What does your other half think

Just a curious question here

What does your other half think about your vaping / mixing hobbie

My Mrs smokes normally but has a little vape now and again,she was the one who actually gave me an ecig back in the day to take to work and vape instead of smoking.

Now i am well in the dark side making juice and buying stuff here and there she doesnt mind which is good,but now and again i get the " i thought vaping was cheaper comment" not in a bad way lol

I recon she is probably fedup with the fact that a whole cupboard is dedicated just to my vape gear but she doesnt complain or say owt about it.

And i know when i make a really good custard flavour as the first thing she says is errghh that smells horrible thats my personal seal of approval hahah.

I dont vape in the house as chucking clouds all over will probably piss her off lol.
I am going to get her a new ecig a bit of an upgrade to her tiny one she uses i think i might be able to convert her to the dark side one day lol.

Just curious to what your other halfs think


My other half don’t like it much. She thinks it’s better than me smoking analogues. She doesn’t like the candy smell, which led me to my current storage solution, that minimizes smell :slight_smile: She doesn’t like me fogging up the house, so I do clouds in my office, and vape on a nautilus in the rest of the house :smile:


I am my own other half, and I quite enjoy it.
I’m still saving money and adding years to my life, all while having fun, tinkering, making juice and making friends along the way.
I have recently started dating a friend, and she tends to take my vape out of my hand and puff on it like a pro. She is a former smoker and a nurse. When I talk about gear, juice or winding coils she chuckles. I’ve inquired about this and her reply is that I need a healthier hobby, but thinks it’s better than smoking. And she likes my mixes!


My spouse vapes more than I do, it seems!..and I vape constantly.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: She has about six RDA’s in constant rotation. Thank goodness I mix our juice or we’d have no money in the bank due to vendor juice purchases!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My long suffering wife never smoked and doesn’t vape. She is very tolerant of my vaping and I keep vaping limited to my man cave, and she claims to really enjoy the smells it leaves behind. She has said she damned sure doesn’t miss the way tobacco made me smell. I vape mostly custards, cereals and fruit mixes and she likes the “fruity ones” the best. As to the money, I smoked pipes for the last 7 years of my tobacco use, and nice pipes are way more expensive than even the most expensive mods, tanks and RDA’s. Good top shelf tobaccos are about the same as good top shelf vendor juices, so I am still saving money. It is a hobby, and an economical one. Win/Win!


Myself and my wife both have the same stinky free start day.

27th January 2015.

That’s when her Kanger Evod turned up.

She’s still using it now but she’s allowed me to buy her an Eleaf iStick40wTC because she liked the look of it when a mate popped round with his.

My Mrs is sitting on a personal juice collection of around 500ml in 2 different flavours. Juicy Peach Tobacco and Parma Violets with a hint of tobacco.

My wife still likes the tobacco notes in her vape. Me personally I don’t care for tobacco vapes.

She doesn’t mind me mixing as it gives her plenty of free juice.

Since starting on full vaping (I was part time from Oct’14) we’ve converted my sister, my wife’s sister, my brother in law, 2 guys I work with and a neighbour just down the street.


The only thing about me vaping that gets on my wife’s tits is coil building lol.

She shreeks every time I get the drill out lol.



My wonderful husband is a huge vaping supporter. He never smoked, nor has he vaped anything, ever. I smoked for over 40 years and he didn’t like it, I know. But, he NEVER complained to me or gave me any kind of hard time about it. I think it is mainly because he loves me and he empathized with my horrible struggle to quit.

Sean is actively supportive of vaping. A quote from him “I think support of Vaping products is the only way to phase out Big Tobacco completely someday.”


The wife vapes but only on a Nautilus tank and only a premade American Tobacco flavor from Vista Vapors. Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) else. She constantly complains that my juice “smells” and all juices taste “like medicine”. You would think this was a setback but nope, more for me. She’s very tolerant of my obsession (let’s just call it what it is) and her only major complaint is “jeez, I can’t see (insert wall/TV/kid/dog etc)”. We both vape indoors due to extreme summer heat (smoking the analogs outside in 118F and 30-40% humidity weather was a bitch). I just bought her an Evic VT mini for Christmas to replace her beloved istick mini (she’s currently using my old MVP 20) and I’m hoping she will use that as a starter to delve more into my dark world (or would that be light and fluffy world?). So yeah, I ain’t got it too bad.


My other half still smokes. She tried vaping. And no matter how we mixed it chokes her up bad. So yup she still smokes.
As far as my hobbie in vaping , she just laughed when i told her what my plan was. But shes behind me and suports me in my vaping. I took over one of our spare rooms. Its all set up for vaping ,mixing and building. I wish she could be part of my little adventure but i understand. She also knows how much i was spending on smoking. Right at $500 a month just on me. At vaping i was spending 30 to 60 a week on juices. So when i started to mix my own juice. She was like your joking right lol. She sees the money i save. But she also sees the money i spend. But by mixing a save so much more. But every time i think i have the flavors i need. Then i see there is several i forgot to get. Being on here has really showed me and tought me a lot. Im getting there and got a lot. She supports me no matter what.


My beautiful bride still smokes too. When we went to St Augustine in October she asked me to make her some juice she would like…something with strawberry. I wasn’t sure she would really enjoy custards so I made her a strawberry/banana ice cream at 12mg nic. She loved it, but only will use the Nautilus when she does vape which isn’t very often. But she managed to vape a couple tanks over the 3 day weekend which is really good for her. She will act as my test subject though for new mixes. I recently made a Lime Cookie which she liked but still won’t give it a real chance. Hopefully her new Christmas present will change that.

As for what she thinks, she’s very supportive. She even puts up with me fogging up the den and dining room, but does grumble some on occasion. I always make a point to vape the best smelling juices when I’m turning on the fog machine and that helps. But I feel blessed she supports me in ways such as buying me supplies and “stuff” like bottles, cotton, and if I’m not mistaken she has me some racks coming for Christmas along with the DIY kit. I don’t deserve her!


My wife also is still smoking but she never smoked as much as I did. She is down to 3 to 5 cigarettes a day. She has no problem with my vaping and I have no problem with her smoking so we have no issues. She even has friends that vape and she is forever giving them samples of my juices.


My other half is right there with me, she has 8 or so mods and a dozen RDA’s. She builds, cleans, tests batts and charges without any intervention from me. She is also getting into DIY with me and does all the math for my mixes.

She gets a little pissy from time to time about how much flavoring we have but then i show her how much we have saved vs smoking and its all good for awhile. I do have a few too many flavorings that i dont use anymore, especially since switching to FA/INW/MF.

Between her and i we have gotten everyone in my immediate family to fully switch to vaping, nothing could have made us happier.


My husband never smoked. When we met I told him, I smoke, if you don’t like it you can move along. He didn’t care. Well, I’m sure he cared but never once gave me a hard time about it. I had tried many times to quit by traditional methods and damn near drove him crazy so when I got my first vape I’m pretty sure he thought “oh no, here we go again!” It’s 4 years later now and the only thing he complains about is the smell of my bakery type mixes makes him hungry!! And he thinks I’m kinda nutty with my little (ok not so little!) lab in the basement. But he’s all for it and I’m grateful for that.


My girlfriend loves that I quit smoking and started vaping. She said that it got in clothes and hair and she could really smell it when she went home. She bought me my 1st IPV4 for my birthday. She vapes a little with me and she critiques my new mixes. She says I have too much gear and I should get rid of what I don’t use. I took her advice and I’ve given away 7 mods and 1 tank and 1 rda over the last 2 weeks. I gave away 6 mods here at ELR and 1 to a friend at work. I’ll probably give away 2 more. I’ve tried to give her a set up, but she says she wouldn’t use it by herself. She likes it better when we vape together. We mostly vape together on movie nights and during our happy time. She doesn’t like when I’m on ELR when she’s at my place. I told her I was addicted to the forum, so she gives a pass to check in from time to time. Overall it works very well and she’s very supportive.


My husband is very supportive! I don’t work so he has to buy all of my gear and supplies, needless to say I have more DIY supplies than gear, but I just got a new mod thanks to a great person here at ELR, I won’t name any names, but he is a real sweetie! My husband also vapes and has for about 4 or 5 months, however he still has about 1-2 cigs a day. I hope he will eventually quit all the way, but for now I understand. I am the one who cleans the gear, builds the coils, and makes the juice, but I do it because I like it and he likes it because he has to do nothing! It works out great!


The husband laughed when I brought home an e-cig in Sept 2015. By the end of September he was trying my new Evod … And by the beginning of October he put away his pipe and left me in a cloud of his new TFV4. I moved up from my humble Evod to an Ego and recently to an Eleaf. I Started making ejuice in early October and like most hobbies, I’m all in. He is supportive, and he better be, he’s the juice guzzler of the two off us!


Never married, but most of my family don’t freak if they smell some flavour like they would if it was smoke!


My mrs just said 1 thing that does annoy her is when i empty the little drabs out of bottles into the sink and wash them down (when i used to re cycle bottles) when she puts the washer on the house stinks hahahah bless her heart of gold


Interesting topic ! My other half is a nurse as well. He did not smoke unless he drank but we don’t drink anymore. He is the main reason I am a non smoker today. He bought me small lil ciga-likes for years. I’d try them and then right back to smoking. Until Jan. 28th 2013 ! My first was Cone style A ego starter kit on a 650 mah.

He vapes 1 juice Milk & honey until recently kaptinAmerica posted a milk and honey clone ( I slightly adapted it to make it less sweet ) he now only vapes that in fact this weekend he bought a bottle of the real stuff mid bottle he said I think your mix is better ( stole my heart :heart:️) he tries my mixes but truthfully he doesn’t go for fruity stuff too much.

Too bad to because I mix more than I cook these days. I’ll tell him a few recipes I’m working on and he’ll be like when’s that one Guna be ready I’m hungry lol I tell him it’s gotta steep his reply is usually oh I thought you were going to bake it like for real lol.

As for mixing he gets alil annoyed if I spend too much time doing it or being on here. I tell him I can’t help it I’m addicted to checking in ( @Pro_Vapes) I feel ya. He’s always 100% supportive and is the one who actually encouraged me to make my own juices so I did and am so very grateful !

I really enjoy this forum reading great stories some are so hilarious !


Wow, good stories here. My wife quit smoking cold turkey about 5 yrs ago, and I took up vaping (after failing at quitting smoking numerous times) about 3.5 yrs ago. Wife was happy about it for quite awhile. I think, in our household, our problem is what I vape. I vaped the same DIY raspberry everyday, all day for about a year. I think she just got tired of smelling it. I started buying juices (but have made the same mistake, buy and vape that one juice for a long time), some she’s ok with, and some I hear about. When I hear about it, it means it ain’t good news. She likes to say, “I think it’s time you change that wick”. Doesn’t mean the cotton needs to be changed (I may have changed it that morning), means she’s not liking what she’s smelling.

That’s one of the reasons I’m taking up DIYing again. This time, I’m gonna try a large variety of different finished product. If one of them has a smell she doesn’t like, I can try another, and I can switch out juices so she doesn’t get tired of it. Who knows, we will see.

Overall, for the most part, she has been supportive. She’s happy there’s no more smoking. I’m happy there’s no more smoking.