Well steeped juice = coil killer?

I recently found some some juice that had been steeping for five months. I gave a try and holy !@#&! it was delicious! I vaped it on and off for a few hours and by the time evening rolled around, my new coil was shot. Anyone else have that experience with really well steeped juice, or was it just a fluke? I’d love to get to the point where I have a decent stash of very well aged juices, especially if they end up tasting as good as that one did, but if it’s gonna kill every coil in half a day I’m not sure it’s really worth itand I’ll probably stick to vaping my mixes sooner.


I would be surprised if the time had anything to do with it. Probably more that the particular flavor choices are the most responsible. JMHO. :wink:

I notice it more with sweeter or richer flavors: caramel, butterscotch, chocolates, etc.

Fruits tend to let the coil last longer IME.


I agree with @Sprkslfly I find fruit liquids aren’t as bad as custards / creams when it comes to coils clogging.

I found out the other day and should have known from my jewellery experience that if you heat the dirty coil and quench it in cold water the crud falls right off, it would work better with a little acid in but I don’t think that’s too safe lol

Edit: Type of coil is also a factor, claptons seem to hold more crud in their nooks and crannys, round wire doesn’t have any…

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That was my first thought, although I didn’t have problems with it (that I recall) when I first made it. Here’s the recipe for reference:


Mostly fruits, nothing that I’ve noticed killing a coil for me before.

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Agreed! Most likely high concentrates of maltol, frutose, or other form of sweetening. People would be a heck of a lot better off if they would get away from the idea that juices have to be sweet. Sweeteners are usually what kills coils…

Hmmm. The recipie should not have been that bad to kill a new coil. I do find forest fruit FA and honey dew tpa to be alittle thinker/sweeter than others. I would probably vote to place the blame on the coil.

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The ones that stand out for me would be the yogurt and marshmallow. But I haven’t got any experience with yogurt at all yet (in flavor testing) so I can’t comment.

But even though my usage of marshmallow is limited thus far, it is a Sweetener!

I’ll be curious to see the feedback as well. =)


I’m hoping that’s the case, just a bad coil.

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Maybe I misinterpreted the whole thing?
When I read “coil killer” I think gunked up. Not shorted or coil failure. o0

I take it you were not referring to gunk?

Sorry, I mean it got gunked up enough to get a burnt hit every time.

And I’m not sure how a “bad coil” would do that exactly, but it has to be possible…right?

Other than testing new flavoring in a tube atomizer, I haven’t vaped any of mine that weren’t almost two months old [in the last year] and I don’t have that problem with the coils.
I did when I used sucralose, which I really liked, but I use stevia and marshmallow now.

Some of the juice I vape at times are over a year old.

I rarely use Kanthal A1 anymore, normally SS or T1, but the Kanthal goes bad sooner when I do.

Your recipe looks good, I don’t see any known coil-killers…don’t know what to tell you…

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Burnt hit = wicking issues
Gunked coil = poor tasting (but different than burnt) generally related to the buildup of compounds of certain flavorings which remain on the coil.

Bad coil kind of encompasses all of the above, but I generally regard it as being defective (impedance is off, leaking through the seal at the base, etc). So it’s easy to understand and account for different impressions. :wink:

But, each type usually has certain characteristics that are associated with the particular ‘defect’.


Is it possible that the flavours have kind of caramelised, I had a mothers milk clone that went super thick and sticky and clogged the cotton and coil after half a tank

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Most flavours have a shelf life of 9-12months, what if you used a flavour that only had 4 months shelf life left?

I’m confusing myself now…

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When I looked at my coil (which was not technically brand new, but just a day old) it had visible buildup in spots. Definitely more so than normal. I also had to keep the airflow shut almost all the way to keep from getting dry/burnt hits before I decided to just chuck it. It was like something was gunking up the wick and the coil. It was weird, I’ve only ever had that kind of thing happen to very old coils. The only thing I could think of that was different than normal was that juice. Could have been pure coincidence.


Lol, sorry! Not trying to cause confusion! :wink:
So this juice was made when I had only being DIYing for maybe a month. So all the flavors were new to me at that point (how long they were on a vendor’s shelf though is anyone’s guess I suppose).

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Now some light is shed…
Seems there was a wicking problem, then no air flow to vaporize the juice very well, then the problem compounded.
That’s my diagnosis.


Thanks Dr Ozo! :grin:


I haven’t used CAP Creamy Yogurt, but TPA Greek Yogurt is rough on coils.