I have changed this thread to an all inclusive watermelon thread.

Thank you!


Also, I have noticed that just a few days into steeping, my juices with no nicotine are very harsh. I have read that this can be from too much flavor. I’m using a base of 10% across the board for a singe flavor.

Is it just that 10% is too much for one flavor, even in a single flavor mix?

Thanks again

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I wasn’t a fan of Watermelon before, but I am now. I have TPA, Cap and Medicine Flower. All I can say is MF beat those 2 hands down. MF is 8-10 times more concentrated, and 7-10 times more expensive. Spot on flavor tho.


I’ve seen Medicine Flower used when someone needs kind of a special flavor no one really has down well. Jungle Flavorz is another, I got their honeydew melon because I heard good things.

I will have to put some on my order tonite, I need more syringes as the measurement marks have rubbed off of mine!

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I love 'em. I just hate I waited so long to try them. I use like 2-6 drops per 10 mils for a mixer or lead flavor on most that I own. They do require a good steep to hit the sweet spot. But I know they are real extracts and not some miss of what a flavor should be. There are mixed emotions about MF flavors, but they work well for me. I hope you enjoy.


The best watermelon flavor I have tried so far is by a company called Delosi. It was raved about so I decided to try it and I get why. I’m not a melon fan, but I love this watermelon. Their honeydew is also supposed to be good, but I haven’t tried it yet. LorAnn Watermelon works well for a candy watermelon. I haven’t tried MF flavors.


Hmmm. I was hoping someone would have said FA or INW watermelon was good. I have my first test runs in the vape drawer calling my name to try.

I’m supposed to wait 4 more days before I pull it out but I don’t think I can wait any more.

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I didn’t like watermelon anything for a long time but am having very good luck with LA Melon.


@Pro_Vapes I have yet to nail down MF watermelon and so far am hating on it…any tips or suggestive usage ratios I should be aiming for…it keeps coming off as nail polish. Mind you I am used to using sweet watermelons like Delosi and LA so I know MF is more realistic. When you get time and yes I let it steep for 3 months ! That one was at 1.5% in a 30 ml batch.

For a hint of watermelon what %

For a bold in your face watermelon what %

Thank you

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I think it being realistic is what throw most people off. I was floored when I first tasted it.

I mix it at .8-1.2% single and .3-.6 as a mixer. I steep 3-4 weeks. It taste like a slice of juicy watermelon to me. Even better with .5% Pyure.


I agree it is surprisingly realistic with rind and all. I guess I used it too high at 1.5% that was a stand alone btw… Thank you I hope to rescue this flavor it smells better in a mix but I believe I may have had it a touch higher in a few as well idk but will jot those figures down.


Yea, I cant seem to get FA watermelon down, its weird. I just ordered the INW so you will have to let me know. I got LA as well, the only one I don’t have is MF and Delosi, I really hope one of the ones I already have is it.


Apparently after a ton more reading a lot of folks like the Delosi and MF is where it’s at. But I’m gonna get working at it. I almost tested one of my wa’wa mixes and decided to hold of until the end of this coming week. But I’m vaping a variation of the cactus water recipie from here. Still gathering my thoughts since I’m only 2mls in, but it is pleasant.

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Damn! And those are the two I don’t have (yet). I am interested to see how the INWA tastes as well as LA.

Keep it coming people, spill your guts about watermelon!

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I just use Watermelon clear (TPA),

I am so new I really cannot comment in any way except to say that I have been trying for sweet watermelon recipe ever since I began to DIY which was just two months ago. My best recipe was nothing to write home about and is still sitting there waiting for me to rescue it or dump it down the drain. I’ve tried a bunch of different flavors but not all of them yet. I was going for more of a jolly rancher watermelon than a fresh watermelon, though. My theory is that as a new ex-smoker I really wanted a really strong and really sweet flavor and that is what I still desire. So, if any of you can come up with a good watermelon recipe I would certainly love it. I can give you a recipe that does not work. For me, anyway.

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Well, I just ended up going to nicotine river and getting their watermelon (Delosi). Hopefully its good! I also got lemon, mango, blueberry, cotton candy, and another I think from Delosi.

Aside from MedicineFlower, I will soon have every watermelon.

At least the ones that don’t have Acetoin…


I haven’t tried all the watermelons there are but I’m getting some really good results using:
Sweet Watermelon CAP
Red Summer (Watermelon) FA
in a 1:1 ratio. I seem to like the strength at 3%ea to 4%ea.
Add a little pyure stevia and it’s awesome!

@Exluvah, try this for a jolly rancher watermelon… (1:2 ratio, heavy CAP)

4% Sweet Watermelon CAP
2% Red Summer (Watermelon) FA
2% Pyure Stevia
1% - 2% Oba Oba FA

If that doesn’t cure a sweet tooth, I’m not sure what will… :yum:

EDIT: If you want to turn that into “watermelon bubblicious”, add 4% - 6% Cantaloupe CAP


I will have to get the red summer, that name keeps popping up.

Am I the only one that has yet to tame flavourarts watermelon?

It just straight doesn’t taste good.


It may just be one of those flavors that doesn’t agree with your taste palate.

…like me and CAP’s VC1 or VC2; The overwhelming majority of mixers here on ELR love the stuff but I can’t stand it. CAP VC tastes like the "ass"fault on pit row at a NASCAR event to me… VC2 is even worse… tastes like baby vomit…

To me, watermelon FA tastes like eating fresh watermelon in the field right after picking it. Right on the edge of being ripe (the sugars haven’t fully developed and there’s a hint of white rind). This is why it works so well with CAP’s version which is more of a candy flavor. They balance each other very well. That’s just my experience though…