What batteries to pick?

What do you personally think the best batteries are for the price? I’m planning on buying an RX200 and want to buy 6 batteries. I have a feeling multiple people will benefit from this thread. I am actually looking for three different things

  1. Batteries
  2. Reuleaux RX200
  3. A charger for the batteries, preferably one that can charge 3 batteries.

I have done some searching but there are so many different websites to choose from and honestly I am not even remotely smart about what companies are good and which are bad.
Thank you very much for your help in advance!
Maybe there are some Christmas sales?

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I’m a big fan of VapeNW.com and Lightning Vapes. Mods and hardware I get from VapeNW and batteries, charger, and supplies from Lightning Vapes. You may see some Christmas specials coming up, but I think you missed the big deals already from Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Lightning Vapes has a coupon for I think 17% off promo code ohmsweetohm. Not sure if when VapeNW will host christmas sales stuff. At $50 for the RX200 not sure there’s much reason to wait. What will you save $5-$10? As for batteries I went with the LG HG2s for super long battery life between charges.

Just my preferences, I’m sure others will have there’s as well.

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Cant go wrong with Samsung 18650 25r’s. Lightning vapes code ohmsweetohm will get you 17% off.

I have a couple Nitecore D4 chargers and am perfectly happy with them. I hear the Efest Luc V4 charger is quite nice too.


lol…I was actually doing some searches on here to find out the best batteries to use in my RX200.
I bought this 3 battery mod mainly for longer battery life so i’ll be curious to hear what everyones opinons are.

I ordered these MXJO batteries the other day along with a Nitecore i4 charger and they’ll be here Thursday.
Im hoping they’ll get the job done but will want to pick up a back up set of batteries soon.

MXJO 2500mah 35amp

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The MXJO will do you ok. Keep in mind they don’t manufacture batteries, they just rewrap other manufacturer batteries. When you order again get some LG, Sony, or Samsung and make the MXJOs your backup. Most of my first batteries were MXJO 3000 mAh.

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I agree with these as well. VapeNW is super fast. I get most stuff I order from them in 3 to 4 days max. I also get all my wire and wicking from Lighting Vapes and same with them on the fast shipping.

For batteries I use Samsung 25r and get them on ebay here I think they also have chargers but you would have to look. Also super fast shipping form them as well 4 days to my door from the day I ordered.

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Three very good batteries: Samsung 25R, LG HE4 and LG HG2 :smile: You’ll get the most capacity from LG HG2.


i use the lg he2 brown wrapped batteries 3000mah with 20a continuous absolute tanks of a cell and for a charger i’ve always used and recommended nitecore

^^What he said^^

Except I got the Nitecore D2 and 6 batteries, enough to run 2 mods (ipv d2 + istick 100w) with one battery for a spare and the other 2 charging.

I will be placing my order within 15 minutes, I want button top right? The LG HG2s are unavailable so I will be going with the Samsung 25rs.

What they said ^^^

I have four sets of Samsung 25rs; two ‘old’ blue sets and two ‘new’ green sets. I have a Nitecore d2 that works great for me. I got all from illumn.com. If you buy batts in pairs they send them in a free plastic case.

I will be on the look for the Nitecore d2, I would like to order all from one place to reduce the shipping charges, JoJo do you think this is a good battery?

Looks like the same one I posted. You have to watch out for fakes, but I think VapeNW is a pretty trustworthy vendor.

Not to keep harping on illumn, but they have chargers also. D2 for about $14 and the D4 for $22.

Oh really? I did not see that. I think I actually might order from Illumn.
Does the D2 charge batteries fast? Because if not I think I might get the D4 because it can charge 4 at once.

Not as fast as some of the others, I think. Mine takes about 5 hours. I only have single batt mods so I just charge when I have a pair that are dead.

I will just get the D2 considering it is cheaper and I am a cheapskate :smile:
This is my biggest purchase for a mod and my friend also wants me to get him an RX200 so I will be doing that as well!
Just time to figure out how many batteries I want.

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I would go ahead and get the D4 if you are getting the RX200 as you will need to charge 3 batteries at once

That is what I was thinking as well. It is just hard for me to drop $100. I emailed them to see if they have a coupon code. I doubt they will because the products are reasonably priced. But if there is one it will make purchasing this a lot easier in my head! :smiley:

Been there done that and normally regretted not spending the extra LOL