What are your unexpected (or not) flavor pairings that worked out

Don’t know if anyone has posted anything like this, or at least not in one place. I personally can barely pair walking and chewing gum, so, hehe, not the expert here. I’m wondering if you guys and gals have stumbled across flavor pairings that either predictably (or not) worked out to create a new blend, accent, shift, or flavor profile, that may or may not have been expected, maybe even totally UNexpected (those the the best).
Maybe adding Meringue to something to pull it towards something else, or adding bavarian cream to dark chocolate to pull it to milk choclate (@pro_vapes), or even a single flavor that could be unexpectedly used for something completely different like @BLAX’s use of FW Vanilla Butternut for pancakes !!! (brilliant by the way).

Mistakes, accidents, brilliance, all are welcome. :slight_smile:


One that had an unexpected result for me is Honey FA… I like adding it to some fruits to give them a cooked/glazed effect. It worked well in my Baked Apples mix and now I’m testing it with pineapples in a Upside Down Pineapple Cake recipe.

Another odd combo is a dab Coconut FA with Strawberry… It seem heighten the top note and also sweeten the sb a bit.


PERFECT examples @Pro_Vapes. I wish I knew, what you knew…


I mentioned this recently, but it looks like this is the place to say it again.

Cantaloupe and Caramel!

I threw them together just for kicks, and it is delicious!


tiramisu (coffee) and strawberry

btw, these are not my pairings, but I was amazed at how well they worked out.


(Tpa) toasted marshmallow can add some “secret” benefits as well. I like to use it to turn bright/ brighter fruits into a gelatin kind of flavor, without turning it into jam/marmalade. It can also give the “toasted/cooked” effect to fruits that are too bright/ candy for bakeries and tobacco.

Caramels at low percent can just like honey turn fruits into a more cooked version, especially stone fruits or dark berries.

Rhubarb with strawberry and raspberries can create a lot of magic, turning more candy into natural/fresh and already fresh into a brighter/lighter/juicier natural.
As well as preventing the fading if balanced correctly.

I made a strawberry woodruff tobacco a while back, that is actually pretty good, wouldn’t have thought it works. Might post it if I feel it’s good enough. No promises lol

But that leads me to woodruff, too most people it’s weird but it works amazingly with cocktails and creams. It adds that little extra that’s sometimes missing, as well as eliminates bitter/extreme sweet in certain recipes.

(FA) joy…I know people hate it but, at very low percent and I mean really low, paired with certain chocolates created a cocoa butter kind of feel, that can turn bad chocolate mixes into more realistic as well as rounding it out. Give it a shot :wink:

If acidity is needed, but citric/malic acid doesn’t work, neither sour or lime/lemon has no place in the recipe, give tomato ripe a try. no I’m not crazy lol

Banana/coconut/avocado can thicken creams and make them creamier, instead of the more popular methods, it adds a more depth and pronounced layer in certain recipes and not mashing it all just together.

I think there’s a lot we could post here.


Thank you @eStorm for a big bunch-o-good stuff, and ^^^ I agree…


Been wanting to try tomato ripe but afraid that it will taste like canned soup. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.


Yep! My first encounter with this was in the recent Vapewild “bottle order” :laughing:

One of the two strawberry flavors had used this trick. It was barely detectable, but just noticeable enough to make me go “hrmmm…” :thinking: :wink:


Yeah, Beaufort’s got one that rocks that combo! :wink:


Sorry, I forgot who made it, but that Strawberry Latte was delicious


I like this topic! Have a look here is an older topic that may (or not) help somehow.
Today I have a ‘‘weird’’ for my taste combo that I like, cappuccino, anise, cheesecake and shisha apple.
Shisha Golden Apple Inawera ~ 1%
Absinthe TPA ~ 0.5%
Caramel Cappuccino TPA ~ 0.5%
Cheesecake TPA ~ 1%


@Pro_Vapes I’m actually surprised how much I LIKED this, considering I can’t vape CAP VC ??? !!!


FLV persimmon with any stone fruit. Adds that nice "red or pink"ness that many stone fruits have closer to the pit…

Edit: works great with papaya as well

Usage 0.17-0.5% as an additive


Taro TPA at 1,25 - 1,5% and Honey FA at 0,3 - 0,5%


I stopped pretending that I can’t vape certain flavors. Just consider how many people eat raw garlic or black pepper and yet it’s daily used in food recipes where it’s a big contributing factor.
I am no fan of VCv1 either, I hate it when that fake egginess comes through. Used in the right ratios with other ingredients and after a proper steep, it can turn out to be something really good though.

SFT can sometimes really turn people off because they get that raw food or straight up herbs effect. Always stay open-minded and who knows what great recipes come out of it.


I use fa fig fresh at 0.5% for the exact same effect, it works really well with cap yellow peach


Dragon Fruit and Strawberry, if it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Makes strawberry a lot brighter.


recent accident for me, the new FA Cheesecake with FA Fuji Apple - i can’t stop mixing and vaping this.