Viva Kita Move 60 Starter kit review by Mjag..The bluish purple flavor beast

Thank you for taking the time to view my review of the Viva Kita Move 60 Starter kit which was sent to me for the purpose of this review directly from the fine folks at Viva Kita. You can purchase it here:

I do tend to get in depth but I do post a Pros and Cons as well as a Conclusion which will give you my overall feelings. I post this to save people time as I too tend to want to know NOW…haha

The kit includes:

  • (1) Grand Tank
  • (1) Move 60 Mod
  • (2) 129A Kanthal 0.25ohm coils
  • (2) User Manuals
  • (1) USB cable


  • Tank dimensions: 22mm diameter, 38mm tall minus 510 and drip tip, 55mm overall
  • Move 60 mod dimensions: 24mm x 41mm x 71.5mm
  • Tank capacity 2ml (2.5ml with the rubber flap removed)
  • 2100 mAh internal battery capacity
  • 7 to 60 watts
  • 10 minute auto shut off
  • Short circuit, Low voltage and Low resistance protection
  • 5V/1A charging speed, full charge in under 2 hours

Grand Tank - 80

On the Viva Kita website they have the tank listed as the SAIL P-I TF Tank with the kit and also sold separately as the Move 60 tank. In my sample I received it is listed as the Grand Tank - 80 on the box and also User Manual but I am sure there all the same.

Having already reviewed the Viva Kita Solo2 and Vaptio C-II I was pretty familiar with there products. All 3 kits use the excellent 129A Kanthal 0.25ohm coils so I was prepared for an excellent flavorful vape and that is exactly what it delivered.

The tank included with the kit is listed as 2ml and that is about how much it will hold with the silicone flap installed. The flap’s main function is to prevent spills when refilling and it works as advertised:

I personally didn’t find it necessary and removed it which yielded an approximately .5ml more juice capacity, 2.4ml is safe but I was able to squeeze 2.5ml right to the top of the glass as measured with a syringe.

It does feature a juice flow control as well, closes when you open the tank and opens when you close the tank. It did not always close when opening the tank for me but I filled it anyway and only got slight flooding of the coil which went away after a few draws.



Airflow is a slightly restricted deep lung full open, a little less airy than the original Crown tank. Airflow is a little noisier than other tanks full open but if you close it off halfway or more it can develop a whistle. I ran it full open the entire time and never really noticed it much, only in comparison to other tanks is it a little more noticeable. You can do MTL hits but it really isn’t the tank for that, it works but you usually get a whistle.

Drip tip is the Cleito cover type and can also take 510 drip tips when the cover is removed. Not a big fan of this style but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the tank.

Cover on

Cover off

510 drip tip installed

Flavor flavor flavor is what it delivers though, I really am impressed with the performance from these coils and I got a solid 3 weeks from my first coil before I noticed the flavor fading a little. I could have probably gone a little longer as it was still good, just not as great as I felt it was before.

Move 60 mod

The Move 60 is a variable wattage mod, no TC and really not much else as far as options are concerned , just 5 clicks on and off and adjust you watts from 7 watts to 60. No round robin, when you are at 60 watts you have to go down and it adjusts in .1 watt increments but if you hold it down it switches to single watts to scroll a little faster but still takes about 13 seconds to go from 7 watts to 60.

The 510 is spring loaded and has decent travel, not the best but not bad at all for a starter kit. I didn’t have problems connecting any tank to it and it read the ohms generally right on or off about .02 +/- but I didn’t feel it was much of a problem.

25mm tanks are about as big as you want to go as the slope near the back will limit how big of a tank you can put on it without a 510 extender. You will get overhang on the front with anything 24.5mm but it is slight.

It is small but still comfortable to hold for my large hands. Firing button is well placed and felt comfortable firing with either my index finger or thumb. The small size is also very pocket friendly, it was definitely my go to setup for out and about and the finish still looks like new even with having it my pocket with other items.

The leather (probably not real leather) is not the best I have felt but not the worst either and does add to the comfort of holding the mod. It hasn’t even come close to starting to peel in the month or so I have had it and that is with getting some juice on it too a few times.

Charging does take some time if full run down, I got a little over 2 hours for a full charge when I ran it all the way down. It does have pass through charging though which I had to use a few times while in my car. Overall battery life was good though, I could make a full day at a preferred wattage of 45 to 50 watts with the included tank.

The auto shutoff after 10 minutes is annoying and it can’t be changed. I did get used to it but would throw out an expletive from time to time. I guess for a starter kit it makes sense and a good finger aerobic workout.

One thing I did find in my testing is the full 60 watts is only available with 0.25 coils to 0.15, any higher and the watts begin to lessen. I found this out with my Crown 3 using the 0.50 ohm coil, with the Move 60 set to 60 watts I was only able to get 35 watts on a rested and full battery, as I began to use it more the watts dropped to 30 max. Even with a 0.30 ohm coil it maxed out at about 49 watts, you can set it to 60 but when you hit the fire button it only shows 49 watts being output.

Here is the Move 60 with the Crown 3

And yes, 30mm tanks fit with a 510 heat sink…lol

All together now

When combined this is an excellent starter kit, sure I would like to have the option of TC but really for this kit I didn’t miss it. The majority of vapers only use power mode anyway and keeping it easy with a starter kit makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I am a flavor junkie and that is what I love the most out of this kit, the flavor just pops and I used it way longer than I expected to for this review. Never in that time did I feel like…oh man, when can I stop using this and use a better setup. While not a cloud chasing setup the clouds were satisfying but did I mention flavor yet?..Yep, this is why it was a fun review.

I did use other tanks on the Move 60 mod but as noted the performance varied based on the ohms of the coils used. I also used the tank on other mods and didn’t notice a significant difference in performance. Since they both looked and performed so well together I kept it that way the majority of my time.

Pros and Cons


  • Flavor flavor flavor
  • Coils life of at least 3 weeks or more
  • Simple to operate
  • Durable and good looking finish
  • Juice and airflow control
  • Long battery life and passthrough charging
  • Light and comfortable to hold
  • Pocket friendly


  • 10 minute auto shutoff
  • Faster charging would be nice, 2 hours to fully charge
  • Silicone flap can be a nuisance to use but is easily removed
  • Full power only available on .25 ohm coils or below, 35 watts max with 0.50 ohm coils
  • No TC
  • No spare glass


I know what your thinking…dammit, I thought this long winded jackass would never stop…haha. I do tend to get really wordy but that is with products I enjoy. I really do enjoy using the Move 60 kit by Viva Kita and I think it is an excellent recommendation for anyone looking to start vaping. Even for those who are intermediate or advanced vapers it is a great small kit for out and abouts and the road. You will be rewarded with great flavor, maybe not RDA flavor but really satisfying nonetheless.

I want to thank Viva Kita for sending me Move 60 kit, I really enjoyed my time with it and will still continue using it.

You can purchase directly from Viva Kita here:

If you’d like to check out you can see how the Solo2 scored against other vape gear and meet the all new Steam Pugs team.


Nice review. That looks like something i would do!


Very nice! If it took an 18650 instead of having an internal battery I’d be all over it!

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Lol, gotta keep it crazy, wait until I get the 41mm Steam Crave Titan…oh yes, it will fit like a glove :crazy_face:


ohh dear :grinning:


I am a little torn on that, even though it is only 2100 mah it felt like I got more battery life than a single 18650 mod vaping at between 45 and 50 watts. Now that you mention it I wish I would have compared it to my SMY SDNA75 as far as battery life is concerned but I usually go through 2 batteries with it in a day, the Move 60 would last me all day.


Comparing battery life in devices is one thing i wish was done more in reviews. Someone brought up the topic when he was getting more life out of power mod vs. tc mode in same device. Its certainly something i would be interested in knowing about the mods efficiancy when purchasing.


Normally I talk about battery life when I notice it is lacking, it is really something that had never occurred to me to test with this kit though as it was never a problem for me.

I will definitely try to set aside sometime to test with mod reviews in the future though as I feel it is important as well.

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Not singly u out, I am saying mod reviews as a whole dont usually mention it at all, I would think it would be a bigger concern. I know paint gets scratched over time but that seems to be more of a concern then how many times i have to change the batteries, smh


Good point and I agree, who wants an inefficient that your charging all the time.

I really value anything that helps me get better at reviews, always learning and wanting to get as much pertinent info out there so people can make an informed decision.

I really do appreciate you bringing that to my attention.


But if an internal battery would last me all day vs. having to take an extra and swap during the day, I would be certain more internal batt devices would be sold.


Solid review! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Bud!

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I guess for me its nice just knowing that in a quick second I can switch a battery rather than having to sit it on a charger for hours to get it to charge fully. Its instant gratification I guess to me. Also after charging it hundreds of times I’m sure the battery life will become less than it was when I first bought it. To me I like knowing I can purchase new batteries and swap them when I want. In reality most mods last me less than a year because I’m like everyone else who buys into the hype. I try to think longevity but the reality is most of my mods are used less than a year.


Great review petal. It’s a very pretty set-up :+1::grin:


Nice review but seems very pricey for a starter kit $70 delivered and I can’t see anywhere on the site to buy extra coils for this yet?. Although Amazon do sell them for £12 for 5 by the looks of it?

Until they get it into some of the larger online vendor stores and more readily available there is much better value to be had from the bigger names out there for the equivalent or better starter kits imho


I really love the detail you go into in your reviews @mjag - I wonder if some of the cons list would register as cons to someone new to vaping.


Even though its of no interest for me the review itself is solid :+1:


Excellent review brother, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of Viva Kita and Vaptio products so far, I wish them well in the future as I believe the best is yet to come from them :ok_hand: which can only be good for us vapers.
I just wish they’d make that damn 10 min shut off an option at least lol…


Yeah, they need to get into more outlets to get more competitive pricing. I know it’s a new item for them so I am hoping that will be the case soon.

Compared to most of the starter kits I have had before this is one of the best from a flavor standpoint. Can’t recall a starter kit that has had as good flavor. I haven’t tried all of them though but I think it is an important segment, the better the starter kit the higher likely hood someone will quit cigarettes.