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What do you really love? (I)

For balance.

Go nuts, though I’m bettin this thread’ll be less frequented than its counter :thinking:

I really love, new merino thermals: they’re softer than cotton, breathe and wick moisture every bit as well and don’t hold smell like cotton does so they’re far superior to any other material for physical work.

Hate moth holes though, and have to figure a way to stop the little fuckers getting into my clothes, even though I only see the odd tiny moth here and there they’re sneaky and they must die.

I also love vape-mail, but not so much getting it: I love knowing there’s packages on the way to me: once collected, it’s usually an anti-climax, so I would rather the waiting than getting.


What do I really Love…?

Myself. My Family and my friends.

I love ELR and I love that vaping has helped millions of smokers and will continue to do so.


Well, I have never heard of merino thermals, so I went and did a search. I found some on clearance and a pair of men’s briefs is $30.00 WOW, and these were on sale. I don’t think I have ever spent 30 bucks on underwear and that is a total of all the underwear I have ever purchased!! (BTW I stopped wearing them years ago) :rofl: :rofl:
Now I am intrigued so I will have to buy something made of merino wool or whatever it’s called.


They’re awesome.

Shirts, socks, boxers, leggings: I’ve been decked out in ultrafine merino since I discovered how excellent a material it is.

Depends how cold the climate gets in winter but they’re also good in summer despite the general association between ‘wool and cold’

Gotta be ultra-fine merino though.


I’ll have to buy something made with it. Like socks. I love soft, white, socks.
oohh, I bet bed sheets would be awesome!


You could buy another house cheaper :slight_smile:


This thread.

Hi folks. Haven’t been around much cuz, well, LIFE! I have a completely different lifestyle now. Here are some pics of how Sean, the ‘kids’ and I live now…

So far, we have stayed in Texas. Lots to see here still, but we will be traveling to Grand Junction, Co in May to see my son and daughter-n-law, then we have a summer security job to do on Wolford mountain. After that, we will be traveling to North Dakota for the beet harvest, then down to Mississippi to do some work for Amazon. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee… :slight_smile:

DeCordova Bend Park boondocking

Magnolia Beach

Apache Pass

I love my life.


What do I really love? Well, the list is a bit long but I can narrow it some.
Being a guitar player for 20+ years I am constantly floored when listening to the genius of David Gilmour as he plays. Truly a gifted musician!

Harleys. I love riding and to me there is just no other bike that measures up. You will never see a Harley parked outside a therapist’s office! :sunglasses:


These past few years have put me into a very deep and very negative frame of mind. It’s time to regain my balance. Don’t know what or how yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I love an adventure and an adventure within your own mind is still an adventure.


WOW @Alisa talk about the lifestyle of the rich and famous !!! Glad to hear you’re still in the Great State of Texas !!! Traveling, visiting, looks VERY promising. Is your husband still driving ? I’m really glad you checked in, and regardless of any lifestyle changes, don’t become a stranger, as we are all better, for the time you spend/spent with us.


Pink Floyd still manage to gimme that spinecrawl just remembering Dark Side of the Moon without even needing to actually hear it. :thinking:


Love the fact @Scotty hasn’t completely up and left because of my dickhead bullshit :smirk:


You can do better than that dood surely :slight_smile:


Not 100% sure about the particulars, but OUTSTANDING attitude in regaining the balance brother. Let me know if I can help in any way.


First coffee of the day, eating when you’re super hungry, the cool side of the pillow, getting somewhere warm and dry when you’ve been outside getting wet in winter, motherfucking VAPE MAIL…

That time before bed when you know you can di whatever you like and only have to go to sleep when you’re ready.



Fact you’re not dead yet and there’s still time before the worms eat your brains?

I like that :thinking:


Making the rest of us look about as static as trees in the ground, but it looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

Though as an earth sign, I’ve always been well not only content in one place, but draw security from my surroundings.

That would probably freak me out :grimacing:

Just going to Sydney freaks me out now actually… I haven’t even been to visit my mother in 4 years… cause,… can’t be arsed :slight_smile:

Oh yes and because she’s a fun sponge whose guts I hate - there’s that too…


Still brings a tear to my eye now.


The flavor from that first hit off of some top-shelf bud. Terpene love!


One of the best albums of all time. And for some trivia, I was in the very first audience to hear it live in 1973. A very fond memory. They played from Umma Gumma, Obscured by Clouds and Mettle, then they played this long set of songs that we had never heard…it was “Dark Side”. I didn’t find out until about 10 years ago we were the first audience to hear it. I was searching for a pic of the ticket stub to see how much I paid for the concert and ended up going down a rabbit hole to find out we were the first folks to hear it live. Still gives me chills when I think about it, or hear any song from it.


I did not even exist in 1973, goodness.

Still there and just as good in the 90’s though once Nirvana finally got too depressing to listen to anymore :smirk: