Vaptio C-II Starter Kit review by Mjag...flavorlicious!

Hello once again ELR and thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Vaptio C-II Starter Kit sent directly from for the purpose of this review. Vaptio has been generous enough to include a $15 off coupon for the C-II which expires 10-05-2017, use code YOUSAVE15

If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.

Vaptio C-II Starter Kit Includes

  • 1 C-II Tank
  • 1 C-II Mod
  • 1 129A Kanthal threaded coil 0.25 ohm 20 to 50 watts
  • 1 180A Kanthal threadless coil 0.25 ohm 30 to 60 watts
  • 2 Users Manual for both the tank and the mod
  • 1 USB Cable


C-II tank

  • 25mm wide x 54mm high
  • 4ml capacity with rubber stopper installed, almost 5ml when removed

C-II Mod

  • 25mm wide x 88mm high
  • 3000mah battery capacity
  • 30 to 100W
  • 30A Max
  • Voltage range 2.8 to 4.2V
  • 5V/1A charge rate
  • Over charging protection
  • Low Voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Max 10 second vape protection
  • Passthrough charging (you can vape while charging)

First impressions

Been awhile since I used a starter kit, been vaping about 5 years by now. Upon opening the packaging I was immediately impressed with the Grey color and it has a satin type feel much like you get with Asmodus mods. The tank and mod both have the same color and finish so they are a perfect match. It has a little bit of weight to it, I weighed 174 grams with the tank half full but not heavy by any means, feel well built.

The owners manuals are thick but that is because they cover a lot of languages. Really there is not much to it’s operation but it shows you how to fill the tank and mentions the importance of priming the coils which is a must for any sub tank.

One thing I should note is there is no replacement glass but the glass used looks thick and metal parts of the tank provide some protection for the glass, you would have to drop it just right to break the glass.

C-II Mod

This is not a AIO but a kit that comes with the C-II mod and C-II tank both of which can be purchased separately.

The mod is simple, 5 clicks to turn on and power is determined by the available volts on the 3000mah internal battery. It is sort of like a mechanical mod with built in protections. It does have an automatic shut-off which is approximately 10 minutes, if you let it sit for longer than that you need to hit the fire button 5 times to turn it back on. The auto shut off can be annoying at first but I got use to it after the first day of use.

The mod of course works with other tanks and works well depending on the charge on the battery. I tried a variety of my other tanks and was happy with the performance.

With 25mm tanks

And even looks good with a 23.5mm tank

Looks best with the C-II tank though for some nice matchy matchy

The 510 is spring loaded and the base has slots for bottom airflow tanks. I had not trouble connecting to various tanks using this mod, always made a solid connection and tanks sat flush.

C-II Tank

The C-II tank is of course a perfect match for the mod looks wise. It holds 4ml with the rubber flap that is installed to protect against spills if it is tipped over while filling. I used it with the rubber stopper for 2 fill ups but thought ehhhh, I want to try it without the rubber flap which is easily removed using some tweezers.

With the rubber flapper removed I was able to squeeze almost 5ml into the tank and the operation is the same, no leaks or any deviation from how it works with the rubber flapper installed.

There is a juice flow control on this tank which I didn’t see advertised. When opening to fill hold the bottom base of the tank and while opening the JFC will close. After filling just screw the top cap back on and near the end you will feel a little extra and that is the JFC opening back up. Works really well and never had even the slightest bit of a leak when refilling.

The drip tip is just like the Aspire Cleito, in fact original Cleito drop covers fit over the part that protrudes:

Just like the Cleito you can also use your own 510 drip tip when the cover is removed


The C-II came with both coils in the box but I was surprised that one wasn’t already pre installed. Not sure if that was just a pre-production oversight or if they will all come that way. Regardless it is always good to disassemble and new tanks and give it a nice cleaning before using it although the C-II did appear to be clean and I got no machine oil smell.

When I first looked at both coils 1 had threads and the other didn’t, had me wondering it maybe it was another pre-production oversight but no, that is by design. Of course I had to try the threadless coil first which is the KW41180A 0.25ohm Kanthal coil rated at 30 to 60 watts.

Here is how the threadless coil installs:

And the threaded is just normal like most coils:

Coil life has been excellent, I went almost 2 weeks of daily use on the first coils and might have gone more if I didn’t take a long drag with an empty tank…cough cough…I crisped that coil something fierce and my throat paid for it.

So how do they perform together?

I primed the coils and filled up the tank and let it sit for 10 of so minutes to make sure it was fully saturated. 5 clicks on and I was ready to get my vape on! First draw and oh, mmmm, that was good. A little bit of a moist vape but very flavorful right off the bat.

Wide open airflow is a slightly restricted deep lung hit, just slightly more restricted than the original Uwell Crown tank. Produces a nice dense cloud, not a cloud chasers dream but good nonetheless.

Closing the airflow to barely a sliver will give you a decent MTL hit but it is not intended for that, this is more of a restricted deep lung sub ohm tank.

Flavor is where the C-II really shines, I can’t recall a starter kit that I have tried with this much flavor. Even outside of starter kits the flavor on the C-II is excellent with every flavor I tried. I wish a starter kit was out when I first starting vaping like the C-II, it really is excellent and for the vast majority would be the only kit they will ever need.

I will say that as the battery starts to drain and the power goes down it can be a little spity depending on the juice you are using. Higher VG blends will be fine but around 70VG or less is where the coils can get a little spity but for me it was fine, for others you like a dry vape may find it a little too wet.

Charging and battery life

Battery life was good, even if it was the only mod I used all day I would get a full day no problem. There is also pass through charging so even if it is running low you can plug it in and still vape which is always welcome on mods with built in batteries.

When you run the battery too far down it will stop you from vaping anymore, one of the safety features. At that point it took 3 hours and 45 minutes for a full charge. Having a 3000 mah battery is nice until you have to charge it, would have been nice if it had faster charging.

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use, 5 clicks on and your ready to vape
  • Excellent flavor, this is why I will still continue to use this kit after my review
  • Large capacity of almost 5ml with the rubber flapper removed
  • Decent cloud production
  • Juice flow control
  • Air flow control
  • Pocket friendly
  • Well built
  • 3000mah battery life
  • The grey has a satin feel to it, not sure about the black


  • Can be a little spity when they battery drains when using thin juice
  • Drip tip sleeve like the Aspire Clieto, you can still use your own 510 drip tip but the oring will show
  • Can take up to 4 hours to fully charge
  • Auto shut off after about 10 minutes, would be nice if you could turn off that feature
  • Rubber flap can be a con but it is removable
  • Make sure not to put it in your pocket with your phone, I was able to turn it on while walking once that way


I will say that I wasn’t too excited to review a starter kit but the C-II kit really surprised me in a good way. I looked forward to taking it with me, being a flavor nut it satisfied my flavor cravings beautifully. The C-II Tank and Mod work together so well I never felt the need to break up the set. They look great too, really happy they sent the grey as I think it looks and feel great.

I have been using the C-II kit for 17 days as of this review and it has not let me down. No leaks or misfires and it has been a pleasure to use, not just for a new vaper but for a grizzled veteran vaper like myself with a lot of vape gear to choose from. I would not hesitate to recommend the C-II kit to a new vaper or a seasoned vaper looking for a compact kit to carry around, I really enjoy using it that much.

Vaptio was generous enough to supply a $15 off coupon for the C-II kit using coupon code: YOUSAVE15

You gotta act fast though, that deal ends on 10-05-2017

Replacement coils can be found here is a 5 pack:

Here is another couple of sources for replacement coils:

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I will say that I wasn’t expecting to read what I read! This sounds like a really nice piece of gear for a starter kit! Great review. :+1:

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great review , i still love these type of things like the aspire k4 , smok sticks , etc they are nice easy to carry around things and this seems to be on par with those other ones

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Thank you VM, love your reviews too and now that I finally finished off a boatload of work will catch up on all I missed.

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I have the Smok Brit one Mega kit but the weak point is the tank, the C-II blows the Brit one tank away. I would actually carry a Target mini if I needed something really stealth or a Snowwolf mini for a little more power. This combo is a lot more easy to carry around than the Snowwolf and a good enough mix of power and convenience to keep me real happy which is rare.

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I used to use and still own an aspire 18650 tube mod. They are nice in that it has the 5 clicks off/on and w/ some protection my mechs dont. It fires down to .15 which is nice but it is a tall mofo at same height as a mech tube w/ atty attached.


never tried the brit one , but i had a RX75 which came with a brit one tank and that was removed and replaced with a cleito very quick lol

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Yep, it is the brit tank that is the problem, just not too good…haha

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Nicely done Sir :wink: , I shall sort it this evening :ok_hand:

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Great review view petal. Very thorough job :+1:

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Thank you Pugs and Lolly :wink:

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