VG suppliers in UK

Do any of the guys in the UK have recommendations for base VG/PG at all? I got my first lot from makemyvape but they seem a bit more expensive than some others.

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They are a nice bunch and very helpful also, price is great as we on ELR get a 12% discount use code ELR12 at payment and apply.

They good priced on there Flavours also


Thanks man. Ill check em out.

Your welcome, Ive bought loads from them, usually get 100ml botles though, as the postage is a bit steep, but order before 1 and you usually get it next day

That’s another I use also, another good set of lads eager to help

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I get my VG from SpecialIngredients sell in 1 litre or 5 litre quantities. It is derived from palm/coconut oil which is quite hard to find in the UK from a supplier (it is mostly rapeseed or soy that is normally used). I find this VG a little more sweeter in the finished DIY liquid than others I have used previously especially as I mix at Max VG. They also do PG as well

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I have to try them! Prices are fantastic and 12% off?! It’s a no brainier… Thanks!!

Yea I agree on that, have bought a load through them, I get the Flavour by the 100ml, and 1 ltr NIC, 5 ltr each PG/VG
service was second to non and delivery was extremely fast, ordered stuff before 1pm and I had it the next day.
They even through in some sweets lol nice touch.

I’m a little confused, it says you cant purchase over 1 liter of vg or pg online? or is that just for nicotine?

That’s just Nicotine, its against the law to ship over 1 litre of Nicotine

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Also when you buy bulk the cost of shipping is good lol

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Plus thats just to ship outside uk, in the uk you buy what you want

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Cheers Dave… Will def give them a go!

Well worth it, ive spent a fortune with them, not one hassel or issue, everything spot on so far.

I ordered some TPA from America, after shipping costs and landing costs, these guys where not that much more, mind from america I got 118ml bottles.

But saying that, i’ve stuck with these and love the discount.

Enjoy my friend and happy vaping.

I’m bottling some of these recipes on this site to try and play with 0nic as I dont smoke hahahahaha, just need to await to get my new vape machine, as my brother has taken mine

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This is where I get my VG

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been using these guys for over a year, lovely stuff, very popular too

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£9.99 for 5 litres

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Nice that they state on the listing they don’t use anything originating from the Jatropha plant as part of the process. Very important due to its toxicity and all manufacturers should state this with regards to there VG products imho. The one I use from Special Ingredients doesn’t, but I had to ask them via email to confirm it.

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@Pugs1970 - do you have any idea why it works out cheaper to buy from Lubrisolve online that via the ebay seller? Am I missing something…? TIA dude! :smile:

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Could it be to cover the ebay fees perhaps?

Ah - didn’t think of shipping costs/fees!