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What do you really hate?


It is really hard to put a positive spin on your mod getting stolen. Maybe he quits the cigars. He has to pay for premium priced junk juice. I agree, I wouldn’t let him work with you anymore. Sorry man.


Yea it’s really hardto put a positive spin, I’d like to believe he didn’t but is the only thing that makes sense…

But unless it turns up misplaced in the house, I can’t take the chance of taking him to a customers house…


His lose thou , i got 2,000 sq ft of flooring to lay next week was going to use him. I’ll just use my wife and 2yr old instead…


I hope it does just turn up in your house but if not then just poo poo on him. Sorry for your loss. Never easy to loose a steam crave. If you lost a v1 I can send you one new in the box if needed.


Almost looks like a Plus in RTDA fashion or with the 5ml shorty set up. But I’ve never had a v1 so I could be totally wrong.


Close but it was in dripper setup no tank…


Thx for offer Chris, but I’ll just order a couple more next week after flooring is done… it’s going to be a interesting month for vape mail… thinking of ordering directly from (tpa). Their very large sample bundle has been calling my name for awhile… but bills gotta come first…

Then a couple of mods and a few more steam crave tanks.

Edit: wife has said once bills are paid a can order the (tpa) sample pack



I’ve been meaning to do that. Right now I’ve got it set up for 20ml.

I always like the 5ml set up for greater flavor but constant refills was a trade off.

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When a recipe is discussed, and you’ve been mixing it for years, and it was widely acclaimed by the community as verified. And some nobody swoops in and says,

“yeah, I don’t know this recipe, and I haven’t tried the juice but i’m sure its wrong. This is why it’s wrong…”


@DarkJester89 Gotta love free speech ehhh ??


its not what was said, but the manner in which it was said. but eh, I have that “respect your elders, and respect elders in the fields of your craft” kind of thing, and eh… low tolerance for disrespect lmao

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Well… No more Bingo with Momma. Dangit.

The city just implemented new laws against smoking AND vaping indoors, anywhere. Our favorite Bingo place just lost 3/4ths of their clientele I learned this past weekend.

So, I will have to find another recreation or another Bingo place out of town. :frowning:


Doesn’t everyone ?

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no place to vape outside? bingo isn’t fun without smoking though.

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Well, yeah. But, I quit SMOKING after 40 years of being a leper of society.
I refuse to stand outside and vape with the smokers.
No thanks.
I’ll just spend my $$$'s elsewhere. :slight_smile:




I hate forgetting my mod at work and having to drive all the way back to get it.
My gramps always said: “Never trust anyone with your woman or your car”.
I’m imposing a generational addendum: “or your vape mod.”


He is innocent until proven guilty.


I hate when the top of the flavor bottle shoots off into the liquid bottle and flavor spews all over the top of the scale. Then after cleanup you don’t have enough of that flavor to finish mixing.