What flavours to get from TPA?

I am trying to order some stuff from Perfumer’s Apprentice (TPA/TFA) and i am curious whats best to get.

they seem to be selling 15mil bottles of flavours for $3.25.

I want my first order to be a small bottle batch.

in the cereal bunch whats good?
in the fruit and veg section there is strawberry ripe and none.

which to get … and which to get 2 of that may run out quickly?

Get Strawberry Ripe but get two or a larger bottle because you will like and use it a lot.

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heres what i ordered. i hope it’ll help me.

Quantity Product SKU: Price Ext. Price
1 Banana Cream Flavor-15ml fl-019_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
2 Banana Flavor-15ml fl-407_sz2 $3.25 $6.50
1 Bavarian Cream Flavor-15ml fl-003_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Brown Sugar Flavor-15ml fl-092_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Cheesecake Flavor-15ml fl-053_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Cinnamon Sugar Cookie-15ml fl-327_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Cocoa Rounds Flavor-4ml fl-375_sz1 $1.40 $1.40
1 French Vanilla Flavor-15ml fl-100_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Fruit Circles With Milk Flavor-15ml fl-410_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Fudge Brownie Flavor-15ml fl-357_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Kiwi (Double) Flavor-15ml fl-322_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
2 Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor-15ml fl-338_sz2 $3.25 $6.50
1 Strawberry Flavor-15ml fl-236_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Vanilla Cupcake-15ml fl-313_sz2 $3.25 $3.25
1 Vanilla Custard Flavor-15ml fl-246_sz2 $3.25 $3.25

Great. Now put them all in your flavor stash and click ‘what can I make?’.

oh thats cool. didnt know you can do that. :slight_smile:

Did you find it?

yes. i am filling it out right now. but i am a long way from receiving my stuff. maybe a week or longer. cause i am outside the US. it has to be sent to a mail forwarding service then setn to me. :frowning:

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There are a lot of flavors listed here:


It looks like a good start. I’m sure you may want to branch out to other flavor brands, but a good start to get your feet wet. Don’t forget to buy the unflavored bases. Pg, and vg, and nicotine.

Also remember to start building your recipies now. the “what can I make now” is a great starting point. But the more you know about your flavorings the better off you will be on your first attempt at mixing.

For example…I should be getting my new flavors today. Yay for nonna FA!!! I’ll open the box. Check to see if everything was sent. Then…I do nothing but research and more research. I’ll even crack open acouple of the bottle to do a smell test (I’ll be inhaling nonna tonight). Then I’ll create recipies tonight. It should take 3 hours. Then tomorrow I’ll mix. It should result in 10 good bottles of vapable mixes (enjoyable), 1 just bad one since the idea didn’t translate well, and one I feel is an adv (but needs work). the better I do at planning the better results I get…and the less chance of doing something crazy.

i see a lot of things in that recommendation post i wouldnt like. anywho. lets see what happens when i get my stuff. hopefully.

Not sure if you did this, but when you use the flavor search, click the recipes label to bump the most used in recipes up, so that you can tag the right flavoring to get better “what can I make” results later, instead of selecting one that was typed in without using tag so it just has a few recipes linked to it…
using the recipes bump helps also in researching between different brands, you will see if you type “strawberry” in search, then order by recipes, the top used versions will be put to top so you can view and compare each, between versions and brands much easier… Also using the correct flavor name/tag is important on a community level, because it will aid others in finding it also… if everyone just types in whatever without proper formatting or tag, it will be a very unorganized mess… doing this should help @daath keep the place as organized and functional as possible, and make it a much more enjoyable tool for everyone to use.
at least thats how i did my research on it… TFA isnt always the best choice, if you compare some with LA, CAP, FA, FLV etc… you’ll see in the notes they may be more the flavor note you are looking for… it is also useful because it will show common used mixed %'s and solo use %'s to give you a better idea of it’s potency

I know how to sort items ascending and descending by recipe. :smile:

heres the problem i have to deal with.

i am in a 3rd world country. this country has banned vaping. (Iraq)
now. even with that known i have gone and searched all the shops that sell food flavorings and have tried many times to make even a simple recipe of let say strawberry and it comes out to be rather odd. it will vape ok for a second or two then the taste will get all cardboard tasting.

do you know that i am paying double the price to get the stuff i ordered? i have ordered the items i listed above. they will then goto a forwarding service (www.myus.com) who will receive my order, package it up and send it to me via dhl or fedex.
why do i have to do this? simple. we dont have a working mail system in this country and dhl/fedex/tnt are the only options.
furthermore, when i ask the seller to send me the items internationally via fedex/dhl they simple wont cooperate. they will usually respond with “we only do usps/ups inter.”…
how hard is it to ship something for a customer who pays you money via the courier they want?
companies dont care.

anyways… as you can see its a pain in the rear even doing any of this. giving up is easier.

i am holding my breath for my order to arrive and hope this will work out for me.

Didn’t know you could do that.

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Shit that sucks !!!

To be honest I can’t speak for why they would taste like cardboard, without knowing your exact mix recipes by %, some flavors simply mute each other out, some (most) will change in flavor at higher % to something totally different than intended, could be quality of the PG/VG/NIC you are using in your mix, especially VG because it already is known to not absorb flavoring nearly as well as PG, higher VG mixes will consequently take longer to absorb those flavors, there are heat methods to help facilitate that but from my research, it is not good to go much higher than around 122F(45ish C) for very long. It seems to be a general consensus that time to age is the best and most effective way to bring out flavors in a mix… some take upwards of a month, or more, sitting somewhere cool and dark, before you will experience certain notes at their full potential. There are recipes out there geared more toward “Shake and Vape”, though, maybe try finding some of those. My response about using the search was not to say you didnt know how, but to point out, as you didn’t know to add flavorings to your stash on here, that using that recipe tab is very important to make your stash more effective and functional with the “what can I make” tool. Another thing that can greatly change flavor is the NIC, higher nic levels, or very old nic, is going to definitely change the flavor, most notably as it becomes more oxidized over time, some describe a pepper flavor becomes more prominent in it, though I am aware this is not what you are describing… sorry for your hard time of getting a good mix down, hope you have better luck with you new flavors :slight_smile:

That is a serious bummer…

That’s a lot to go through for something so simple. Hang in there…keep vaping! As far as the cardboard taste…do you think it is just poor quality? I know of examples I have read about where ‘repackaged’ brand names end up tasting really funky. This is why, when available, I get my flavors in original packaging…it may just be me, but I feel better. Only one company close by me do I feel OK with buying repackaged and that’s www.wizardlabs.us in Orlando, FL. So far they haven’t done me wrong. AND they are only two hours away so if I ever had a serious problem I can go knock on their door.:smiling_imp:

Maybe it is not a good idea to hold your breath while waiting, given your circumstances…could be a while :slight_smile: Just playing.
Let us know when you get your goodies!

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right. thats exactly what i was always pondering.
i’ll explain. when i make a mix of lets say 10mil. i usually go 8mil VG and 1.5 flavour to 2mil sometimes. the bottle smells wonderful. up until i vape it.
i’ve always felt that once it it burns on the coil it sort of “shifts” in flavour to somewhat sort of a cardboard flavour.

the VG i am using Glycerin AR which is made in india and is 99.5% pure and comes in a glass bottle also. sealed and locked.
the flavouring i am using is made by a company called “kerry”. www.kerry.com

even the cotton is organic.

i fluctuate on my power. this is a 0.4ohm kenthal build on a kangertech mini and using a velocity rda.

maybe i have the needed ingredients and i am doing something wrong?

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well the first thing I see, is not using 100% glycerin… what is in the other .5%? it can make a huge difference in flavor, and saftey… so theres that… next, if you are mixing such a small amount at a time, I am guessing you don’t mix with a scale? so the accuracy is based on visual interpretation, not a specific 100th measurement, making 10ml at a time with such potent flavoring can be extremely difficult by manually measuring with droppers… try getting a mg scale and use the calculator on here to convert ml to mg needed, or making larger amounts at a time (30ml+) to increase the accuracy of your flavoring measurements… also, maybe the .4ohm coil is just going too hot and like you said “burning” as opposed to vaping it, possibly try a higher ohm coil or reduce the wattage/temp? When I had my kanger mini, with .5, I couldn’t go past around 23watts without it getting a bad taste @Walt_RealFlavors wrote something in another post if i recall correctly, about some flavorings using the same ingredients, and tho only using a small % of each, the ingredients within each could add up to become a much different flavor, also…
shot in the dark here, really, but I think if anyone would know or understand this sort of issue, it would be a flavor creator, with better insights on this…? I have never heard of Kerry, maybe he has… I am not sure what they make their flavor from, if it is vape-friendly or not…

i am using syringes.
and the glycerine is the purest i can get here.

i also have a ipv3Li. same results.

apparently kerry is a very big manufacturer US based.
i agree with you about the vape-friendly part or not.
thats why i am waiting on my TPA stuff. that way we can isolate one part of the problem

hey if vaping chloride, arsenic, and sulfur is your cup of tea, be my guest… you’d be better off adding some 100% from where you get flavors online when you did your tfa order… js…