Vg bad batch

Think I have found out the problem with my vg
I tasted a batch I made tasted like Turpin tine
Very thin ran out of the atomizer
I have mixed juice for 3 years same custard for 2
I make 120ml and step 3 weeks to a month
I opened a bottle at work last night was awful had to pour it out
I have been buying from essitials depot for 2 years never a problem on quart purchases
I got the 2 gallon free shipping special
When was mixing I noticed vg was rather thin
Then I got home looked at jug saw was palm derived
I didn’t order this and will never again
I called essential depot left message
Going to buy juice this am first time in year have bought juice vendor
Not bashing depot just want others to beware or to give me feedback back on Palm derived
Maybe just a bad batch not sure until I talk to them why it is so bad

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AFAIK Essential Depot has always used palm derived VG until recently when they added a soy derived option.

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Yes, the soy based VG is new and palm based is what they have been using. They just now started to label their bottles as either palm based or soy based since there is two different kinds.

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Well I just got a bad batch of vg
Which like I said I have been buying from them for 2 years
Never a problem
I wasted at poured out 4 120ml of custard
And 8 30ml bottles of other juices I mix
Maybe they sent me soap mix lol
I was worried about what I am vaping
Wrong label something

If it was really thin, I wonder if they put a VG label on a PG bottle?

Not just think ruined taste
Not just me the guys at work said smelled like phymalddahyde
That bad
Had to clean tank put new cotton in dropper and tank
And bum juice

Ordered some from bull city to get bye
I know they get their pg vg from essentials which I just want it fast until I resolve from essentials depot the problem

I’ve always used Bulk Apothecary and never had an issue. I believe they are cheaper than ED, but the VG is the soy kind. That said, I’ve tasted several juices made with ED ingredients and never tasted any off flavors between the brands. But this does make me wonder.

Sounds like something is either mislabeled or perhaps stored incorrectly. Hopefully just one bad jug.

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Thanks guys
Forgot to say it would not make vapor hardly just bad taste

I have some ED VG left, used some last night, will again today. I haven’t bought any ED VG in several months, but I have bought it for a long time. I have NEVER seen any derivative indication. I think ED has gotten a little sloppy, maybe because they have grown very fast since the vaping started. I have had two quarts where the label was on crooked, and I used it anyway without problems. That should not affect the contents, but still sloppy, and it made me question if that was an indication of anything else…they are/were soap people, and I don’t vape soap. I even asked ED if their palm VG was Rain Forest Alliance certified or part of sustainable farming…but no clear answers from them. Just little things I personally care about, whether it matters to anyone else or not.
I started buying Nicotine River VG and it is always consistent quality…and sweeter. I just tested the two in a dripper before typing this…and there is a difference between them. I have no idea what ED I have, the label doesn’t say. I do trust the QC at NR, and they are willing to answer your questions/concerns. That’s enough for me…and then I hear stories like this above…I’m good with my choice.


I’ve got a gallon of nic river VG I’m about to crack into, so I’ll be sure to compare to my BA. You bring up a good point on rainforest certification. . I’ve never thought about that for my vaping supplies. I’ll be on the lookout for that now, because I care and can afford the difference right now.

The more of US that can fund the early development of these practices through higher prices the cheaper and more widespread they will become.

BTW, you might want to check out Real Flavors palm based VG. Not sure if they have all the certifications, but believe they may have some. They are the most transparent company in the industry right now IM (somewhat ignorant) O.


Yes, I am a big fan of @Walt_RealFlavors and his staff.
The only reason I buy VG at NR is I get a liter or two when I order nicotine [to make shipping cost balance out], otherwise I get it from Walt. Same with my flavors, and @Walt_RealFlavors kicks ass, it just depends on what I need to order. I still get flavors from ECX when I need to order any hardware… because it’s…all about that base…base shipping costs…


Thanks for suggestions I will check out
New places after this experience

Changed name of thread had nothing to do with palm derived just bad batch
Or wrong label

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I am so sorry you had to dump shit out…my condolences to the dead juice.
I pray that you never have this experience again.

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Just was wondering if anyone else had similar experience ED VG
Or I was only one
You have to be member at NO to bus from them
Is it wholesale only went to site looked that way

I’d have sworn there was a thread not too long ago where someone was complaining about a bad batch from Essential Depot, but I can’t seem to find it.

I got a gallon of PG and VG from them in February. I want to say the thread was around that time, because I remember worrying since I hadn’t opened mine yet, but I’ve used it since then and it is fine.

What was the throat hit like, I wonder if you got a bottle of PG mislabeled. PG does make less vapor and has a lot harsher/stronger throat hit to it. I’d be on the phone first thing Monday morning.

That’s what I was mentioning earlier. He said it was really thin too which made me think of PG.

No membership required at NR (Nicotine River)
They are also a vendor here on ELR