What do you really hate? (II)

@paingawd, @Lostmarbles I’m behind harm reduction, as I vape, and that is by nature the same.

My ORIGINAL POST was flagged, as it offended someone, so I had to CHANGE IT.

The original post, (and MY outrage), was that free crack pipes, kits, etc., WERE being allowed, but Ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine were not, and drawing a comparison/contrast to that.

I cannot speak as to what they are including in the safe smoking kits, or how it would improve anyone’s situation.

I think my angst stems from what IS allowed, and what is surprisingly NOT allowed, especially in relation to our Government.


Well @muth seeing as though we are now breaking a 40 year historic inflation rate, being a tightwad, might NOT be such a bad idea.

Although I do concede the simplicity of directly PayPal’ing someone directly, often times, it’s just not feasible, especially when you have large/larger donations.

I was actually quite taken aback by GFM’s actions. It was bad enough that they chose to FREEZE the funds, but to then take it one step further, and being to SEIZE them, and finally attempting to use them for THEIR own purposes, was about enough for me.

Having started, donated to, and encouraged others to donate to good causes via GFM, I can assure you those days are OVER. I anxiously await the investigation now being started INTO GFM’s actions,and the subsequent lawsuits, as I feel they are completely justified.

Looks like I will either BE a tightwad as well, but more likely just use a legitimate funding organization like GiveSendGo.

Welcome to 2022 people, this is JUST how it is going, … for now.

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No worries, dman. I wasn’t picking on your post at all. Just acknowledging @paingawd’s post.


As far as the War on Drugs being lost, having family members down south near the NOT border, I would agree. I’m not so sure we should ACCEPT THAT however. With the amount of drugs increasingly pouring into our open southern border, and the numbers/facts to back that claim up, I think we DO need to do quite a few things differently.


No no @Lostmarbles, feel free to pick away, hehe, it’s ALL good here. Well, unless it gets flagged that is, hehe.

It’s all good, we’re big boys here. :slight_smile:


And SPEAKING of what we hate, I’ll dovetail BACK to the demise (IMO) of GoFundMe, specifically for the reasons/facts, I mentioned above, which ARE verified.


I have been involved in countless funders for friends, family, ELR Family like @paingawd, and much more. When I heard what they did, at first, I thought, “No, that can’t be true, they wouldn’t do that”. A quick bit of research proved, oh YES they indeed DID do that.

Not everyone (yet) knows about Give Send Go, but perhaps they should, as it was really a shame to see what GFM did, and because they HAVE helped to help so many out there, some of whom, we even know, and that will now be in jeopardy, because of THEIR actions. I personally wouldn’t trust them with a single donation at this point.

Get woke, go broke ?? We’ll see how the numbers play out. They should have just STUCK to what they were SUPPOSED to be doing. Platform, FOR donations, collect, transparency, distribute, collect their commission. That’s it.


That’s a load of BS.

Honestly, there’s a been a couple of your posts that I’ve not agreed with/gotten angry over, but I NEVER reported them. Why? Because I’m a freakin adult and can manage my emotions. I’ve responded to the ones that really bothered me. Why? Again-ADULT. If we can’t have honest and open communication about topics that trouble us without resorting to name-calling and thumb sucking/crying to mommy, then why the hell are we even trying to have a community?

As to the safe smoking kits, I did a little further reading yesterday. Part of the kit’s purpose in having a “pipe” is to deter users from resorting to IV administration of opioids. From a public health perspective, inhalation of opioids is preferred over intravenous administration as inhalation has a lower possibility of infectious disease contamination(HIV, Hep C, etc…) and a potential decrease in accidental overdose. Handing these kits out is also an opportunity to open a dialogue with the user. Even if they refuse treatment for their addiction at the time of the conversation, it could very well plant a seed of “Maybe my life doesn’t have to keep going this route.” I think it’s a good thing.

I’ve not had nearly enough coffee to tackle the safe smoking kits VS Ivermectin/HCQ. I will just say that I haven’t seen any studies or data on those meds being a viable treatment for COVID and leave it at that.

Much love my brother!


@paingawd, you may indeed be a “freakin adult and can manage your emotions”, but it appears as if you assumed I said YOU flagged my post. I did not.

Believe it or not, it happened.

@paingawd I was a little shocked by your post, and am guessing not only that you assumed I was fingering you for flagging my post (I was not), and/or that I have issue with the free crack pipes, or safe smoking kits, but I don’t.

Until this post, I had felt like we were brothers, from another mother. When you lost your house, I actually got involved, and really tried to spread the word, and help you out.

Perhaps I assumed too much. Look, I’m actually GLAD that you don’t agree with all of my posts, as the world would be a boring place if you did. Getting angry about them, well, that saddens me to hear that, as I’d rather that NOT be the case.

I think you should know me well enough by now, that if I ever had any issue with you (haven’t till this point), I would have contacted you directly.

I’m at work, and can’t hot drop all the links now, but as far as alternate medicinal approaches to COVID, there is TONS of proof out there, i.e. India, Japan, Africa, etc. Just because WE (the US) have blocked/banned/mischaracterized these as invalid, doesn’t mean the REST of the world doesn’t know, or hasn’t used them successfully.

We’ll talk more later.

I can only wish that even if you and I continue to disagree at times, neither of us gets angry.

Semper Fi @paingawd.


Japan approved it for everyone and made it easier for the people to get it from India where it’s in large supply and dirt cheap.

I’d trust their government before ours.


I guess I’ve got more things on this list than I thought, hehe.

I NOW currently hate the USPS Scam, aka “Signature Required”. Do it for the children, right ?
Well, ordered two SteamCraves from FastTech a while back, and due to the large number of incoming/outgoing shipments, somehow missed the fact that it showed “delivered” and “signed for” by ME, over a week ago. Double checked the tracking info, and no clue where it went. About a week and 3 days later, a neighbor from 3 blocks over, comes by, and hands me the package. I jokingly ask, “Hey, thanks a lot, and did you have to sign” ?? He laughs, and walks off.

Look, I all for NOT letting vaping get in the hands of kids, hell maybe even anyone under 18, but dammit “they” told us, that they had to do this FOR the children (I think). Out here, it seems like no one, is signing anything, FOR anything. And in my case, this happened, and USPS didn’t even get the right address.

So far, it’s:

My Neighbor +1

Thanks out to Steve.


I hate to say it @natbone, I’m in the same camp. I’ve researched, and seen the numbers. I’ve read the studies, and the evidence is overwhelming. Reported by the main stream (LOL) or not.



I didn’t think that you were fingering me for the flagging of the post. I’m upset that the post was flagged for offending someone. There was nothing I saw that was offensive-no pictures of someone’s poo, nor any words of hate or malice.

I have not, nor ever expect to, ever seen you be anything of the sort.

I purposefully kept my mouth shut on the GFM issue simply because of the help that I received from you, Alisa and SO many others here. I benefited(? Not quite the word I’m looking for but it will have to do for now) from the generosity of some seriously awesome people here via GFM, ergo I feel I’ve no dog in the fight. Every day I think of the kindness that was poured over me from the wonderful people here and every day I’m beyond grateful. Your support when I lost damn near everything I held dear is something that I will always cherish and will never be able to truly repay. We are brothers. I’ve gotten into some knockdown drag-outs with my brother-from-the-same-mother but would drop everything at the drop of a hat to help him if needed. The same applies to you and others here. We’ll not always see eye to eye on everything, but as you said, the world would be a damn boring place if we all did.

Long story short? I hold no ill will towards you. Any anger on my part is exactly that. Mine. It’s been a struggle of mine for most of my life and one that I continue to work through. I’ve always enjoyed our interactions and my home is always open to you.



Well, I understand that, and that is what had me so conflicted on what transpired around GFM.

I didn’t go through it, like you did, but it feels like yesterday.


I wouldn’t have it ANY other way @paingawd, thank you, and the same out to you.




The second amendment protects free speech. Outside of crying fire in crowded theater any judge would overturn any speech legislative action. At least our forefathers set up a system of checks and balances.


Police claim they needed to do that because of protesters’ “assaultive behavior;” you can see there was no such behavior. The woman who was trampled was simply calling out, “this was a peaceful protest,” before she’s knocked over.



Slivers…Hit me with a baseball bat but please dont leave no slivers


Only thing worse is metal shavings under the skin, because those bastards don’t dissolve eventually. Ever pick a barbed sliver of steel out of your flesh that’s been buried for a month? Give me a non-sedated root canal any day over that!


The trick to wood slivers is you let them get infected, grab your Olfa knife make a cut and squeeze the infection out along with the sliver… Feels good.