What are you vaping on today?

What hardware are you vaping on?

What is your next purchase?

Sigelei 150W + Lemo Drop. Can’t wait for my Goblin!


iStick 30W, Nemesis, KFL2+ and Marquis. Looking forward to get my hands on Goblin and wish to buy Variant someday…

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I’m so tempted by the goblin! I didn’t want it because of the screw fill - but I have the Lemo, and that is screw filled also - I can’t get the silicone thing to work properly…

Today I got the old nemie mod out with the dark horse on it… I’m diggin’ it LoL !!

Been trying to decide between the Sig 150w, T8, or Smy 260…
The Smy is trailing and I think its between the T8 and the Sig 150 watt hmm ???

I have the Siggy 150W - I love it! I would think twice about buying Cloupor again… I have a Cloupor DNA30 that I love - and a Mini, that I …like :laughing:

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@Daath thanks for your opinion on it !! I was looking for something or someone to push me one way of the other LoL !!
In YouTube land… You can become very confused, cause a lot of folks are reviewing products they’ve got for free and so they don’t lend the entire “story”… so to speak…

Yes, you would think that exactly because they got it for free they would be able to give an honest opinion. But it looks like they give positive reviews, so they won’t “burn any bridges”…

Anyway - The only think I can think of as a negative on the Siggy, is that the buttons rattle a tiny bit, and the fire button can rotate if you want it to - I don’t think it’s a big deal. It comes with a nice silicone sleeve - I didn’t think I would use that (I don’t use covers for my phones either - I like the way they look) - but I actually think it looks good with the sleeve on :smile:

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Yeah I was diggin’ the Sleeve because I got a tendency to drop things :open_mouth: !!
I thought I heard somewhere you can remedy the spinning Firing button (can’t remember exactly how) but I think you may have to turn the bezel until it’s tight ?? (Don’t qoute me LoL !!)
Anyway I don’t think I’d mind those small “cons”… Certainly not if it performs nicely…
Thanks again Bud !!!

It performs beautifully! I haven’t used a mech since I got it a month ago! :laughing: No more sub-ohm - I like my coils at 1-1.8 ohm - then just crank up the wattage :smiley:


Nice !! I heard they get great battery life too ??
With 150 watts I guess I would have to re-think how I build LoL !!
An inviting change indeed… :wink:

Battery life is good, especially if you vape lower wattage :slight_smile: I do that often - but with the devices I have on the siggy, I vape anywhere from 25-80W - i rarely go higher :smile: I only use purple Efests (35A/2500 mAh) or Samsung 25Rs (2500 mAh)…

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Yeah both good batteries, in fact that’s all I’m using these days too. With the sudden vanishing of the VTC I think they’re the best choices that I’ve seen so far…

So the sig. 150w really sounds like it’s “all that.” I’m certainly more interested now than ever !! I appreciate all the insight thanks a lot…

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My work setup is usually a Big Dripper / Poldiac Aname 350. Got to go kinda low profile since the employer is a hater. At home, a Billow / Poldiac Aname 650…time to relax and chuck some clouds.

Limwell variant clone/Delta ll. Just ordered the IPV V2 mini.

Vaporshark rDNA40, Magma RDA with a USA Mix/ Winston tobacco blend.

Thinking I might get one of these next, initial reviews seem pretty good.


@hotchip Oh a cheap Vaporflask? That looks interesting! :smiley:

Right now its my Copper by Scottua with The Erlkönigin om top. Fantastic mod and a pretty decent rba. Not quite its price good, but I am not selling it either :slight_smile:

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Swapping between
Rdna30 with Rose v2-s
Zips raptor 120 with Mxv2
Vamo v5 with Kanger Mini pro v3
Jester by 3rd degree with Vulcan

Got a few flavours on the go today… Apple Pie, Apple Candy, Pear, Banana

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Lemo Drop on a VaporShark DNA 30. Vaping 50/50 12mg Heisenberg from Black Sheep Vapors.