Vapor Tongue

So over the past 2 weeks I’ve slowly been losing the ability to taste any ejuice. At this point I can barely tell there’s any flavoring. Makes it frustrating when making juice for my friends. I’ve read here that switching to non flavored juice for a while will help. My question is, how long do you think I’ll need to vape unflavored to reset my palette completely? I was planning on smoking cigs for a week or so to desensitize me of flavorings, so vaping unflavored juice instead is a welcomed idea.

I’m past the point of eating hot peppers, smelling coffee, drinking more water, etc… I think the only solution at this point is stop taking in any flavorings for a bit.

Also, will changing my rig help prevent vapor tongue? Right now I use either the tri or quad coils in a TFV4 tank @ 50 to 60 watts. I go through 1 30ml bottle in about a 24 hour period with either of those coils. I’m thinking about getting a 1.5 coil for the TFV4 and using 25 to 30 watts. It’ll be enough vapor for me I’m sure.

Thanks for any input!

Drink water that might work.

Avoid flavorings with Ethyl Maltol in them - A lot of flavors have this. Here are TPA’s flavors that contain EM:

Vaping unflavored is an OK way to reset - Plus unflavored is actually pretty nice :slightly_smiling:


[quote=“ffrank, post:1, topic:49261”]
I think the only solution at this point is stop taking in any flavorings for a bit.
[/quote]Yeah, thats worth a try.
I know you said you’re passed this, but I’d reckon keeping your nose regularly in the coffee jar while you’re off the flavors wouldnt hurt- quality beans, freshly ground. & if you tire of zero flavoring, try an occasional menthol vape (if you dont normally vape menthol), also carbonated mineral water with ice & lemon.

Thanks for the responses. Unflavored isn’t bad at all like Daath said. I bumped up the nic a little higher than usual to give it a little more bite. Just curious, will MTS Vape Wizard have any positive, if any effect on unflavored?

I would guess you would want to avoid as many chemicals as possible. Including MTS FA.

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You’re prolly right. I think MTS does something to your taste buds themselves and not the flavors. It’s hard not automatically try and think of ways to improve juice… even when it’s just unflavored apparently :smirk:

So Daath, I’ve been looking into EM because of your response. What I’m learning is EM can dull the overall flavor of a juice it’s added to over time. Some of the recipes I like here use EM. You think I would notice anything negative by omitting EM from recipes that call for it? I’m sure it probably depends on the recipe itself. One I really like is:

It’s hard to say, but in general you should be able to omit the EM from most recipes - the recipes where there is a lot of EM you probably can’t (since they might shoot for the cotton candy flavor)…
If it needs sweetener, you could try replacing the EM with marshmallow or a little less sweetener… :slightly_smiling:

That makes sense. What do you consider lots of EM, like over 1%?

Yeah, something like that - probably over 2%…

Alrighty… Thanks Daath.