ohms?

I ask for I just Sub Ohm and LOVE IT but, I am not 20, I am 55 and I am finding that my lungs are starting to feel as they did before i gave up smoking tobacco, the same heavy feeling and I hope I dont have to give it up for once you go sub ohm, my natilus tanks arent quite the same :frowning:

I am using a iStick 50w with a Delta ll and was told to Vape it at 30 - 40 but I keep it at 30.
With my Nautilus Mini/20iStick, I am at 8.3-9.2

Still new to Sub Ohm. Wonder if others older, feel the lung problem I am feeling? Not yet positive it is related only to Sub Ohm so want to see if others do first…before i pin point it to that.

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I’m 55 also and can’t tell a difference from before I started Sub ohming. Before I had to puff much harder 8-10-15 second hits to get a good hit and sometimes I still wasn’t satisfied. Now I take 2-6 second hits and I satisfied.

Sub ohm is less than 1 ohm. I don’t think the iStick and a Nautilus Mini combo will do that. So that combo is Plus Ohm.

I’ve read somewhere that it’s also in your inhaling technique,but defiantly your setup.I stopped by a friends house the other day to let him try a new flavor I’m working.I blew a nice cloud ,then let him try it.He almost doubled over from taking such a huge inhale ,because he still vapes on a little pen and seems to have really inhale to get a big hit.

U r right. The 20iStick cannot to Sub Ohm but I had never heard the term, Plus Ohm until this thread. Hence, I just wanted to verify that that was indeed what it meant.

I wouldnt say I wasnt satisfied with the Plus Ohm as I loved it. BUT once you go sub ohm, it opens up the flavours in ways that the Plus Ohm doesnt.
If I enjoyed the taste before, I LOVE it now. Its much stronger but in a positive manner completely.
Yes I get bigger clouds but thats not my thing although once in a while I love to see how much comes out.
In any event, I hope u r right.
I relapsed on analogues after 6 months free due to problems with my gear and a store that wasnt helping me but just trying to make money from me.
I found these forums in January and have now learned a lot.
I quit analogues again, Vaped again BUT I did spend 3 hours on each Monday with some smoker friends and would have a few of their cigarettes during that time.
I decided last week not to have ANY at all and just Vape again 100% as I got al my gear sorted out, no longer buy from that store but am happily getting my gear elswhere ( i was being sold fake coils, fake tanks although due to their own naivete and not due to attempting to rip off customers)…so I was getting really angry with Vaping until I found my way here and other forums.
But having had those few cigs once a week on Mondays, I didnt have any the last week when I decided even those few were too many BUT i HAD also just discovered Sub Ohm.
So not positive yet as stated that it is sub ohm giving me a sort lung OR the analogues coming out but I dont remember when I quit for 5 months, quitting doing that. I do now I am clearing my throat a lot and sometimes cant get it clear and have to do it again. That might be the result of quitting as i cant recall if that happened the fist time or not but that does not concern me, it was the feeling that when Vaping at Sub Ohm, my chest sometimes feels full as if I am short of breath yet i never felt that once when i vaped before…nor did I think 3 cigs once a week woud cause this kind of problem so I wasnt sure what was and i am still not convinced either way. Only time will tell but hearing others over 55 that arent dealing with lung issues from Sub Ohm would suggest it might just be my lungs clearing again.
Time Will tell! :wink:


Good luck and I hope your lung problems clear up.

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I hope it does clear up. What it does sound like is the cilia is regenerating in your throat the health tiny finger- like structure wisps and discourages particles from settling in your lungs. The lungs are sore and are riding themselves of the tar you will actually feel rough the first few weeks. You may have a productive cough. I personally was ill when I had quit with pharyngitis and ran fevers had withdrawls the whole time. It took about 2 weeks time for me to feel better partially because yes I was really sick but also because I was withdrawing. I started vaping about a week after feeling better never did I smoke after being sick and have not smoked again in over a year and a couple of months.

As for the sub ohm I tried it. Thought the flavor was great and it is but the lung hits were too much for my lungs. I can only vape where you draw in and hold it in your mouth then inhale/ exhale. I’m 37 and feel like what you’ve said after a few sub ohm hits. It was too much for me. Made me feel tight chested almost short of breath like. I thought maybe the nicotine was too high at 2 mg so i tried 1 mg still felt it went to 0 nicotine was a lil better. This was low wattage for most ppl it was 14 watts that was the most I could stand. I personally didn’t see much of an advantage going much lower and still having to learn to build so I swapped back to vaping. This is just my story maybe it will work for you. If your lungs still feel crappy you may want to check in with your Dr. Depending where your located it is pollen season where I am and that crap gets everyone hacking.

Good luck to Ya !


Thanks Amy.
I will know better in another week or two.
My lungs felt great when I first quit and it was only a few months ago so I know its not anything more serious

That said, hearing confirmation from you that your lungs take the same sort of hit, I am concerned it is sub ohm effects.
Most 20-30 year olds would not feel it as you do when you hit 50 etc.
( Concerned as in I would hate to have to give it up and only do Plus Ohm)

I am in Toronto and although today we have warm weather, we had -10 celcius weather a week ago aond in that kind of cold we dont have issues of pollen, as far as I am aware.

Anyhow thanks for your input. I may just pick up my other gear, what you call Plus ohm for a week and see how I feel then.

I felt great after quitting. I would not have picked up again had my gear been working properly. I was running into frustration after frustration with it due to very bad advic and little or no help overcoming the probelems, until i got so frustrated i began to look beyond the place I felt was not helping me…
You have to understand that when I first began to Vape, although i am on the computer a lot NEVER did i think to look online for a “Vape” group.
We didnt have “smoke” groups, nor “drinking alcohol” groups, not that I drink but you get the poiont, so it never occurred to me to find a Vape group.
I was literally in the dark and getting bad advice as I said.

Had I not, I never would have picked up cigarettes again but i was ready to throw them all out the window when I learned what the problem was, combined with delving into as much info as i could on Vaping.

So I quit right away for I was a 2 pack a day smoker when I quit before Vaping. For me to have 2-3 every Monday was unheard of for me but after a few weeks of that I realized I didnt like smelling of cigarettes, so back to Vaping and i doubt, now I know how to take care of my gear, how to avoid fake coils, etc, that i will unlikely ever have a cigarette again.

I just “hope” I can continue to Sub Ohm but am prepared for the possibility that i might not be able and Plus ohm will be it.
If it is, the devices nowadays are strong enough to get the “hit” i enjoy but I would never be able to taste the full sense of the juice, the nuanaces each addidtion of flavour put in brings, on plus ohm but I would give that up for clear lungs IF thats what it turns out to be.

Thanks again

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Let me add one point of interest…

After reading some of your info Amy, I decided, for the first time, to lower my heat. I was told initially to keep it between 30 + 40 but best at 30.

I just moved it down to 25 and right away I notice less power to the lungs but the taste is still clearly there.
And so far I dont seem to be gettig that strain on my chest, at least so far.

I was told it should not go below 30, hence, why I never tried going lower but unless someone can tell me why it should never be put at 25 then I shall l leave it here for now and even go lower if need be but so far it seems to be less strain and the flavour is just as good at 25. Not as hot, but equally good as before.

Time will tell. Again, unless someone gives me a valid reason as to why it is dangerous to go below the 30 setting, then I will keep it here at 25 on the Delta ll using the 50w iStick and if necessary, go a bit further down. I only need it to be high enough so that i taste the fllavours. I dont have to have a deep lung hit.

I’ve seen others say they bring it into their mouths and after a few seconds, then take it into their lungs but that would be liking suggestging a smoker give up inhaling. I cant imagine how its done…lol

Of course I have also seen threads with people saying that they have never once inhaled. I personally cant imagine why they would even Vape, or even smoke cigarettes without inhaling but thats just me. Although Ii never aquired a taste for alcohol, I would imagine it to be similar to asking one that likes his Gin + Tonics on the rocks to leave out the Gin.

Makes no sense to me this non-inhaling business :wink:

Anyhow will report back in a weeks time if i find it cures the problem of the heavy chest and/or I discover that it is just my lungs clearing from that brief relapse on analogues.

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For testing purposes, you could try direct-lung-inhales with unflavored liquid - to see if it’s the flavourings that is causing the discomfort - I find that when I mix low flavour percentage juices, with Flavour Art and other super strong flavours, I get a better feeling… To me, the less flavoring the better… :smile:

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