We need to do something now

Please post a remark on Dr. Oz’s FB page we have got to get our side heard and understood. Please help me do something. Here’s a place to start


I just did :slight_smile: WTF!

I throw my support behind you but can’t do anything with FB - I quit that shit and will never re-activate my account. But yeah, Dr Bozo needs a spanking.


I also don’t do the Book of Face.

I hate that he has the ear of millions of sheeple.


Like original sin, except it’s original fake news. Better off getting your information from SNL’s Weekend Update.


This site is literally my only form of “social media” I do. Im fairly certain that if there is an anti-christ coming, he will announce it on facebook first along with a picture of his pork chop dinner.


Luckily Dr o. Has a fraction the viewers he had a couple of years ago. He’s desperately fighting for legitimacy and only really preaches to his own flock. His greater influence has diminished somewhat which to me is a relief.

However, if you do still Facebook then add to the voices of dissent please. For all our benefit let’s squash this pesky leech.

Posted on Dr Oz FB…

Jona Ozo There is so much ignorance re-gurgitated around e-cigarettes it makes me wonder what we have done with the great brain God gave us. I am also very disappointed that you, Dr Mehmet, are not better informed on this subject, and for one, there has not been any length of time to even know of long term effects. No one knows, but intelligent people can see the difference between vaping and smoking tobacco …and the 5000+ chemicals that are purposely added into tobacco for cigarettes. Simple, vaping nicotine and smoking tobacco are as different as a horse and buggy…and flying in a Lear jet, and I would have thought a Dr as yourself would know that. Also, ‘Big Tobacco’ is not nearly in charge [lobbying] as is ‘Big Pharma’, another point missed by the anti-vaping crowd, and worse…the reason(s) why. For people like Juner CJ and her/his son walking through vapor clouds…never let him participate in a school play with a fog machine, and for the record, NEVER let him near your kitchen when you are cooking ground hamburger…there are more poisons in the meat, that you are putting into the air around him, than anything toxic from a second-hand vape cloud. and then he eats it. [no, I’m not a vegan veggie head wacko] Maybe your name alone is perfect for this anti-vape crusade you have posted on your wall, you have a lot of followers, and have become a trusted personality by many [maybe it’s time you refer to the Bible for wisdom, specifically James 3:1]. and all these followers dance along the ‘yellow brick road’ , only to find they have been deceived by someone hiding behind a curtain. The greatest problem today is so many folks don’t want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth. As far as explosions of e-cigarettes, ALL lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if not properly handled, so can a kitchen knife, a lawnmower, even owning a horse. A car battery can explode, and has, but you never see the comparison(s) come out on the great main stream media. Look at all the interviews today on youTube of our college kids and tell me why they are so lacking in knowledge, have no idea how the American Judicial system works [or what it even consists of], then the petitions keep being thrust on everyone to sign and vote for. Ignorance can be remedied, but arrogant stupidity is a borderline mental disorder. With the technology today, at our fingertips, there is no excuse for ignorance…only pure laziness. Please read James 3: 1-12, but specifically James 3:1…do yourself a favor…and all of those around you. God bless you. Jona Ozo


outstanding my friend. Said much better than I ever could. I appreciate the time and effort you took to do this.


I am old, but not dead, Brother.
I am an American Patriot, that took an oath, and have never been relieved of it, nor will ever be.
I will die on my feet before I will ever live on my knees by being forced to by others.
I do, BTW, spend a lot of time on my knees, but out of love.
Maybe I spend more time on my ass these days instead of my knees…to be truthful,
but I think HE understands that it is harder and harder for me to get up.
The main point is to have the conversation.


That’s where I get all my news from.


And that’s why you can’t find your marbles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great job Ozo


Thank you, dear friend…always wonderful to hear from you.
God bless all that you love.

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Thanks much same back at you
I have been busy as of late lots of nature time

If you don’t spend time in the woods, by a stream or lake, or even a beach or the open water,
where it is quiet from people, and noisy with nature, you will end up dis-satisfied in life, and
most likely to start stupid arguments on social media…that you will never win.
Sitting in a Kiva on the rez, or on a rock high in the Rockies, or 50 miles out in the Gulf, etc.
has always been the most valuable time I have spent breathing.
[a few other times,like with that redhead in Mazatlan, the slightly plump sweetie in…STFU…]
Wonderful life all these years…if you focus on the positive.


All of our vacations me and the wife go admire what God has created nothing brings us back to what is important more


Maybe. All I know is I lent them to my cousin Tootles and now they’re gone.
(bonus points if you know what I’m talking about. I sure as hell don’t)


You are a good ol’ boy @ozo I’m sure it would be a hoot to hang out and hear some of your stories. I totally agree with your statement to dr oz about James 3:1 but I’m pretty sure he is a puppet so he wants to mislead the infidels anyway. Most people are just too lazy and stupid to research and learn anything for themselves now days so they follow people like him blindly and we know what happens when the blind lead the blind… something about a ditch.


At least your ‘lost marbles’ are musical…kinda like eating pinto beans, eh?
Gone, not forgotten,.and healthy.

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