Washing coils

Typed washing coils into search but no thread so I will ask here. The thing I like about rbas is that I can change flavor fast and clean just by re-wicking. When I do this I usually wash my coil after heating it red hot under warm water. My question is does this affect the coil and its ability to perform? How many times can I wash them? Do they lose there ability to perform after awhile? Thanks for your time

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Eventually the wire will break down.

Personally when I rewick I use a toothbrush and dish soap to wash my coils.

I dry burn. Rinse with water. Clean with dish soap and toothbrush, clean the rest of my atty and then paper towel dry everything.

Then I dry burn the coil getting it to glow evenly again and to make sure there’s no water left.

Wait to cool. Rewick and vape away again.

Personally I try not keep my builds in for longer than about 10 days.

But depending upon the intricacies of the coil it can be hard to clean it completely.



Okay, sorry to hijack the thread, but I didn’t want to start a new one for this one, dumb question.

The Subtank mini RBA’s deck works where you trap the legs under screws, but the coil lays kinda flat, if you know what I mean? One leg out to either side instead of both pointing in the same direction. Do you set the coil so the coil is downward and the legs are on top, or so the coil faces upwards and the legs are on the bottom? Or does it even matter?

This is the way as far as I know. Believe this is how it is wired from the factory…

Thanks. :slight_smile: One of these days, when I have time, I’ll try both ways and see if it makes a difference. LoL.

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I’m getting used to my Subtank Mini RBA too, JoJo. Proper wicking, has been an ongoing education for me, but it’s improving with practice.

Speaking of the RBA screws, I wish they had offset the screws just a bit. I vape in the 1.5 ohm range, which means about 5 wraps of 30 ga. That makes the coil length just long enough, so the legs angle back toward the screws, somewhat. I have to be really careful to make sure there is adequate spacing between the leg(s) and the first wrap, to avoid hot spots & burning the wick. If the screws were offset just a bit, the legs would be straight.

I hope that made sense…lol.

Do you use a spaced or contact coil?

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So far, I’ve only used a spaced Ti coil in it. I think I do 4 wraps of 26gauge on 2mm ID. It’s about .17ish I think. Do you have the v1 (tiny juice channels at the bottom) or v2 (holes in the side like the coils)?

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I have V2, with the holes in the side.

That’s what I use also. I got the other one with my mini and it was useless. I wick it just like I did when I rebuilt the stock coils. I stick the wick through the holes and the coil, fluff, trim. It’s worked out pretty well so far. I do horizontal coils though…haven’t tried a vertical build yet.

I’ve still got my training wheels on. MVP20, so I have to stay above 1 ohm. I’ve had my eye on the Joyetech Evic VTC mini, so I’ll be able to explore sub & TC. But that will have to wait until after the Christmas giving (and paying) season. The present set up will hold me over until then.

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I watched a YouTube rebuild when I first got the Subtank mini because I was screwing up the wicking. In this video the guy had the legs on the bottom side of the coil and so I did it that way ever since. I doubt there’s much difference either way, but I’m a bit OCD with some things and if they were on top I’d constantly be wondering if the bottom of the coil was in danger of bottoming out.

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This isn’t the build video I mentioned but it’s very cool. I don’t know if it’s the music, the camera work. This guy went to a lot of trouble to make a big production out of it in under 4 minutes! I wish all videos were like this. It’s like Hey, Busardo, make you dang point already! That dude yacks more than any one human. :slight_smile: :laughing: Anyway, just 4 minutes and an interesting approach.


Wow, I could watch that all day.

So, THAT’S how a Clapton is made! Not being able to sub, I never bothered to check into how they are made. I had visions of someone sitting there all day, slowly hand wrapping one wire around another…lol. Thanks for the enlightenment, Sthrn!

Nice!! Makes me wish I had a drill so I could make those coils. He makes it look so easy. And I agree about Phil. I usually skip around until I find what I’m looking for. Lol

Just changed a fused Clapton that I’ve used for 4 weeks and 4 days. I dry burned, washed and rewicked it every 3 to 4 days. I vape around 15 mils a day.


Uploading… I have always Ben a back words type titanium Clapton

You need to wait for it to finish uploading :wink:


my high dollar high speed net work-quiet in the middle of my work

one of the nicer clean builds titanium Clapton a friend of mine did this one i have been trying to copy it for some time in my kanger i can not get clean l bend in mine

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