Vaping Saved My Life

I read this post on the Senior Vapors thread, and I started to think about all the lives that have had a positive change due to vaping. Let’s hear your testimony about how vaping may have saved your life or at least made a positive change.[quote=“vickiem, post:90, topic:27893”]
Now I feel energetic, don’t wheeze, don’t cough, and my doctor is stunned at the change in my health.


I feel fortunate no ills have befallen me (yet) with having smoked (and chewed tobacco) for roughly 38 years. Most of those years were spent rolling my own…no filter. Because I loved my RYO tobacco so much, it did take me 2 years of combo vaping, chewing and smoking, to finally put down the actual incineration of tobacco leaves.

I feel 100% better, yet, I am able to keep my love of tobacco close at hand! Do I miss it? Yup…every day. My only regret, as I am finding out as of late, is not having experienced NET liquids early on in my vaping experience. Due to the true flavor of the tobacco leaves in the eliquid, I feel the cessation of inhaling real burning tobacco leaves into my lungs would have come to fruition with ease.

No matter now…the fact is, I’ve made the switch and I’ll do what I can to influence others to do the same…gently. :wink:


November 8, 2013, VDay! The day I gave up cigarettes and began Vaping. Prior to Vday I started smoking at the age of 13. I smoked for 47 years and the majority of that a chain smoker. I smoked as much as 3 packs a day at one point and the day before VDay I averaged between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 packs a day. I had been diagnosed with the first stages of COPD years before VDay. I was getting to the point where I could not even smoke a cigarette without coughing my @ss off. In less than 2 months it will be 2 years of vaping AND 2 years of tobacco free lifestyle. I feel much better, cough very little, and actually now feel I have a good chance to live into my 70s or even 80s with a little luck, In the last days of my stinkie dependence I worried I would not make it to 65, now I feel I have added many years to my life I surely would not have had…


Vaping sure helped me out too. I bought one of those cheap criss cross vapes for $15 almost a year ago, but continued to smoke because the power was so low (plus it’s junk). A couple months later I decided to bite the bullet and spend more than $15! Bought an istick 30 with a nautilus mini. I assumed it would take a while to convert to just vaping, but from that very day I haven’t smoked.

Now when I see people smoking it really hits me how dangerous it is. I guess while I was a smoker I was a bit jaded as far as just how bad it is.

I know the jury is still out regarding the effects of vaping, but judging by the way I feel now it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Before vaping I had basically given up trying to quit. I can tell you first hand nicotine is harder to quit than some illegal things such as opiates (in my experience anyway).

One negative thing I’m realizing though is my nicotine addiction is through the roof because of vaping.


Wow… congrats to you, Ring. 47 years is A LOT of cigarettes. Can you imagine how big the pile of all the tobacco you smoked would be? I think about that sometimes and how our poor lungs must have felt.


Hey everyone.

I’m 35years old now and my Vday was 27th January 2015.

I had been vaping on and off since Oct’14.

I smoked stinkies since I was around 12 and grew up around smokers (mum/dad/sister/Auntie/Uncle/grandparents) and being an asthmatic it wasn’t really a good thing to be doing/around.

I was a RYO smoker for the last 10years or so as the price of tailor made cigarettes had rocketed.

Since switching to vaping (my wife too) I’ve found that I have more energy (even though I’m awake til all hours building coils) I can run further and play for longer with my children. My asthma is almost non existent.
My lung capacity has increased at my regular asthma check ups.
My BP has gone down, my weight has gone down.

All in all this to me is a massive win.

My father passed away 5 years ago at 63 from a massive Heart Attack just out of the blue no symptoms or problems leading up to it.

He was a smoker from the age of 9.

since my Vday I have converted my wife, my Sister, my best buddy at work, my sister in law.

I’m still working on my mother though. Which upsets me somewhat as she is very stuck in her ways.



That’s awesome Jondamon. I was told 4 years ago that I might have 10 years left. That was after a triple bypass valve repair. Leading up to that surgery I had 2 heart atracks, copd, 2 Stent in my leg and high bp. I kept smoking. I tried everything. Nothing worked. I met a guy who was a vaper. He promised me that I could quit if I started vaping. His wife managed a local vape shop. He advised me to pay her a visit and that she would fix me up. It was Saturday morning, 11a.m., on May 15th this year. Me and my better half stood outside the store smoking what would be our last cigarette. She set us up with little Isticks and we went our way. Little did I know at the time, our lives were changed forever. We haven’t touched a cigarette since and I’m feeling great.


[quote=“ffrank, post:4, topic:28553”]
my nicotine addiction is through the roof because of vaping
[/quote]Congratulations on getting off the stinkies! How many mg of nicotine is in the juice you vape? My suggestion is to just cut it back a mg at a time until you get down to 0 to 2 mg of nicotine. Hang in there.

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That’s the thing. The juice I make is anywhere from 1 to 3 mg. It’s just that I’m constantly vaping… All day. I’m not really complaining. I just noticed that I can’t go very long at all without a hit off the vape… compared to cigs where I could go an hour or more between them.

And I would think a lot of the addiction part is in my head on top of it being more convenient to vape compared to smoke (not having to go outside).


I think your problem is your juice just taste too good. Do what I do and just make shitty tasting juice. :grinning:


I haven’t tried 0 nic yet. One of these days I’m going to make 2 identical bottles… one with 0 and the other 3 mg… i’ll keep them unlabeled so I don’t know which is which. That way I’ll figure out how much of the addiction is mental.


Lol good idea. I think you’re right though. Sometimes I’ll make juice that tastes so good I can’t put it down. Same thing when I was buying juice and stumbled on to something that was uber delicious.


Too funny! :blush:

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That actually works too lol. I have gone through bottles and had no idea which was what and I didn’t suffer from Nic withdrawls like I thought I would. Sometimes if my shift is really busy I may get a slight headache but that could be attributed to many things stress dehydration hunger and then not vaping as well. I have been cutting my Nic down since mid summer and finally am at 6 mg vaping not RDA/RTA on those I’d be sick quick if I stayed at the same it doesn’t bother some ppl thou.

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