What are your experiences with coffee extracts?

I was just wondering what your experiences with coffee extracts are?

I’m going to try it soon - but I want to do with with good coffee :wink:

I stumbled over this post:

I imagine it would gunk up your coils rather quickly? Unless you do a really thorough filtering!

In my quest for a good coffee juice, I’ve done it a couple times. So far, not so great juice, but the flavoring smelled amazing. It was a little messy, but that’s probably because I didn’t have glass bottles so I had to use a cup. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first time I did it with good coffee, but I messed it up and didn’t steep it or heat it. Then, my brother accidentally dumped it all over the counter while it was filtering. That time I used a coffee filter clipped to a cup. The second time, I did it with my grocery store’s brand of caramel macchiato and it smells and tastes good. I used an aeropress to filter it and just ran it through a couple times. Seemed to do a decent job. I’ve still got it and still playing around with it. We’ll see.

I’d definitely recommend anyone who likes coffee to try it and post your results here for the rest of us. At worst, all you lose is a couple tablespoons of coffee and some PG. :slight_smile:

Off topic, but I love my AeroPresses (I have two)! :smile: Great for when I just want a cup of black coffee, and don’t want to fire up my espresso machine! :smile:

I love mine too. I bought it to replace my drip maker and was torn between it and a french press. I’m so very glad I got the aero. I kept the dripper thinking I’d get tired of the process, but six months later I still look forward to making coffee every morning and the dripper is gathering dust in a cabinet. I’d kill for a good espresso machine. Maybe someday. :slight_smile:

Careful - It’s a dangerous hobby :wink: I have a huge grinder, a huge espresso machine and even a roaster in the garage :wink:

So I have heard! Yeah, definitely not in the cards for me at the moment but something I have my eye on for the future. My sister started it. She had a professional espresso machine that was given to her when she was supposed to help start a coffee shop. The business partners flaked out, but she got to keep the machine. I used to go over there for free drinks. Then she moved across the country and took it with her. Now I’m sad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to try some tea extract, not a coffee fan at all (:

Tea is also a good idea - Let us know how it turns out! :smiley:

Yes, please! I loved green and black tea juices. Let us know! I’ve tried a couple mixes with TPA’s flavoring but they were just meh.

There was a whole thread about doing herb/spice extracts on reddit or ECF or one of those places…can’t remember. Sounded like fun, though. :smile:

In my past experiences doing coffee extracts they always tasted like grounds instead of brewed coffee. This go around I hand ground up whole beans in a mortar and pestle. Then I added twice the amount of VG as there was coffee and put in a tablespoon of water. Heated in a crockpot on low for 12 hours. Then I filtered it through a syringe that had a coffee filter and a cotton ball in it.

Success! Mixed it at 10% and it tastes like a mild, sweet cup of coffee.


Well this looks very interesting

On my third coffee extract (Finally found a blend worthy of creating this with) and the first two turned out burnt smelling. I dumped them right away and am waiting for the third to drip into the container. I don’t know what is causing them to burn, but I figured that the grounds on the inside of the glass not being submerged in PG was what was burning.

15ml PG
2.6g of ground coffee
205/ 150/ 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 min.
Strained through coffee filter

Did anyone make any headway with this?

I don’t know why I am trying as everything online tells me it is not a good idea (Lipids being unhealthy to inhale, oils, etc…) but figured I would go ahead with it if there was enough evidence to make it worth the time/ not destroy my lungs.

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Always looking for something fun to fiddle w/ and got me thinking. Reading @daath link from’15, pg seems more logical so i will try that and thks @Pentine, 2.6g sounds a wee bit more accurate then “2 scoops” :rofl:. I think ill make a tea bag of filtering that i can fully submerge in pg and perhaps leave the burnt coffee taste at 7-11. :crossed_fingers:

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Third try turned out burnt as well. IDK what I was doing wrong, but something was overheating. Went down to 150F and it was still turning out burnt, must be my method and not the temp as coffee turns out best at 195-205F, as 212 or something is boiling and just below boiling is the point where coffee flourishes. Will have to see what my next experiment turns out…