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What do you really hate?


I’ve never had my gear pinched before but my boss likes to hide my kit and watch me panic. I don’t like his sense of humour much. He’s pretty straight and doesn’t understand the severity of nicotine addictions. Sorry to hear about your mod.

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That’s how you do it @Alisa


I really hate it when I decide to order some flavors from a company I’ve never used before and it takes me 90 minutes to order 16 bottles.

All because their website takes an eternity for pages to reload images. Has never happened anywhere else so I know it’s not me. Scrolling down and waiting was a nightmare! Didn’t really expect that from NR. Oh well, their range and pricing is good so can’t really complain all that much. I’ll continue ordering from them but thankful I can “multi-source” my flaves.


I hate it when you go sniff a juice you just mixed, and the little drop in the drip tip splashes in your eye/face/mouth/nose/forehead… or is that just me?


No, you’re not alone in that one my friend. Been there, done that :grinning:

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Got my mod back @Jazzy_girl . One of my professors had it. Now i can finally squonk…


Oh that’s awesome!!! What a relief! Let me know how u like squonking. I have a squonk rda but no mod yet


paper towels are your friend. just rest the dropper before you inhale. :grin:

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I made an Easter picture and entered it into a contest, I really didn’t think it was that great but It won. I won a squonk RDA, no standard pin or even drip tip came with it. So its all ready, put a drip tip on, coiled it up. and it sits waiting for me to get a squonk MOD… Hate that


There’s always horseshoes, or washers! :wink:
(my Southern roots may be showing…)
Though of course, those usually require an “out of the way” small-town bar… g


I really hate being scheduled 1:45 to 10:30 PM as a Kitchen Designer at Lowe’s just for coverage.


That sucks, but someone has to do the job…

Personally I hate going to local Lowe’s or Home Depot and asking for help…

Other day was at Lowe’s in Macon… asked rep what isle is nuts and bolts on, was needing a lag bolt.

Response I got was they don’t have an isle, they are over in tool world on end caps…

Walked away Wondering what’s actually require to work at Home Depot and Lowe’s,

walked around till I found the hardcware section…


Lol. End cap. There is a whole isle dedicated to that stuff. I learned a lot working at the homedepot. I was one of the folks that would stock that isle, make keys, rekey alock, and sell tools. But I’ll admit, I didn’t know that much but at least I could find stuff and provide basic help.


Found a bottle of a caramel, banana, butterscotch juice I made six months ago. Tried it at the 1 and 2 month marks. Wasn’t where I wanted it so I deleted the recipe and moved onto something else. 4 months later I come across it at the back of all my bottles and it’s pretty damn good. Why did deleted the recipe!?!?


I hate the fact, that a select few of you managed to turn the screws, and talk me into trying out the Kensei, along with a special someone ELSE, who forced me into buying another Paranormal, and a 250C at that, but I can’t believe we haven’t invented TELEPORTATION tech yet, so I don’t have to wait.

That is all…


You need to talk with BJ and come up with some new stuff!

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or golf, from your roof into the random neighbors house, they wont see it coming, and especially wont see where it came from


What do I really hate?

So many things… so little time.





I hate not being able to see a posted pic…


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