Vapers window/glass cleaner

Hi all…
What are you all using to clean your windows with, especially those that vape in their vehicles. I find most glass cleaners struggle with the oils that the vapes leave behind. However, this is just what we need. Built from the ground up with no nasty chemicals or ammonia in it. Cuts through vape oil like a hot knife through butter and leaves your windows streak free :)…



50% Water to 50% White Vinegar. Preferably Distilled Water, and the Vinegar smell goes away before you finish cleaning. Safe, all natural, and works really well.


Welcome @dookable. Your vaper glass cleaner is right on time, but you just posted your recipe to a DIY.recipe site. Apologies in advance for the following predictable cloning attempts from our long list of resident amateur chemists and chefs. I’d add a little isopropanol alcohol to the vinegar :wink:

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I just thought that it may suit this site due to the nature of the site and cleaner. I am new so may make the odd forum etiquette mistske :)…


No worries Mate. This is a current topic and if indeed as advertised may be a real solution. Maybe our current local reviewers in the UK could get a sample to test. Looking at @SirRisc and @Pugs1970. Here’s the current thread.
Foggy Car Windows in the Winter

A cleaner targeted to vaper film on glass? Bravo sir…


would be nice to get hold of some diverse vape related gear have to admit :+1:


Microfiber cloths, no products (besides the ones to clean the cloth, just regular dishwashing liquid or throw it in the washing machine).

I got one big one for fast cleaning the big surfaces and one of those little ones on an arm (any car shop has them) to reach the difficult places on front and rear window of the car. Perfect job every time.