Washington State

As of Friday this week the Flavour Ban is history



Yes Sir and ive contacted @Flavorah to see if they will start selling within the state again , there is a bill in the Senate bill 6254 , but its not a all out flavor ban …


Nice! I’m sure glad those flavored vapes had 0 chance of getting into the hands of kids for 120 days :man_facepalming::thinking:.

Sadly it already forced closure of local vape shops. Also I wonder with the business model changes at gremlin and flavor jungle how much money it cost them not selling products that they did in the past and how much they spent opening their “new” businesses.


All I can say is… I hope the flavor sellers in Wa state just hang in…
I also know changes are coming… we all need to be ready.
Change can be hard, or it can go smooth… depends on how well one is organized and ready for transition.

I feel for those that had to close…


Thats the worst thing …There are a couple ships where i live that will be able tontake advantage of this , but they sell everything from Ciggs to bongs so they were able to still survive…The Real Vape shops , the ones that only dealt in Vapor product they are gone


The Washington State Legislative session is yet young (with a few months left to go), and a lot could happen one way or another as this (or possibly arising similar) legislative bills are further considered.

See time-window: 1:27-1:37 : https://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2020021030

What the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee passed SSB 6254 along to the Ways and Means Committee on February 3, 2020 (here) appears to presently feature:

The exemption of tobacco products which are widely flavored with some of the same flavor constituents that are in the same proposed legislation forbidden for “vapor products”, as well as the objectively entirely meaningless assertion of some imagined, non-definable “pure tobacco” taste/aroma;

Any creation of solutions containing what they define as “flavored vapor products” considered “manufacturing” (clearly when distributed between persons, with/without a sales/trade transaction);

A legal requirement to submit (what appears to be considered potentially made public) disclosure of any and all ingredients, as well as any and all chemical ingredients either found or considered to exist or evolve throughout the product lifetime to the state health department for governmental approval.

No person may offer a tasting of vapor products to the general public. … No vapor product shall be sold, offered for sale, distributed, or manufactured in this state unless a constituent disclosure has been submitted to the department of health in a manner determined by the department. … A fee of two hundred fifty dollars must accompany each vapor product manufacturer’s license application and license renewal application …

A limit of 2% (by volume) Nicotine content (~20 mg/ml);

Refill-able as well as disposable vapor product pods/tanks being limited to 2 mL capacity;

A 35% tax (over/above sales tax as well as the 65% vaping products tax already imposed).

So much for your (or any person or company’s) effective maintenance of any trade-secrets.


shit load of greedy motivation right there :laughing:



It was [60%] of retail price - similar to the 95% of retail price tax imposed on tobacco products, and both being over/above the ~10% of retail price state/local sales taxes also imposed - that I had remembered from reading about the 2019 ESSB 1873-S2.SL. It looks like the following tax rates apply specifically to all solutions of vaping liquids (with or without any Nicotine content). This taxation rate exists in addition to the 35% of retail price tax being considered in the currently proposed (2020) SSB 6254 legislation:

From (2019) ESSB 1873-S2.SL, Section 102:

Containers of solutions of up to 5 mL volume: $0.27 per mL

Containers of solutions exceeding 5 mL volume: $0.09 per mL

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Ya and the thimg that was hurting vape shops was that Tax had to be paid upfront…Most retail taxes are paid to the state at end of the month based on what was sold and collected…Not eliquid though


I didn’t even know about this until late last night. I’ve had so much trouble getting coils, That even DIY has been challenging. . and because of the lack of equipment I had to resort to cigarettes the past couple of weeks. Last night I was up all night coughing up thick wads of colored gunk For the first time in 6 years And I was so scared. But even where’s my had coils I was scared to death to Vape on my balcony where people can see me. And When I had to go to the doctor. I was terrified to Take my vape with me even in my purse. I didn’t want to get arrested. And it was just so wrong that it was okay to have a cigarette in my mouth or in my purse And people found that acceptable out in public.? It’s just been. a very frightening and surreal experience And we have to continue to help. our fellow vapor Dealing with even worse than what we had. I feel so sorry for the people that can’t even own equipment. That sounds like a nightmare And I’m not going to be able to just feel like it’s okay because things are working out for me… No, people lost their businesses. Other vapor Think that smoking is actually safer now. And are happy to be smoking again. Because they think they’re safe from illness now. Those things have got to be worked on. And we have to continue The Advocate. For the people still fighting in their state. I don’t even know what happened here. I got a call to action from CAASA about a rally. That I and wasn’t able to go to because of my health. But I wrote letters. and made phone calls to the point of flaring my illness and it took me weeks to recover to my normal level of illness. But I have no idea what happened. after the rally When it went before committees, cuz it was written in a sneaky way into a piece of legislation. a permanent vaping ban Not just a flavor ban. I was pretty sure our legislature wouldn’t let it go through if they were aware it was there. Because they have never been unreasonable with us in the past. But with everything that has happened I had no clue how they would react. Does anybody know what the new laws are? I don’t know what I can and can’t do.


Are you talking about Washington State?

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Basically 21 + storws will be able to sell Flavored Eliquid…keep in mind we have always been abe to Vape and possess liquid it just wasnt available for people in the state except Menthol and Tobacco flavored

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If I’m hearing this accurately., We’re no longer allowed to DIY. And can’t have nicotine over 2% which isn’t even sold. I don’t think unless we go with zero. A 35% sales tax Upfront is being imposed on us. ? Our legislature that has always worked with us is doing this to us.? There was nothing. Bad with our industry before this ban. Nobody even got sick in this state because marijuana is legal. And people didn’t have to resort to Black Market. Sellers of THC anymore keeping. And how small does my tank have to be? This means I can’t order e-liquid. Why haven’t I gotten any more calls to action? I’m so sick. I can’t research all of this. I keep waiting for calls to action and I act when I get them until I run myself into the ground. I so appreciate what people are putting up here for information.! Please don’t misunderstand. I’m just not sure I understand what I’m reading because I Have real cognitive issues. And I’m already tired from being up coughing all Nights from smoking cigarettes again. What can somebody put What the new regulations are and what we need to be fighting. Into really simple terms. For people like me that struggle. With whatever. Problem that prohibits them from being able to read legal work anymore or ever. I used to be an editor for a state. regulatory office And I made them sound good on paper. As well as making sure what they said was legal the way they worded it. Now I can barely put a grammatically correct sentence together. And I most certainly do not understand what I’m reading. as regards legislation. I would be forever grateful. If somebody could simplify it and I’m sure there are others that would be just as grateful. Thank you for everything. And the same to everybody else. I would have highlighted parts from different conversations, but I would have highlighted parts from different conversations, and combined my questions in one post As applicable to the different contents from separate post. Oh God, I can’t even talk…
I hate trying to use text to . And I’m just not capable right now. I’m going to rest my Brain, and see if my language skills. Come back. Hopefully I’ll be able to return to the Forum. Later and be able to interact intelligently Because I really need to understand what is going on and what I need to do. At the very least it sounds like there’s some serious. advocacy needed I just don’t understand it. As it’s written. But it sounds bad. and nothing to rest on our Laurels or start celebrating about at this time. You guys are all the best. And I’m sitting here crying. From the sheer effort of forming words. And there has to be other people. That are confused as well… That would be willing to help if they understood. Hang in there everybody. Cuz we’ll keep on fighting with every last bit of our strength. And I think it’s time. I got to the doctor for some antibiotics and an inhaler. For the chronic bronchitis I know I have again because I’ve been smoking for about a week. And him coughing up that horrible infected colored stuff… I haven’t had one single incidence of recurrence of my chronic bronchitis and asthma in the past 6 years Which is when I started vaping. It took cigarettes one week. To make me sick again.

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It sounded like the legislation. Was dictating specific amounts of nicotine and the size of our tanks etcetera. Are those rules for merchants That are not 21 and Over. stores selling products?

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Honestly i would have to reread the legislation , but im sure there will be other restrictions …Obviously NO prefilled pods …ill re-read when I have time today


When I dab so Mama J’s behind my ear lobes. It smells just like my vanilla perfume. I’m curious how They’ll know the difference based on odor. I think a little clarification is in order or they’ll be arresting every person that has a fragrance to their person. Heaven forbid a man wear some Old Spice, Or receive any for Father’s Day.:wink:

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You can order cotton, coils and wire on Amazon. Pg/vg as well and some flavors. Some online shops will still send orders if no juice was selected, others wouldn’t send my order even though I had no nicotine or juice.

All the DIY online shops still sent orders to WA with no issue. BC, gremlin, river supply and chefs.


and Wizardslab https://wizardlabs.us/

if you are looking for flv, you can order thru any of the resellers… they just can not send in state… maybe yet? Not sure if that was lifted or? but can check and see.


Ban expired today, not sure if FLV is selling in state yet…they havent responded to my emails…so I have decided to buy Other flavors from other Manufacturers instead…Lmao


Went into a local Smoke Shop today to get pods for my GF and guess what I saw??? An entire wall full of flavored eliquid …It was amazing to see…I almost bought some just bc