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What do you really hate?


Hang in there! Make sure to send us a pic when its done :+1:

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Why does this pic leave an old Randy Newman song buzzing through my head!

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I know this the hate page, but the Irish in me says I love that people even share their mistakes on here.
The nic salts I ordered are getting close, and I ordered glass bottles to break it down. Your sharing will prevent others from making the same mistake. :tada::tada::tada:
Sorry that you lost all that nic though, I do hate that. :rage:
PS I’m not really Irish.


@tartarusspawn At least you will have something to SHOW for it !!!

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I hope so @marsh855. Guess I was more tired than I realized. Broken down liters upon liters, always into glass, never had an issue. Best guess was that the bulk container was indeed freezer chilled and put it into all the smaller bottles chilled without letting it warm up, and capped tightly, no air gap, and they expanded JUST enough as they did warm, causing the issue.


@Sprkslfly Scrubbed the hell out of everything in the vicinity.


Yum!!! Smurf balls saute’d in olive oil with a dab of honey mustard on wheat thin crackers!!! Now I’m hungry.


Taste anything like mountain oysters?:rofl:


With a hint of mint.


Refreshing! Cleans the palette and the breath at the same time lol


I really hate doing what I do. But damn things look so nice when I’m thru…

Bills get most of it but I do get to show off the work. Before and after


Damn that indeed looks nice !
Realy like the wall cover :star_struck:


I really hate

Batteries died today in my mod… backup batteries that I thought were charged, were not charged and had to work today… call local vape shop asking if they had charged batteries. They lied to my wife. Told hers yes. So off to the vape shop we went before going to Home Depot.

She ran in bought batteries. Put them in mod and found out the vape shop lied to her. Promptly went in and said I want my cash back. After getting cash back went to Home Depot then stopped by store on the way back to the job. And gave unglued big tobacco $$$… glad I’m home now vaping in emergency charge mode

2 batteries In charger, 2 batteries in xcube 2… switching until both have fully charged batteries , then putting 4 batteries in charger…

Now how they hell do I get this good aweful cig tasteful of my mouth.

I hate today.

Edit: need to get a 4 port charger for truck


Gees that sucks! That’s one of the reasons I keep a Cuboid Mini or a Joyetech Penguin charged at all times in the glove compartment. Those little buggers hold a charge forever and have come through a number of times.


I hate BULLSHIT being reported as news.

Mom got all concerned about some Beef recall she heard on the local news at noon, and asked me about it. I had to look it up, since she couldn’t say who it involved, or where… /sigh
But I’m glad I did…


Edit: seems the above link wants to be contrary.
Hopefully this one works!

So they’re going to have to shit-can over 7000 pounds of product. For no good reason.

It’s a shame that someone decided to force a recall, when there’s been NO credible threat. It damned sure shouldn’t be news IMO. At the very least, the agent who failed to show up and do their job should be the focus. And then in addition, the FSIS agency is at fault for not making sure another inspector was there. They shouldn’t fault/financially punish the business like this, causing the public (and folks like her) a scare about some unsubstantiated risk.

This REEKS of strong-arm tactics on several fronts. I can’t believe KMOV ran this crap.


Plant operating without inspection , deserves the forced recall and the hefty fine they most likely recieved. They know better.

really would hate to see what could possible go wrong . Luckily nothing so far has gone wrong.

I used to work for a plant up in Ohio . When the inspection personnel wasn’t there we got the day off. Since the hourly tests for bacteria wouldn’t be done by the approved inspection personnel… not to mention the quality control tests they did…

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@tartarusspawn I feel your pain,

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Well that’s pleasantly surprising…
I figured they basically just rubber stamped everything (like most government agencies tend to do). EG: the FCC, the FDA, the copyright office, immigration… :wink:

Seriously though, you figure if they ordinarily turn out products the rest of the time, without issue, then a one time slip (that was NOT their fault), wouldn’t be that huge a risk.

I respect your view though, and appreciate your input! You obviously have experience in this where I don’t!

It just sounds like they’re making a much more serious (and costly) issue of this, than is necessary (again, outside looking in).

Hopefully with pay (since it wasn’t the worker’s fault).

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Naw recall and fine not to serious… is more like a warning

Recall, fine and plant shut down until god knows when would be real serious.

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Lesson learned , it won’t happen again

Took my x-cube 2 out of retirement and bought 4 brand new batteries for it this morning