What Browser

OK Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gents (gents used lightly) What internet browser are we using for the best time on ELR?

Im using Chrome

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Chrome here also. Mostly because it stays synced when I’m on the PCs at school. :slight_smile:

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The Evil Chrome.

Chrome dome

I use Firefox or Chrome depending on how I feel at the time.

Slimjet is a chrome like browser for Linux (old 32 bit machine).

Normally I use Chrome. When it acts ugly I switch to Firefox.

Firefox normally

Chrome and chromium work well for me, from linux 100% of the time for that matter.

Safari for me.

I don’t usually use Chrome, But when I don’t…

I use Firefox…


My best luck has been with Alejandro.mex.margarita.com.net.au.com but it only works best in my small local area.

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Thanks to all of you for your input. I just downloaded chrome, not using it yet but thought I’d get some feedback. Now on to the hard question where can I get an inexpensive charger as a backup or to replace my efest and keep it as a backup. I’ve looked at both Illum and IMR battery sites, I’m having to be realy cheap with this presently. But if I don’t get more than two bays to charge batteries I’m gonna hurt somebody

Most interesting…
(lol, I see what you did there!)

Firefox. Yeah. Definitely Firefox.


Chrome all the way
I once tried IE…
I don’t want to talk about it

Firefox and Chrome…

Firefox because it has awesome developers tools and Chrome because its smooth asf

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I use Chrome also