Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Mod review and disassembly by Mjag

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Vaptio N1 Pro that was sent directly from for the purpose of this review and can be found here:

If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time. Might want to stop at the spot were I take it apart and show the internals and how it is built.


  • Power output 200W with (2) 18650 or 240W with (3) 18650
  • Color display
  • Power, Bypass, TC and Custom Curve modes
  • 92mm H x 45mm W x 40mm D (2 battery mode) 53mm D (3 battery mode)
  • Low voltage, Short circuit and Overheating protection

What’s in the box​:

  • N1 Pro Mod
  • 2 battery cover and 3 battery cover
  • USB cable
  • User Manual
  • QC inspection certificate

First impressions

The pics on Vaptio website shows a rich gloss red on those little inserts were it reads N1 Pro 240W, when I took out the mod I was disappointed to see it was just a regular red. I was expecting a red like the TFV8 or Vaporesso NRG tanks I already had, would have made for a killer matchey matchey although it still looks pretty good.

The Frogman tank from there sister company Viva Kita with the blood red glass looks pretty good too:

The color screen is really nice, gets a little washed out in direct sunlight but is still readable.

A lot of options and it is well laid out, takes a little time to figure out how everything works but I was able to navigate all the options without cracking open the user manual. Not the most intuitive but once you get the hang of it you can navigate the menu like a pro with a couple little hiccups here and there but nothing major.

Buttons are nice and clicky with no rattle whatsoever while doing my best latin lover maraca solo…ehhh, sounds dirty but whatevs. Feels really solid…that’s what she said.

The battery doors are really easy to remove and install, just click the button on the bottom to release the door and when installing just slid the top tabs under the top of the mod and click the bottom into place. The battery doors stay secure with just a slight hint of side to side play with the 3 battery door but that is only if I am purposely trying to. It just feels like a solid piece of metal in the hand, not janky like some mods.

This sucker has some heft to it, not just in 3 battery mode but 2 battery as well but is just feels solid, not heavy for the sake of being heavy.

The top of the mod has a slightly raised platform around the 510 that accommodates 25mm tanks. This is where I feel they missed the boat, I wish it was left completely flat as it would accommodate a 30mm tank with no overhang that way. As is it is not terrible with my 30mm Aromamizer Plus, it doesn’t overhang the mod but does the platform…ohhhhh man, what could have been.

You may notice in some of the pics as well that the tanks seem to tilt forward a bit, this is not an optical illusion, the 510 platform has a slight forward tilt. At first I didn’t notice it until someone brought it to my attention, then it was like…oh yeah. I even confirmed the tilt with a straight edge. The tilt is very slight but what makes it more noticeable is the front screen has a tilt as well, the mod is deeper at the bottom and slopes up, that part actually looks nice but makes the tank tilt look worse than it is. It doesn’t bug me too much but I know there are some that it would so I need to mention it.

Power Mode

Started off in 2 battery mode and slapped in a Smok V8 T-10 0.12 ohm coil into a TFV8. Since it is rated up to 300 watts figured it was my safest bet to compare the higher limits against my Lost Vape Triad DNA 250. Going back and forth at various power levels the vape was comparable starting at a low of 75 watts to break in the coil all the way up to 200 watts. Can’t say I noticed much of a difference but at that point I might have been nic sic…should have used a 0 nic juice…the room was spinning.

Swapped out the 2 battery door with the 3 battery and popped in a fresh set of Sony VTC5A’s into both the N1 Pro and Triade so I could push them both up to 240 watts to compare. I have to take shorter hits than I am use to, 2 to 3 seconds max so I don’t scorch the shit out of my throat, can’t say I noticed much of a difference in power delivery.

There is no delay in the firing of the N1 Pro, it fires up right away. It did concern me at first that there was no preheat settings but in the 3 weeks or so I have been using the N1 Pro I never felt like I was missing out, the power was just there in both 2 and 3 battery mode.

Custom curve mode

I like curve modes but hardly use them as I find it tedious to make changes on most mods when switching tanks that might need a different curve. The exception might be the Geekvape Aegis I reviewed here, it made making changes to the curve mode a little more simple than most. That said it only has one curve, the N1 Pro give you 3 memory settings so you can have one for your high powered, medium and low powered tanks.

When adjusting the curve it has 20 different spots to put a wattage in, since you are limited to 10 seconds at each vape it would be safe to assume each spot is a half second. I thought that was a little much, would have been quicker to setup with only 10 spots. That said with 3 memory slots you will likely only have to setup all 3 once, this makes having a power curve so much more convenient. Since I generally take 5 second hits I only setup the first 10 anyway, for the TFV8 I started at 240 watts and dropped about 10 to 20 watts with each consecutive half second until I ended at 5 seconds at 60 watts, gave me a great ramp up but got a little cooler so I could take a full 5 second hit without coughing up a lung.

TC mode

Being a TC guy myself this was I tried first right out of the box with my Aromamizer Plus using SS316L Aliens installed. Right off the bat I was impressed, excellent vape at my preferred 430f and at the end not a hint of a dry hit, vaped the cotton dry. It just didn’t end there though, tried several tanks and RDA’s in SS TC mode and they all gave off a smooth and consistent TC vape and kept me from getting dry hits.

When compared to my SXMini G Class and DNA250 mods with some tanks it was spot on and others maybe just a tad on the hot side, maybe 10 to 15f off but all in all this is an excellent TC mod.

My only complaint is to change wattage you have to go into the menu, select System then TCR Data and select the material used, in this case SS then it give you the area to change wattage. A little tedious but not the worst and you may have to refer to the user manual to figure it out.

The only other material I tried for TC was the Nichrome mode with my Asvape Cobra tank that uses Nichrome coils. I have had off and on success with the same tank in Nichrome TC on Smoant mods, not great but sometimes it works well. With the Ni Pro I had no success, really weak vape so that is one thing they didn’t get right but then again hardly anyone offers that and if they do it is not great anyway.

It does have 3 presets for TCR modes with a range from 9.99 to 0.10 but it shows it as a percentage. I tried it at 0.92% which I am assuming equals out to .00092 which is the TCR for SS316L and yep, that worked. For fun I bumped up the TCR to 1.05%, that was pretty tasty, I might like it there a little better. You can’t adjust the TCR in the preset modes like Ni, Ti, NiCr and SS but with 3 memory slots it is unlikely you will have a problem for all you SS430, 304, 317…etc users out there.

Battery life

Since they did not include a puff counter it is really hard to gauge, I can only go on experience with other mods. I did find I could go most if not all day in dual battery mode at about 65 to 75 watts, less of course if I was above 100 all day. I never felt it was inefficient in the 3+ weeks of use but without a puff counter it is hard to gage. You can turn the screen off completely to save on battery life, in my time using it I didn’t use that feature but did try it, to get the screen back on just click 3 times quickly. It does have sleep time setting but whether it at it’s lowest of 20 seconds or highest of 180 seconds the screen times out after 15 seconds every time. I am wondering if that is a sleep mode for the mod to go into a lower power state? I had it set to the lowest point the whole time of my review.

Battery charging in the mod seemed slow, I could not find any specs but I am guessing 1 amp charging max. I would not recommend charging in any mod though, much more safe to charge via an external charger but when in a bind I feel most mods nowadays are safe enough for occasional charging.

Weight and then some

As I stated earlier this is a pretty solid mod and the weight reflects that. Out of curiosity I decided to first weigh it against another dual or triple battery mod I have on hand, the Fuchai DUO 3.

All weights are with batteries installed:

Dual battery mode:
N1 Pro = 317 grams
DUO 3 = 230 grams

Triple battery mode:
N1 Pro = 395 grams
DUO 3 = 296 grams

Then I started thinking…hmmmmm, is this the heaviest mod I own?

Lost Vape Triade DNA250 = 335 grams
Snowwolf 365 (4) 18650 mod = 357 grams
Laisimo F4 (4) 18650 mod = 359 grams
Tesla Nano 120W (2) 18650 mod = 343 grams

In 3 battery mode the N1 Pro is the heaviest mod I own, in 2 battery mode it is still heavy but lighter than the other 2 battery mod, the Tesla Nano 120W.

There is a reason for this heft though which I will go through in the next section.

So what does it look like on the inside?

As I am want to do I love taking things apart and cross my fingers when I put it back together again…haha. I just do this to see what makes it tick and to see if the 510 is properly secured and it is all put together to last.

The 510 is not secured by a nut on the inside like I like to see but there are 2 flat spot on the ground shield from the inside which could be used for a wrench. I did try to twist that to determine if the 510 top plate was screwed into the housing which made sense to me as to why the flat spots would be there for a wrench. I tried as much as I could while being careful not to damage the ground wire that is soldered on and could not get it to budge. Prior to looking from the inside I thought for sure it would be secured with a nut as it is rock solid, being screwed into the base is not ideal IMO but it won’t budge.

I had to remove 6 screws to get the battery tray out and another 4 screws to remove the chip. The chip is secured extremely well with a thick metal plate, it is not going anywhere.

The N1 Pro is built like a tank…unfortunately it weighs like one as well but in 2 battery mode I did not mind and was how I used it 85% of the time. It actually weighs less than the Tesla Nano 120W, is more comfortable to hold and gives you 80 watts more power and more options.

I actually love how solid it feels and after taking it apart have a greater appreciation for how it is made. I think it is a great mod to take around town in 2 battery mode, I carried it around with me almost everyday.


  • Excellent TC performance
  • Power curve mode with 3 presets that works great
  • Solidly built with no rattles of any kind
  • Fairly accurate ohm readings, mostly right on and when off only slightly by 0.02 max
  • 2 or 3 battery operation
  • Great looking and informative color screen which is still viewable in direct sunlight
  • Quick firing, I don’t detect any lag
  • After 3+ weeks use not a scratch on it
  • Easy battery door removal and install while being very secure
  • Ability to turn screen completely off to save battery life


  • Heavy but at the same time feels solid as well
  • Raised platform for 25mm tanks, if it was flat if would accommodate 30mm tanks with no overhang
  • No puff counter
  • Raised portion around 510 to prevent tank rash I am guessing but makes it look like you have a small gap under your tank
  • 510 platform has a slight lean forward, tanks will be at a slight angle
  • Availability, so far there are only 2 places online I could find to purchase
  • Decorative slots on top are juice collectors


While there are some definite cons I still really like what Vaptio has made in the N1 Pro. The performance has me hooked especially in TC, they really did there homework there. All the options in the menu are really useful, I really like the 3 memory settings for the power curve mode, makes it so much easier for those with a lot of tanks.

I would love to see then make a V2 with a flat platform on top to accommodate 30mm tanks. While I really appreciate the build quality and have no problem carrying it around the ladies in my life don’t like how heavy it is. There is no denying there talented engineers working for Vaptio though and some minor tweaks would make it so much better.

With all that said I would have no problem recommending the N1 Pro to guys out there and even ladies that don’t mind a heavy mod if they know it is well built.

I want to thank Vaptio for not only sending me the N1 Pro mod for review but also for adding features other mods lack and building a stout device. I am really looking forward to whatever future products they come out with as they seem to put a lot of thinking into them.

Here is where you can purchase online, the only 2 places I could find at the moment:

Here is some local stores as well though in the US, you can change the country as well:

If you’d like to check out you can see how the Solo2 scored against other vape gear and meet the all new Steam Pugs team.


As always great review @mjag so detailed mate dunno where you find the time. Kudos.


Thank you bud.

If it wasn’t fun then I don’t think either one would write reviews. Finding the time is tough as you know but helping out the vape community is worth it.


Great review man! Good tear down. I think I could tear one down but putting it back together would never happen, lol.


Lol, yeah, this one was a little tricky to get back together too, that’s why I save that for the end just in case.

Thanks man, I appreciate it


I tell you man… We’re birds of a feather in many ways! lol
I didn’t have my Joyetech Ekee even 10 hours before I couldn’t resist doing a bit of a teardown and having a peek inside! :rofl: More to come on that “soon” though (as the “engine blew” in mom’s truck two days ago, and I’m headed over there tomorrow to have a gander, and see if what her mechanic claims is accurate…)

Anyways, great news on another company finally stepping up and getting SS TC working right!!

Appreciate the teardown shots, as I well know the trepidation factor that accompanies going into a brand new, problem free device, all “in the name of science!” (OK…So it’s really a technician’s curiosity! Whatever. ;P) lol


Thanks bud!

Yeah, it is fun to take a look at the inner workings, our brains are just wired that way I guess, the more info the better.

I am hoping you can find a easy solution for your mom’s truck and it isn’t as worse as it sounds, crossing my fingers for ya.


Fantastically thorough review brother, you have way more patience than me with the technical side of things, much respect man, nice job :wink: :ok_hand:


Thanks brother, much appreciated


Great review! I absolutely love when you tear these down and show us the guts!


Thank you sweetheart :smiley:


Great review. Especially since it’s not my type of device it is greatly appreciated to get some good detailed reviews since alot of people look my way for vaping advice in general.


@mjag, I couldn’t agree with @VapeyMama more. Love the reviews, AND, the tear downs make yours even more unique.


Thank you @Duchesst and @SessionDrummer, I really appreciate it

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