Want to learn more on recipe development for vaping

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Guys, Gals, @danwbrews says he would like to learn more about recipe development. Seems to me there probably should be a thread dedicated to those want to learn to develop their own EJuice flavors. Let this be that thread…


I find myself in the same situation. I have created several, a couple of them pretty decent. A couple that went straight to the drain too.

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First let’s start out by saying that developing your own EJuice flavors are not near as hard as one might think. Quite frankly it’s a h@ll of a lot easier than trying to clone a juice. Follow just a few simple guidelines and a little trial and error and you will be making your own EJuice flavors. Here’s is your first, and most essential piece of information…

Knowing what flavors that blend together well is truly essential in EJuice flavor development. Truthfully it is more essential than any other bit of information you may pick up along the way. Next, perhaps more helpful than knowing the top flavors…

Then of course we want to know the better flavors to have in our stash…

Now please keep in mind a few words frequently used here on ELR. Those words are…TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE…Basically what this should mean to you is that people’s tastes may differ. Sometimes you may have to form your own opinion about comments you see here on ELR. There will always be someone who disagrees with someone else’s opinion of a flavor. So keep this in mind always…

Get to know the flavor you are working with…ELR makes this fairly easy. Any flavor within a recipe can be clicked on and you can see average usage both as a flavor to be mixed, or a standalone flavor. This info can give you a idea where to start for percentages.

Know this Guys, Gals, while creating there is a bit of trial and error. I personally hit something nice in 2-3 tries but I have been doing this for quite a while now. Be aware if you try to clone or dupe a flavor you may have to do 50 batches AND you may never get it the way you want. It is better to go at it with the attitude of what if or how will this taste. Do not try to dupe a flavor. Create something new that tastes good and you will soon be creating EJuice flavors with the best of them…


Deserving of a bump. Are there some newer similar links? Maybe the SnV thread or is that bumping from beginner to intermediate too soon?

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I can’t agree with Ringling more. Learning the flavors is Top Priority. Learning the pairings is super fun and while your learning you’ll get idea of what you like together write them down !

Also I really love the Flavor Bible it’s a great addition to the links Ringling put up !

Making small batches at first to test your mixing , by all means visit the SnV thread to get yourself so solid recipes that are known to be good right away that way you can keep your hands busy and not vaping your mixes until they have steeped.

steeping is another area that recipe development should include. There are a Ton of mixes that don’t necessarily have to steep forever but at least 1-2 weeks for prime flavoring that’s where getting to know the flavors takes precedence and patience :wink:

Many fruits are great right away but calm down in a weeks time initially they come off as harsh or overly sharp that’s why you’ll see cream in a recipe it may not necessarily be there to add " cream " accent but more as a buffer.


I think @LordVapor’s write up on recipe creation mirrors my process pretty accurately:

And of course gotta give a link to the flavor thread :stuck_out_tongue: