What do you really hate? (II)

Welcome to 2022 @Mew !!


The Joe and Jerry Show. There will never be another pair like them. What a duo!


The Dodger-Giant rivalry is an old one, going back to their days in New York. And they both moved to California about the same time, so the rivalry just changed coasts. Though I grew up in Chicago as a Cubs fan, I also favored the Dodgers because of Sandy Koufax…he was my favorite player.


A brawl? In a Golden Corral?

In other news, water is wet. Details at 11…


Even that is highly debatable… according to these football players and others online. To even argue the point shows how we as a society have definitely devolved. And yes, I hate it. Food fights and all.


On-scene reports state there were walkers, canes, and chicken wings flying everywhere!! :rofl:


The fact that GoFundMe had the BALLS to try and TAKE the millions of dollars of donations, and use it for their OWN purposes. Great news is, the word is OUT, and now, people should use CAUTION when using them. I won’t be, anymore.

The only reason they reversed their decision was due to MASSIVE outrage, and CC chargebacks, and possible class action lawsuits.

Use GFM at your own risk.

If you DO want to support the Canadian Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, you can be assured, GiveSendGo, WILL get your donations to them.



I hate, that this is really real…


Considering that the Canadian Court recently filed an injunction against horn honking in the area of Ottawa where the trucks are parked, I’m not surprised that he was arrested. Residents of the area petitioned the courts for the injunction, after days of incessant horn blaring with no relief from LEO’s or the gov’t.

As to the whole “free crack pipes”- It’s a small provision for safe smoking kits within a larger Harm Reduction grant. Those safe smoking kits typically have mouthpieces for the crack pipes or rubber bands to wrap around the stem so that users don’t burn their fingers while getting high. Injuries sustained while being a drug addict typically go from minor wounds to major infections, because…well…drug addicts. Being a vaper, you should be intimately aware of harm reduction and one would think a supporter of policies that promote it. The War on Drugs is over-Drugs won. It behooves us as a society to change our collective tack on treating drug use/abuse as a legal issue and start recognizing it as a symptom of a larger defect within our society. Other countries have been switching from incarceration of drug offences to a model that provides treatment and counselling for addicts. They’re seeing a decrease in recidivism of users, which hasn’t been the case for those incarcerated for drug offenses. Maybe it’s high time(sorry but pun was intended) we look into these models here in the US, because more prisons hasn’t solved a gawddamn thing.


Well said @paingawd. On the surface it’s easy to become outraged at some of the headlines we read, but doing a little research will usually tell a further story. I work with a lot of addicts and can tell you that harm reduction does work, but it takes time and a lot of work. It certainly has a lower rate of recidivism than trying to stop cold turkey. Not to mention the lessening of medical care costs to the average tax payer. It may be years or decades before we can see a change that Joe Public will notice, but it beats an increase in prison populations, increase in medical costs and an increase of SSI/DI being doled out due to drug related disabilities. You’re correct that the war on drugs has been lost, but we can make some headway if we try a different approach.


God forbid, don’t ask them what dry ice is?


This is why I always prefered to paypal directly to the person(s) in need. Why give a pct to GFM or any other organization? I’m a tightwad :rofl:


Precisely. Twenty years ago I saw Jello Biafra(Lead singer of the Dead Kennedys) speak. At that point, if an addict in San Francisco/Bay area hit rock bottom and decided that they ABSOLUTELY needed rehab, the wait list was an eight week minimum.

Rock F-ing bottom and you’re told to check back in 8 weeks??!?!?!
There’s a BIG problem with that and we can do better than just toss people into jail where the drug problem is manifold-times worse than on the street.


I had a client that was trying very hard to get into a rehab. When they finally called they wouldn’t take him because he hadn’t used 24hrs prior to being admitted. Freakin’ backwards, man.


@paingawd, @Lostmarbles I’m behind harm reduction, as I vape, and that is by nature the same.

My ORIGINAL POST was flagged, as it offended someone, so I had to CHANGE IT.

The original post, (and MY outrage), was that free crack pipes, kits, etc., WERE being allowed, but Ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine were not, and drawing a comparison/contrast to that.

I cannot speak as to what they are including in the safe smoking kits, or how it would improve anyone’s situation.

I think my angst stems from what IS allowed, and what is surprisingly NOT allowed, especially in relation to our Government.


Well @muth seeing as though we are now breaking a 40 year historic inflation rate, being a tightwad, might NOT be such a bad idea.

Although I do concede the simplicity of directly PayPal’ing someone directly, often times, it’s just not feasible, especially when you have large/larger donations.

I was actually quite taken aback by GFM’s actions. It was bad enough that they chose to FREEZE the funds, but to then take it one step further, and being to SEIZE them, and finally attempting to use them for THEIR own purposes, was about enough for me.

Having started, donated to, and encouraged others to donate to good causes via GFM, I can assure you those days are OVER. I anxiously await the investigation now being started INTO GFM’s actions,and the subsequent lawsuits, as I feel they are completely justified.

Looks like I will either BE a tightwad as well, but more likely just use a legitimate funding organization like GiveSendGo.

Welcome to 2022 people, this is JUST how it is going, … for now.

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No worries, dman. I wasn’t picking on your post at all. Just acknowledging @paingawd’s post.


As far as the War on Drugs being lost, having family members down south near the NOT border, I would agree. I’m not so sure we should ACCEPT THAT however. With the amount of drugs increasingly pouring into our open southern border, and the numbers/facts to back that claim up, I think we DO need to do quite a few things differently.


No no @Lostmarbles, feel free to pick away, hehe, it’s ALL good here. Well, unless it gets flagged that is, hehe.

It’s all good, we’re big boys here. :slight_smile:


And SPEAKING of what we hate, I’ll dovetail BACK to the demise (IMO) of GoFundMe, specifically for the reasons/facts, I mentioned above, which ARE verified.


I have been involved in countless funders for friends, family, ELR Family like @paingawd, and much more. When I heard what they did, at first, I thought, “No, that can’t be true, they wouldn’t do that”. A quick bit of research proved, oh YES they indeed DID do that.

Not everyone (yet) knows about Give Send Go, but perhaps they should, as it was really a shame to see what GFM did, and because they HAVE helped to help so many out there, some of whom, we even know, and that will now be in jeopardy, because of THEIR actions. I personally wouldn’t trust them with a single donation at this point.

Get woke, go broke ?? We’ll see how the numbers play out. They should have just STUCK to what they were SUPPOSED to be doing. Platform, FOR donations, collect, transparency, distribute, collect their commission. That’s it.