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What do you really hate?


Oh no that’s a big bummer! Hopefully it got turned in, if you did leave it there! One time I thought I lost my set up at the park and even went back a cpl times to look and didnt find it :((. I was sad I couldn’t find it!! About 3-4 months later I needed something out of my china cabinet and I open the door, and there it was!!! Lol It was so awesome to finally find it!! I swear I looked every where!! But not that spot…
Ps how did u like squonking? I hope u find it :blush:


I havent tried squonking yet just used the battery for my Griffin 25. Im not that great at building coils. I was waiting for my coils to arrive in the mail. I have some of Kens nana custard just waiting to be loaded up, so i hope i find it. Ill check my china cabinent too :smile: . One time i found my mod in the trunk of my car. I dont know if im getting old or im just stressed the F"uck out. Either way it sucks…Ive been trying so hard not to spend any more money for atleast six months BUT if i dont find it ???


Nice impression.


It’s just a first impression.

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Probably stressed th f**k out! I lost mine like that when I was finishing my degree!! That nursing cont. Edu is stressful to put it mildly!!! Oh I hope u find it!! Look in the least expected areas.


Lol ikr!! Its still there to, holding up pretty good! There like a 5-6 foot drift right behind it ugggh! I was thinking about planting my garden and now this!! 30ish inches of snow mid April is just crazy insane!


We are getting snow in the Sierras out here in California, just rain in the Bay Area. But we need it.


All this getting up early talk further up reminded me that i used to work 3 shift rotation and early shift was hell on earth. Getting up in the middle of the night, being tired all day and the only way to get some value out of the day was to have a quick nap after work. Unfortunately that nap sometimes made it impossible to sleep on time not to be tired the next morning. Vicious circle.
Now that’s all a long time ago and now I’m experiencing different problems. During the week when I have to work my head usually starts working late in the evenings so I go to bed rather late. That’s not so bad because I don’t have to get up so early anymore. However, as soon as the weekend starts and I could stay up without a worry about the next day I fall asleep at 10pm or something. Even if i manage to stay up longer this time lost.
There’s a positive side of course, I wake up at the same time every day and I can actually use Saturday and Sunday mornings which was impossible up to my mid to late 30s.


A tale of woe

So I needed 20 ml of cap cake batter for a large mix (1 lt) and i knew I only had 5ml left so i mixed it anyway and ordered a 100ml (it is hard to get in au) from a UK seller. I patiently waited the 10 days for it to hit my hot little hand.

True to form 10 days later the package arrived and much to my dismay they had forgotten the cake batter (not too worried they have a great rep so I am sure they will make it right). I went to the only seller in AU that currently has it in stock to grab a 30ml to tide me over, even though i knew it would cost me about the same as 100ml from the UK (ok well not quite but close). I grabbed that and well TBH who can stop at one flavour from an online store so I added a couple of extras and pulled the trigger.

Spidey sense was tingling so I checked the bottom drawer of the fridge because I have always ordered Cap Cake Batter in multiples when it became available. Low and behold there it was a 30ml of Cap cake batter sitting in the bottom drawer shaking its insolent ass at me laughing.

Moral of the story double check what you have before spending up .

Doh I hate that but hey I got to finish the mix so I guess there is an upside.


That’s something I need to start doing ordering double… out of strawberry((LB) until put together a $50 order to order from them…

Not hard but need to organize stuff before I order again. Flavors are so disorganized.

After this flooring job I’ll be able to build a few @woftam shelves for the cabinet


Thanks @Jazzy_girl, in time indeed I hope to make some friends here and though I only mix for myself, I wouldn’t mind to become a good mixer :slight_smile:


What flavor profile interests you? I started with breakfast vapes.


Mostly fruits and desserts, at first I trew some things together and prayed for a good outcome…
Since I came on the forum and got some great advice, I’m now in the proces of SFT’s and have a feeling I already learned something.


Awesome! It takes a little time but its so rewarding to mix something that is delicious! It may seem overwhelming at first but the more you read and learn; the easier it will get! YouTube videos help too! I mixed other ppls recipes alot at first until I was actually able to make my own that tasted good. Dont be afraid to ask questions here too! Theres some really great mixers here and they love to help out!!
Have u bought any flavors yet?


Yes I have, my flafor stash is set to public if you want to take a peek :wink:
In the future for sure I’ll buy more, but for now my finances dictate to be patient :cry:


Back to the topic.
What I really hate:
People that comment on topics they know nothing about! :rofl:


I dislike that when a topic should be dead for the good of all it continues on and dislike having to post a comment about comments.


My mode is M.I.A.

I really can’t prove it 100%. But I think the neighbors son stole my mod…

Got ready for work this morning . Put mod in box with juice I wanted to drip today…

Went to replace some sewage pipes this morning… took neighbors son with me… vaping on my other mod…

Kid asks me what batteries I have to buy for the mods… later mod I’m vaping batteries die I reach for the dripper, since back up batteries were left home… and it was not there

Don’t think I’ll be working him anymore… and if he happens to start vaping a mod with a steam crave or an x-cube… I will know since steam crave are not sold locally anywhere… and if it’s a cube I’ll have to check the battery door. Magnet came out and I put them in backwards… has to take a hacksaw to get them back out…

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Does he smoke?

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Yea he smokes cigars, he’s been wanting to buy one of my vapes… but his daddy don’t want him smoking or vaping…

Edit neighbors boy is 21

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