Very Sad News My Brothers and Sisters

I recently found out that a beloved member of ELR has lost his battle with cancer and has passed from this earthly plain.

@worm1 has passed away on Jan.26th I have had many interactions with him and shared vape gear and concentrates for years now. Even though I never met him in person I called him friend. I call a lot of you friends and it isn’t just a word to me. If I call you friend then friend you are.

I heard this over on Vaping Community in a PM. @SthrnMixer thanks for letting us know.

I doubt he will come over and give us more info. So, does anybody else know anything?

I thought I would start off by saying Jesse (@worm1 ) was a kind man. I wanted an RDA that I didn’t have the money for and the next thing ya know I have a new package in my mail box. It was the RDA I wanted and he sent it to me not expecting anything in return. I’m glad I still have that RDA and now I think I’ll keep it until it’s my turn.

Rest in Peace @worm1 you will be missed

Thanks, @fidalgo_vapes for the link to Jesse’s obituary.


Jesse was definetly a good person and will be missed , hearing of his passing it weighed heavy on my heart . Jesse considered many people here his friends even his Obituary mentioned his Internet Friends…Mr Worm1 we will miss you , thank you rest easy my friend you will not be forgotten.


Thanks for posting his obituary. If you don’t mind I’m gonna put it the top post so people don’t have to go looking.


No problem


RIP @worm1


Prayers for his family :cry:


I never interacted with him but I am always saddened to hear news like this. So sad for his family and friends.


R.I.P. my fellow vaper. may the vape GOD’s bequest you thee BEST in gear and juice :slight_smile: :+1:


Oh man. We shared a few funnies from time to time.
RIP Jesse. You are, and will be, missed :broken_heart:


Very Sad News indeed, RIP @worm1


Jesse ‘Worm’ Thomas was a one-off for sure - always willing to help others with advice or gear. He loved his mechs and his dog but most of all his family.

I hadn’t spoken to Jesse in a while and am super sad to hear of his passing he was a great asset to the community and a great friend.

RIP Jesse
A few years back

More recent



Rest in peace Jesse. The DIY forum community will be missing you. :disappointed_relieved:


RIP Jesse. I never you but praying for your friends and family.
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Thanks @Dan_the_Man, @fidalgo_vapes, and @SthrnMixer. I am saddened by this loss, and will keep Jesse, his friends and family, in our prayers. May he rest in peace.


Thank you @woftam.


Thank you again for providing the link @fidalgo_vapes, just signed the guest book.


I was in contact with jesse all thru this it started over a year ago when he vaped he said he got heart burn so never seen about it well after a year he had a hard time swallowing food and drinks. So he went to hospital he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

He then began treatments of Chemo and radiation for 8 weeks he was tube feed all thru this as he could not pass food due to mass in throat…

well after a few weeks after treatments he tells me he is in a nursing home I then thot oh boy this is not good they are just making him comfy Well later on he finds out it has spread to his hip area had a mass there also he told me he was just skin an bones now since all he was fed was by tube

then he complained about his back hurting bad but did not say it was cancer or not but it did spread to his bones he said

so at this point i knew this was not good we just humored him when he came online talked about every day things and i was in the process of making him some CBD ointment to apply to his hurting areas

then there was no contact he was not online for a bit …so after like 3 weeks i wrote his parents an ask how he was never got a reply so thinking the worse I did a search in the local papaes there in the Obits and there he was. I knew for some reason this was going to happen My jaw dropped and i had a heart ache …

this is the obit

I myself made a donation to cancer research in his name so some day this will stop

now jesse was a stand up guy loved to tinker with his PC an do mods to it also other DIY projects loved to mix also

he had some nice mech mods he loved his tubes he would polish weekly we always laffed an joked with the group we hung with online he will be missed greatly he was a big help here most times an had many friends here and loved by all

here is jesse an dog his best friend

he was always telling us stories about him lol it was actually his parents dog he lived with them but he had him most of the time as he would visit him lol

I coul;d go on for hours about him but this best I could do for now

he will be missed dearly in our little group we had thet chatted every day it seems empty now with out him but to us he will be there always in spirit an heart

thank u every one for your kind words on him I know we will all miss him



Thank you @AlanS.


Was looking back @worm1’s stats, and didn’t realize he joined December 2016.


Really sad to hear this. He was a good man.