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What do you really hate?

I think I would be packing my Vape stuff before I would pack my clothes on a trip, I might not have clean under-ware but I was good with coil, juice,and batteries, :cowboy_hat_face:, you can find cleaners in most towns easier than vape shops, But did I mention I dislike most vape shops anyway, When I travel my Vape bag is usually bigger than my luggage, But I always think Traveling light is the only way to fly, I learned that from J.J. Cale via Widespread Panic. lol


That Bust a Nut is good stuff, I mix it in Liters, and go though a Gallon or two a year between me and Family.


Voted worst company in America many years in a row

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Y’all are awesome. Had two others pm me to offer help. Wasn’t expecting that at all.
We will be home in the morning, but if this ever were to happen again, I would definitely reach out earlier to our wonderful ELR Community!


I agree. Single flavor testing yields little, but some results imo. I had a recipe that when I added Toffee, I could then taste banana. No way to test that individually. You taste one cream or vanilla alone, I feel you’ve tasted them all. But how to decide what to test what with? Last experiment, I threw saffron in with blood orange and blew my socks off, would have never thought. Super tasty.

I don’t think there will ever be an actual academic book on the subject, just subjective experiences.


Ah, You are talking about flavor pairing. There are plenty posts about t it in this forum. This is one of them Flavor Pairing
Have fun!

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I really hate my slow internet and f***in post services in my contry


Don’t feel bad @JackSun I’m in the US, and have Verizon FIOS, “The fastest Internet on the Internet”, blah, blah, blah. Constantly have to reboot the modem, POS, PITA, bleh …


Waiting for the postman on vape mail day…oh hang on that’s everyday atm. :rofl:


I really hate people your trying to help that don’t appreciate the help they are receiving…

Helping a guy remodel his house…

$250 to paint 300 sq ft master bathroom.
$300 to somwhat level out the floor the homeowner messed up and install laminate flooring

Supposed to put laminate flooring in living room for $300 also 300 sq ft

Okay here’s were the help comes in
Laminate kitchen floor for free
Tear out and install new cabinets , countertop , sink, run new water and sewage to sinks new location .
Installed ice maker box in wall for fridge

Figure since I’m doing all this flooring and painting I’d do All that for $40… to help them out. Also spent around $200 buying tools and hardware to install cabinets and pex fitting to repipe water to sink.

Then this morning their sewer is backed up. Kinda expected that after he loosened up the sludge in the bottom of the cast iron pipe after i told him not to… but told him $200 to run the sewer machine thru his drain… but price will go up if we need to repipe the entire sewage for the house…

He calls and talks to my wife like she’s trash, saying he has a plumber that will do everything for $200. Well I not so politely told him to use his other plumber…

Him and his wife have been calling all day trying to get me to come over tonight… guess his plumber friend was a figment of his imagination…

They called this evening begging my wife to get me to come over tomorrow.

Am I evil for taking pleasure in knowing my plumbing works when flushing my toilet, washing my hands in my sink or take a nice hot shower.

Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow evening they will feel like paying a reasonable fee to unstopp every sewer line in the house

2 toilets
2 showers
2 bathroom sinks
Washer machine
Kitchen sink

The abandoned 2inch cast iron line for the old kitchen sink…


Some Folks never learned proper business negotiating skills …looks like school is in session! Could be worse… this guy is also likely someone’s Boss …you know where he treats people like this for a living? Maybe Karma is just getting a bit literal this go 'round (sewer)?


If your rude you wait. :+1:

That has always been my motto, I used to have an idiot fee when I did work for myself… 10% surcharge. :wink:


Verizon is a piece of sh*** I know))))))

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I left my mod/tank In the car, and it got rather warm today.80 degrees and my ejuice seeped through the afc, I mean the whole tank did.

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I hate when it’s time for the Coachella Festival! People drive like maniacs, tie up traffic and the lines at the store are insane.



I really hate spiders they are literally a pain in the butt…

job I recently did had lots of spiders in the crawl space. Needless to say I have. A spider bite were the sun never shines…


That happened to me a few years ago while crawling under my house trying to locate a leaking drain pipe. I spray twice a year now cuz I don’t want to go through that itchiness again. Luckily they weren’t Black Widows (or maybe they were, I don’t know).

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Started draining yesterday at work so it’s getting better. But now my fruit of. The looms are sticking the my behind… which is another pain in the butt.

I hate spiders


All this darn snow we’ve gotten since Saturday, and its been snowing since late Fri nite!! And we’re supposed to get 10 more inches tonight! We already got 18ish. This our garage doorway!!


is the door made of snow, or is the snow made of door?