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What do you really hate?


No-I keep my mixing area with as little moving air as possible, because I’d noticed that even my exhale could throw the scale into a tizzy. I also ensured that it was on a flat and level surface with no accidental table bumps. The thing just scrolls between -0.85 g up to +49.85 g, with no discernible pattern. One minute it’s zero’d out, then it dips underweight, zeros out again, then proceeds to randomly fluctuate throughout the above weight range.

I’m ordering a new scale from Amazon-Once it gets here I’ll tear into the offender and see if there’s anything to be done. It’s not like I’m going to break it worse! :crazy_face:


I putting that on a T-Shirt!


Does not look good. 0.001x50g as well as 0.01 X 500g to be had for around 10usd on usual suspects Amazon/eBay or according to a member here a while back, your local sex shop ( if it is the same as his )


I go by the Make(magazine) motto: If you can’t open it, you don’t own it. I’ve rescued tablets, digital thermometers, appliances, and a bunch of assorted electronic gizmos just by cracking the case and trying to find where things went sideways. Nine times out of ten, it’s either a corroded/poor solder joint that came undone or just a simple battery swap. I hate the whole disposable society that we’ve got going on, but it’s what drives capitalism. Can’t make money if no one buys your products every other year, so why not build in some planned obsolescence, right?


I’ll take three, please! :rofl::rofl::+1:


I’m right there with ya. Love taking things apart and rebuilding/reusing them. The problem is I can’t keep up and the crap begins to collect…


Just meet in the middle :smiley:


Roger that! Too much stuff to do, not enough hours or energy to get them all done. At least it keeps me out of trouble! Mostly, anyways…


That’s a bigger commitment than I’m willing to make :rofl:


You guys (in the US) remember a story a while back wherein a NJ girl ran out of gas, and a homeless guy gave her his last $20.00 for gas ?? She and her boyfriend felt so moved, they started up a GoFundMe page to raise money for him ??

Fast forward …




I know that story. I’m sure there’s probably more than the public knows, but on its’ face it looks like the old saying “No good deed goes unpunished” rings true again. Homeless guy gives a non-struggling lady his last $20 when she runs out of gas, and she makes $400k off the deal. And he stays homeless and has not a lot to show for it.

Bad enough she uses him to line her coffers, but worse to take that money from thousands of well-intentioned folks who expected the money to benefit the HOMELESS GUY GOOD SAMARITAN, not her.


May the fleas of a thousand leprous camels infest their nether regions!


When one of my band mates looses his mind and starts all kinds of last minute requests. Guests at the party wanting to sing special songs. People want special music for games. No breaks between songs ( a segue between each one) and dress up like a friggin Penguin. Really? With one rehearsal left? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.


Can you play the chicken dance and play red light green light. Lol.


Sounds like someone is a little hangry-A refreshing snack, perhaps? I’ve heard that musicians make for some fine dining. Something to do with chops, if memory serves…


That will probably be the next request.


It’s tempting. It truly is.


Being sick and that screwed up my sleep pattern. Mixed 8 bottles of juice, which is fine but then I had the glorious idea of ordering a couple rtas to see if I can find anything better or equal to my kylin mini’s lol. I better not find more flavors i could buy :cold_sweat: