Vpark Maxtank Pro - Review

Today I am reviewing the Maxtank Pro by Vpark. This tank was sent to me by Heaven Gifts http://www.heavengifts.com for the purpose of this review.

Size - 22mm x 64mm
Capacity - 2.5ml

Top fill
Threadless coil head design.

In the box was the tank, user manual, 2 drip tips (one solid black, the other black and stainless steel) a pre-loaded .1ohm Ni200 coil head and a spare .3ohm NiCr coil head.

This tank is the first of it’s kind that I have had the pleasure of using. What is so unique about it is the way the coils are threadless. Simply drop the open end down into the slot of the tank with the tank upside down. and then put the base over it and screw down. It’s that simple! And what’s more is your fingers never need to touch the part of the old coils that is wet with e-liquid. Even though the tank came with the Ni200 installed I still had to break it down for a closer look.

This thing has great threading. Velvety even. And it was totally free of any residue or machine oil. Very clean. Upon inspection the coil heads are relatively similar in size to some other, better known coils such as the Atlantis coil heads. Notice (Vpark on left, Atlantis on right) that the main difference is the overall length, which if you look at how much space the threads take up on the Atlantis you’ll see that’s about the same difference in length.

That’s about where the similarities end. The vPark has larger wicking holes than the Atlantis, 3.5mm vs 3mm. Likewise, the size of the coil ID is larger.

Airflow on this tank is also very good. although the size of the slots may be smaller than many other tanks, the 4 air intake is more than adequate for direct lung hits. The air flow control ring is also very smooth and easy to turn, but has enough stiffness to keep it in place once set.

One thing I’m a bit on the fence about is that there is a silicon ring at the top of the coil head. It’s there to provide a sort of seal once the coil is installed. At first I feared that this would possibly present a problem with potential burning. But I ran the NiCr coil head at it’s maximum rating (60w) for most of the day with no taste of any kind indicating burning, and upon visual inspection it was completely intact an unaffected. So I concluded that the design is such that there is likely little concern over melting or singeing this ring. However, it still seems a little like an area for improvement but for now is necessary to provide a seal between the tank and the coil.

Filling the tank is a breeze. Simply unscrew the top and dump in your juice until full. That’s it No worries over closing off air flow or anything.

Now the question is…how does it vape? Well first we should clarify something. This is something I would consider an entry level sub-ohm tank. At 2.5ml it is the larger of two that will be released with the smaller having a capacity of 1.5ml. And this is also, for now, a stock coil tank only. I haven’t tried to rebuild one of the heads yet but I believe I will. Heaven Gifts report that there is an rba section planned for this tank. So, how does it vape? For what it is, really, really good! Due to those larger wicking holes in the atomizer head there is no priming needed. Zero, zip, nada. Pop the coil in, fill the tank and you’re off to the races. As a personal preference I found the NiCr head to provide a much nicer, flavorful vape. However, the Ni200 head was good too on temperature control. The nickel head seems to want more power than I like giving Nickel in order to get a good vape, but then again I’m admittedly biased against nickel. I simply don’t like it. But that NiCr head is awesome. At 45 watts it starts to sing with a nice, warm (not hot) and flavorful cloud. Bumped up to max at 60 watts and the vapor production is increased some, warmth a little too, but flavor is kick ass. And it looks just awesome on my Joyetech eVic mod too…

If you asked me if I would buy this tank for myself, well let me put it this way. I love rebuilding, so therefore I am primarily a RTA kinda guy. But, among the various tanks I’ve used that take stock coils, I’m going to have to say yes because this is a very user-friendly tank, you can change coil heads without ever getting juice on your hands or needing a paper towel, the vapor is good and the flavor is even better. Once they release the RBA deck, I most certainly will purchase one, especially if they increase the tank capacity!

Very easy top fill
Very easy coil replacement
No leaking
Good airflow
No need to prime coils
Excellent juice flow

Small juice capacity (2.5ml, 1.5 for the smaller version)
No RBA section - yet

In closing…
Really, that’s the only cons I have to report with this tank. At present I do not know the release date of this tank nor the cost of it or the replacement coil heads.

I referred to this earlier as a entry-level sub-ohm tank. Let me just say that if I had never used a sub-ohm tank or perhaps only had used things like the Aspire Atlantis, the Kanger Subtank Mini, or the Joyetech Delta II, in my opinion this would be a big step up. For someone who has never used a sub-ohm tank at all, this would be an excellent first tank to have. Of course this would also depend on one’s preference of resistance wire too. I don’t know what other types wire Vpark may have planned for the Maxtank Pro. Certainly Kanthal would be nice, and Titanium and Stainless Steel coils would open more of the Temperature Control doors. I just don’t know if that is in the works. But suffice it to say that even though I’ve used this tank enough to complete a review, I’m still vaping it and enjoying every puff!

Thank you Heaven Gifts for providing this item for review. I will soon be reviewing another product from Vpark.


well done nice review!!!

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Good stuff! :slight_smile: Doesn’t look like that one’s for me.

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Nice review sir. Well done. :ok_hand:

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Thanks. Yes, it’s probably not for many of us, especially we who like to tinker with building our own coils, etc. But there is definitely an audience who would think it’s just the bomb.


Wow, that is a tank, I never tried a tank like that before, best tank Ive had is the one I got now an Aero mini by Kanger. Wow Ive been off an on vaping since 2011 ( then lasted 2 week vaping returned to cigs) then again 1014 for 2 month all equipment broke down and I threw in the towel and returned again. I see now I should have searched more for better equipment. I didnt even know these thing were out there.

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