Vaping and headaches


It’s been two months with very frequent headaches. If I stop vaping the headaches don’t come; when I start vaping again the headaches come back. This is new to me, am using the same liquids, low nic (2-3 mg)… same as I’ve been doing for two years with no problem (and I vaped a lot). Has anyone experienced something similar?



Hi @federete, the only headaches I experience is from my Wife’s nagging (she’s not a vaper) as far as headaches from actual vaping, I have not experienced that problem myself, but I have never suffered from headaches at all. But I am curious as to what could be causing your headaches from vaping, hopefully somebody has an answer to this. I hope you can solve this, I know ppl that suffer from headaches and migraines and I’ll bet it is not pleasant.


A lot of times I forget how efficient vaping is at getting nicotine into your system.

I chain vape like a mother-trucker… give me a couple good toots on 12mg juice and I can kickstart a headache pretty quick and ruin the rest of my day… I would get headaches almost bordering on migraines at the end of the night when I got my first AIO and was using sick boy juice at 12mg all day after a few weeks.

Since then I’ve dropped down in nic % every time I start feeling pressure in the brain box…
Rough estimation:
12mg (~1 year) 9mg (~4 months) 6mg (~6 months) 3mg (~8 months)… and now I’ve been happily bouncing around .5-1.5mg for the last year, taking 3mg on longer stretches when I’ve been away from home; which I avoid using at home because I’ll get the same pressure in my head on 3mg pretty easy now.
I’ve even “forgotten” to put nicotine in mixes just to mess with myself (placebo effect? :crazy_face:)
Go 0mg for a week, see if you come to the same conclusion as not vaping at all…

But, from my own body, I wouldn’t tell yourself that 2-3% nicotine can’t give a person headaches… it’s kinda crazy how subconsciously I think you can make your inhale techniques (and etc) more efficient to where you are absorbing quite a bit of that 3mg (pot heads know what I’m talking about)…
Also different vape rigs and how/if your build can play a big factor in that as well, sometimes I forget how only a couple good puffs on a high watt RDA after getting home easily goes through more juice than I did all day on an lil’ ol’ RPM coil, and thus more nicotine by proxy.

I’m planning on trying out 0mg, prolly sometime this month, because of this subject exactly… I just don’t think my body likes nicotine anymore.


I was experiencing headaches a couple of months ago. I thought ir was because i started vaping at a higher nic strength (9mg). When i lowered my nic strength back to my usual (3mg) the headaches continued. I then spoke with my MD about it and he told me it could be because i am constantly wearing an N95 mask. I wear them at work, at home and everywhere else i go. Constantly breathing in my own CO2 was making me sick. I changed the style of mask that i wear at home and the headaches finally went away.
Also, not drinking enough water when your a vaper can cause headaches.
Just a thought.



Yeah, now that I enjoy vaping for the flavors, I don’t inhale deep into my lungs. I like it all up and in my nose and throat where my flavor receptors are.
Sometimes when I’m having a stressful day at work I run outside and consciously take deep lung hits to get more nic.
But I’m usually wasting nicotine by exhaling it and more or less chomping on the smoke.


I think this might be a big factor. Do you have allergies? Your sinuses might normally be somewhat plugged up from vaping, then you get hit with seasonal allergies and it’s a magnitude worse and result in a headache. Plenty of water can help keep things loose. I have had this happen to me and give me headaches. I can alleviate it easy by just taking one Tylenol. Tylenol always dilates my swollen nasal passages. I normally hydrate very well but occasionally I’ll get real involved in labor and fall behind.

I hope you can figure this out and get rid of your headaches.


I’ll keep it short. No headaches due to vaping.

I do get caffeine headaches though…but that’s due to my intake of coffee vs water and physical activity.

Personally I would wonder about what else has changed for you @federete. Could it be your water intake, change in diet, possible change in health.


Thank you all for your replies and symphaty!

I may try some other liquids and without nic (don’t think is the nic though).

Regarding some of your replies, I don’t usually wear a mask (working from home).

I had a recent problem in my left eye and I thought that was giving me the headaches, but after some tests I think the headaches are because of the vaping, but it’s strange: on the one hand, haven’t had this problem with vaping for two years (only when I had too much nic); on the other, if I don’t vape (but smoke) the headaches don’t come. Yesterday it was just a couple inhales and there it was back, the headache. Perhaps there is some connection between the two

So here I am, back to smoking, coughing in the mornings, stinky, yellow fingers, shortness of breath :open_mouth:


Nodding vigorously here, which is giving me a headache cause I just had a joint.

Indeed not a good idea, good to see you btw, I’ve missed you. Maybe I was just looking at the wrong topics :grin:

Plenty of water is very important @federete.

Potheads know how to savour that THC, exhaling is not part of smoking :smiling_imp:
In Amsterdam we tend to be less anal about wasting pot, but still…

Have you tried lowering your PG. Some people develop allergies from PG, you could try lower that and see how that goes.
My sister had a problem with tasting flavours after she was diagnosed with sleep apnea and is wearing one of those oxygen things on her face at night.

I upped the PG in her liquid and she couldn’t vape anymore because she was coughing her lungs out.

I don’t know what your VG/PG ratio is, but it’s worth a try to see what happens when you cut down on the PG.

Good luck :+1:


I haven’t vaped today and am getting a headache… it seems vaping makes it worse but is not the main cause (I guess). Sorry for the confusion


No worries, at least you found out something new. Pinpointing the real cause is the next step.


Finally, I’m glad you brought that up, it could be a possibility.

Don’t be sorry man. I’m glad you made the post, I have been getting some bad headaches lately and I know for sure vaping exacerbates it but I don’t know what’s causing them.

Hopefully, you can figure it out and fix it.

There are certain foods they say can be a factor in headaches. Chocolate, for example. Also, caffeine withdrawal can cause them to, as @Chrispdx mentioned.

You might want to jot down where you are when your headache starts. If you are in your home you might see if it is anywhere in your home or a specific area. Small gas leaks and carbon monoxide can also be a factor.

Good luck and I hope you come back to let us know how it has worked out for you.


Thank you for your kind message, Dan_the_Man. I am sorry to hear that you are also going through headaches. It’s been two months and I haven’t figure them out. In my case it may be my left eye, I got sudden blurry vision 2-3 months ago. Apparently I’ve got cataracts. They usually don’t result in headaches but in some people they do. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones :slight_smile: As with you, vaping seems to exacerbate the headaches. Today I am trying a different liquid and haven’t got a headache yet.


You are welcome and I thank you too for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Oh man, that sucks, are you gonna have the operation? It helps, according to both my mom and dad who both have had cataracts. Hopefully, that will make your headaches better.

Oh, and which liquid is it?


Thank you :slight_smile:

I usually go for my own liquids but today am on Pachamama’s PASSION FRUIT, RASPBERRY & YUZU, from concentrate. But I am already getting a headache, so… not very helpful recommendation

I’ll try to get operated once the pandemics get better, hospitals are quite overwhelmed now in UK


Ya, they are overwhelmed in every advanced country but in the other countries nobody wears a mask, they don’t distance themselves or lock down the whole country and very few are dying from covid.

gotta go



Perhaps because the virus thrives in densely populated countries where people move a lot




One word says soooooooo much Dan😉. Yup…perhaps🙄