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What do you really hate?


I’ts very hard to find something better than the Kylin mini. I tried and failed (for now)


Oh I know but I got them as they were brand new… So I’m a little tired of looking at them, but I wanted to see what else is out there. At least at the end I can say that I tried lol


The new Footoon Aqua Master looks promising. I’m getting one as soon as it gets released in the end of October


Drip tip design, how can anyone imagine a o-ring and e-juice holding anything in place securely. Besides constantly knocking them off and loosing them, just burned the end of my tongue because I was not paying attention and the drip tip was missing, fired up the Recurve and my habit of tonging the sweet juice on the tip just got cured. grrrrrrrrrrr, I hope this is not a warning for this weeks Holy Days.


So many directions to go wit that but all wouldprobably get flagged by the community :rofl:

The second worst part, other than burning your tongue, is when you knock one off in the car and it rolls under your seat.


That is exactly when and how it happened


I can’t tell you how many feet of dental floss I’ve had to wrap in o-ring channels on drip tips for that very reason. I finally decided to shave an 810 resin tip down so that it would just press-fit into my Billow V2(EHPro used an off size for their drip tip on that design. Too big for a 510 and too small for an 810. WTF?) It worked great until I invariably dropped my mod and snapped the damn tip. Tried to reorder the same tip from fasttech and it was discontinued. grumblegrumblegrumble… :rage:


You can order one direct from Footoon now. I remember that it took a long time for the Reboot to hit the stores too. I got one from Footoon long before the stores ever had them. The Reboot got to me in 9 days from S. Korea to the US. I ordered the Master a few days ago, the order was processed in 12 hours and in the mail. Should have it within a week.


That our newspaper posted this in today’s paper.


I suppose it depends wtf they mean by it. If to discourage giving a device to a baby then it’s good advice…


I’ve heard of that artist. I believe his name is Philip Morris.


For my part, I hate FlavourArt Joy! I kind of like the cake-y taste but hate the overall flavor. It reminds me of an occasion when I drank from a day-old opened can of Old Milwaukee! :nauseated_face: Nasty!




I really hate accidentally jabbing myself with wire smaller than 24g when making new coils! Even worse when it jabs you under the nail!!!


Everytime I make coils the first thing I do is jab myself with a piece of wire. This sets the tone for coil building and I like to get the jab out of the way early.


I really hate it when i’m fiddling with a coil using the ceramic tweezers and the tip of the tweezers breaks of and flies away in an unknown direction …




I LOVE a freshly coiled and wicked RDA when you test fire it and all the vapor shoots up into the air…
I HATE when I go to take that first puff and realized too late that I forgot to put the top cap on.