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Vapelf flavors

Health Cabin is selling a line of Vapelf flavors. Has anybody tried them? Are they any good?


I have not …And after the Chemnovatic let down im done trying new brands , imo there are enough tried and true flaves out there to satisfy my addiction lol


They’ve been around for a while…
They were previously sold as Health Cabin, by HC themselves, as well as DIYVS, and OSDIY.

Dan did a write up here on ELR if you had searched…

And their reported manufacturer here in post 19:


So they aren’t all that good?


Not great , they are good flavors …My problem is there are flavors already like them available with the exception of maybe 2 or 3


they are like any other company really, some good some bad but the biggest issue i had was the quality of the lids. i posted a photo below. as you can see the bottles are not only broken but dusty because I haven’t touched them in quite a while and I can’t bring myself to toss em.

the best person to talk to about Vapelf would be @Leilani

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